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I really want to get into the megaman Saga, But I don’t know where to start. I used to watch the cartoon when I was little, but I hear that the show veered off the original storyline. I really want to learn the Megaman universe. Could you please give me a suggestion on where to start.
    Oh yeah. I really apprecieated the fact that there was nothing bad on your site. Most people don’t have enough integrity to think about us younger veiwers. Thanks alot.

Mega Man 2! (I say Mega Man 2 instead of Mega Man 1 because, let’s face it, 2 is the classic.) Seriously, if you’re interested in the original series, your best bet at this point may be just to get the Anniversary Collection and start from there.

First off, I want to say that this is the best Mega Man site I have seen so far. In fact, this site is what got me interested in Mega Man to begin with.
    OK, here are my questions:
    1. As living machines, do Mega Man and Break Man require an external power source to keep themselves charged or do they recharge themselves?
    2. Does Mega Man’s fighting uniform contain body armor or is that built into Mega Man himself? And if his uniform does not contain body armor, what is it made out of to be able to take such abuse?
    3. You said that part of the reason why Mega Man is always able to beat Wily is because he is alive, but he wasn’t alvie during the events of the first Mega Man NES game. So how was he able to win then? Was he just lucky or there really somthing special about the way he was built or do two less Robot Masters just make all the difference?
    4. Where does Mega Man keep all the energy tanks he collects? Does he store them in small capsules (ala Dragon Ball Z) :) or store them inside himself or what?
    5. Do you think the original Mega Man series is dead? There haven’t been any new games to the series since 1997, which is disappointing because the original is my favorite series.
    Thanks for your time.

    1) They can recharge to an extent, but they need a refill from an outside energy source every week or so or they’ll start to run dry. (This in The Series only, of course.)
    2) That’s a good question. From schematics and other things that Capcom has shown, Mega Man’s uniform seems to be all a part of his body (as opposed to pieces of armor that he’s wearing on top). Remember though that Mega Man is a robot, so even his “skin” can be quite tough!
    3) He was lucky. =) Seriously, there are a lot of factors in any battle, but luck does play a part as usual. I always figured he was more at risk of being annihilated in Mega Man 2 because he wasn’t yet used to being what he was...
    4) They must shrink or something, because there doesn’t seem to be any room for him to store even one at full size, much less 9!
    5) Maybe Capcom has decided they can’t juggle five different series at once...

Um, Doc. W, where do you get the Time and Money to built a skull castle for every game? Not to mention Darkman’s and Mr X’s? I mean it must take months and months to built just one Castle.

That’s what robot labor is for! Of course, how does Dr. Wily build all of those robots? Well, now, that’ll just have to be a mystery...

I first want to say your site it top-notch! I have a questions. I was battling Protoman and he ran into my FireTower attack so he put up his shield. The rest of that battle that tile was infected and took away his HP. Can you tell me what is goin’ on here!?!?

You must have turned the tile into a lava panel. These drain the health of anyone who stands on them who isn’t a Fire-type. You can also find such panels in certain areas of the ’Net, or use chips which are designed to change tiles to lava panels.

I’m looking for musical scores for a few MIDIs I’ve downloaded from your site for personal use, namely the Ending song, the Intro Stage song and the Spark Mandrill stage song. Perhaps you could reccomend a source to me as I really have no idea where to look! Your help will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you very much!
    - CK

There aren’t any books of Mega Man sheet music for sale as far as I know. However let me fill you in on a little secret. There are a number of applications which can take any MIDI file and output sheet music (musical scores). Passport makes a couple, and there are others too. Check them out.

I was wondering what you think is the position of each series in the big history of Mega Man. I have taken the liberty to create a timeline of what I think is right:

    20XX- Original is the first (duh)...
    21XX- ...followed by the X series...
    22XX- ...then the Zero series...
    ????- ...and finally, the Legends series.
    20XX- As for the Battle Network series, I’m guessing it’s in a different dimension.

    By the way, is Duo a stardroid?

Here’s my timeline...

    200X - Original series (yes, that’s right, Rock will be built within six years from now)
    21XX - X series
    22XX - Zero series
    2XXX - Legends series
    XXXX - Battle Network series

    Just kidding about that last one. Believe it or not, the Battle Network series identifies itself as 20XX. Yes, everyone, this is what is called a “paradox.”
    Duo seemingly has no connection to the StarDroids but it is of course impossible to say for sure.

I’ve been really wondering about Megaman Zero. I like Mega Man games because they’re long, cool, and give you times to relax and not fight to the death the entire time. But I’ve went to many sites for info on this new sensation, and some people say that it’s too hard. I don’t want to spoil everything before I buy the game, but how hard IS Mega Man Zero? Is it all stress, timed missions, give-me-a-break-and-quit-attacking-me-for-just-two-seconds enemies, and makes you want to return the game? Please help me in my delima, Mega Man!
    P.S. Zero rocks too
    - Power_to_anime

All of the above and more. Seriously, Mega Man Zero has a lot of high points, and it can be fun in many areas, but it is literally designed to be frustrating to the Nth degree. If you can stomach redoing, and redoing, and redoing, you should enjoy it. Otherwise, I’d stay away from it if I were you.

Hey, in Megaman & Bass, how do I get rid of the Green Devil with Megaman (and I’ve tried everything I can think of like jumping and shooting(and no it doesn’t tell in the game hints section of Megaman & Bass)).?
    - Kaje

Try super-shots if you’re having troubles. This is where Mega Man has the advantage over Bass. Charge up and hit the blob in front of the eye with a super-shot, and that should clear the way to blast at the eye. I usually use rapid-fire, myself, but give it a try and see which method works better for you.

i heard that thers a game coming out for gamecube that has megaman 1-8 and 2 megaman arcadee games.... being the megaman fanatic i am i think this would be awesome id buy it in a heartbeat
    - Ryan

Get a beat to that heart, because it’s due out early next year. You can always check the Previews section for upcoming game rumors.

Hi. I’ve been looking for an answer to his questio a very long time ago. I was playing one of Megaman Battle Network games, suddenly, Megaman was talking to Lan, blah blah blah, sappy things, then Lan said that MegaMan was “Hub” his brother. Now.. How can MegaMan be Lan’s brother?
    - Sub Zero

MegaMan became fatally ill when he was a baby, so to save his life his father uploaded him into a computer and turned him into a Navi. In theory this makes MegaMan quite different from other Navis, but the games don’t really capitalize on this much. MegaMan’s origins are explained in Battle Network 1, nearly forgotten in Battle Network 2, and used without much explanation in Battle Network 3.

I’ve been a... well... “Mega Man fanatic” sence I was 4 and this is my Mega Gram. Anyway I was wondering... are there ever going to be any other MMBN games or any other Mega Man Zero games out besides “Mega Man Zero 1 and 2” for the GBA?

Well, give them a little bit of time—Mega Man Zero 2 was only just released. But to answer the question, yes, Battle Network 4 is on the way, and I wouldn’t doubt a Mega Man Zero 3 will come at some point as well.