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    MegaMaster: Thanks for coming in, MegaMan.
    MegaMan.EXE: Hey, no problem. I’m just surprised Lan let you take his PET out of his sight. You know, he’s always wanting help on homework and stuff.
    MegaMaster: Heh... Well, Lan’s a good kid. Anyway, let’s get to the letters...

Well,my brother and I have play played MegaMan Battle Network 2 for a while and have gotten to the Netopian Dungeon Area.What I would like to know is,how to beat the virus named Shadow,I’ve tried everything such as Roll and Roll V2,GutsMan and V2 and numerous sword and punch battle chips.I really need to know this,so PLEASE HELP ME.

    MegaMan: You have to swipe them with swords. Nothing else will work. One method is to wait until they turn into weapons to attack you, because that puts them close enough to you to use the sword.
    MegaMaster: Or call on ProtoMan to whack them silly.
    MegaMan: Or that.

Alright,first of all Thanks so much! this is the kind of site I was looking for! well to inform you and others I am a girl wich is a Megaman fan (I have to say that since people get confused with me since I some times write like a boy)now lets start the questions
    1:In all the Megaman games I have ever encountered + Megaman Legends + the new Megaman NT Warrior (not X games) they all say Megaman and Roll are Brother and sister or secretly in love with eachother(wich Im sort of jelous of)but wich is the real story?
    2:Are you ever going to have pictures of megaman (printables) at all? since I keep having urges to print pics of him and zero dont ask why because I dont know myself.
    3:Do I need a CD burner to record the megaman music?I ask my dad but he doesnt know much about computers he just pretends he does.Everyone I ask has different opinions HELP!!
    4:I need to know I have been collecting Megaman games ever since I was born (well not exactly maybe 5)If I have the normal ENGLISH games and not the really hard to find Japanese games would that mean I have completed my collection?
    5:How old are you? Im just asking since you seem to own so many games and action figures (or atleast know about it)I was going to say how can your parents let you buy so many action figures and games?but if your like out of the house nevermind.(I know its sort of a personal question but you dont have to answer it)
    6:People are saying rumors about Megaman X7 being the last Megaman game Is that true? I hope not that would really stink!
    7:(my last question) what do you think about the whole EXE cartoon? Its cool and all but Megaman in a computer? Hes supposed to live on Eurasia isnt he? and whats up with GutsMan and Megaman they’re supposed to be enimies!
    Thanks again
    - Thorn, the MMX fan since1990!

    1) MegaMan: Depends on what series you’re looking at. It goes something like this:
        Original - They’re brother and sister.
        X - Roll doesn’t exist.
        Legends - They’re not related, and I think they’re in love. Although I’m not sure either of them quite realizes it yet.
        Battle Network - My series! We’re not related either, but I’m good friends with Roll, and Lan and Roll’s operator, Mayl, are close too. Well, Lan’s kind of dense about that fact...
    2) MegaMaster: I don’t draw well at 300dpi. So we’ll see.
    3) MegaMan: Nope! Just a line-in port on your PC. Unless you want to play them in a CD player.
    4) MegaMaster: Hey, sounds good to me.
    5) MegaMaster: I save up. =) Seriously. If I wanted something badly enough, I just squirreled money away until I had enough to buy it. There are also nifty things like birthdays and Christmas which can be taken advantage of. I started collecting games when I was young, but luckily I had a paycheck of my own before I got really insane and started collecting game systems...
    6) MegaMaster: No way! Seriously, people say that with every game that Capcom releases. It hasn’t happened yet, and I don’t see it happening now.
    7) MegaMan: Hey, being in a computer isn’t so bad...
    MegaMaster: And you’re the only Mega Man who can lay claim to that fame. Unless you want to count Cyber Peacock’s level...
    MegaMan: Anyway, needless to say, I’m not the same Mega Man as those other blue guys. But explaining it here might take a while. Shall we link?
    MegaMaster: Sure! Here. Have a link.
    MegaMan: There, take a look at that. Wow, you’re really fast with those.
    MegaMaster: Years of practice.

First of all I love this site. It has given me lots of information on Megaman. Now, I recently downloaded this video of Megaman called Ultra Mega and it has some fottage of X. I was wondering if there is a catoon or something of the X series.
    - MegaFreak

    MegaMan: There’s no cartoon or anime, but there are several X games which have full-motion video (FMV) which is practically the same thing. As a guess, I’d say the footage is from there.
    MegaMaster: Unless it’s from that one Mega Show...
    MegaMan: I suppose there’s that too.

My friend told me that In Megaman Battle Network Megaman is like Lan’s brother sucked into a computer. Is this true. Great site by the way.
    - Idiot Man

    MegaMan: Not exactly. I am Lan’s brother, but I wasn’t sucked into anything. Actually, the procedure was done on purpose to save my life. My dad transferred my consciousness into a computer when I was little, because I wouldn’t live otherwise. What can I say? I’m a Navi now, but I bet not many people get to say they beat death.

if megaman & bass hate each other then why does bass help megaman in megaman & bass?
- cleon

    MegaMan: The short answer is he doesn’t. Bass never interacts with Mega Man at all during that game. He’s fighting King’s robots for his own reasons.
    MegaMaster: This is another case of Capcom’s marketing being completely out in left field (here by saying that Mega Man and Bass are “partners” when they aren’t, not even in the game being advertised...).

Your site, first and foremost, is one of the best megaman sites out there. However, I have found a flaw in the answer of the first megagram on this site. You say that MegaMan has another last name. I bet you are reffering to Juno. I, (who incidentally just comlpeted Megaman Legends yesterday)have found who Juno really is! When you click on the rainbow refractor before you fight the boss of the game, it says “It is held in place by a tremendous force. It seems that the entire ruin is under the command of MegaMan Juno.” And if I’m not mistaken, you sure as heck aren’t controlling the Main Gate. Data also says “MegaMan Juno is waiting for you inside.” When you talk to him outside the main boss’ chamber. Also, to back this up, MegaMan Voulnutt (the player) becomes the controller of the Main Gate in the end. Therefore, if the player becomes the controller, and it says MegaMan Juno is the controller before that, Megaman’s last name is definately not Juno. I think I’ve supplied enough evidence to rule out MegaMan’s alleged third last name.

    MegaMan: It’s not Juno. MegaMan Juno is a totally separate person. MegaMan Voulnutt’s other last name is Trigger. He doesn’t have a third one (unless you want to also consider his last name to be Caskett, since he was adopted by a Caskett).
    Incidentally, that weirdo with the classical music that you fight as the final boss? That’s MegaMan Juno.

What’s with the fan things next to all the links on the site?

    MegaMan: Those are Yashichis. Actually, they appear in more than just Mega Man games.

Are they going to make pet toys soon or at all. Cause that would be really cool.

    MegaMan: PET toys?
    MegaMaster: Yeah! PET toys!
    MegaMan: Those already exist in Japan, don’t they? I wonder if they’ll bring them over?
    MegaMaster: Given the TV show... Who knows?
    MegaMan: I suppose we should point out, for anyone who is interested in buying one, that Lan’s PET is blue. Chaud’s is red.
    MegaMaster: Goes with his Navi. And his name.
    MegaMan: Which color you pick also determines who its Navi is—with the toys anyway. I’m not going to be partial here, but...
    MegaMaster: Red!
    MegaMan: How did I know you were going to say that?

Dear Protoman
    You rocked in MMBN games but pesonally I don’t think you need Chaud you would be fine solo.
    - protofan

    MegaMan: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. But Chaud isn’t so bad once you get to know him.
    MegaMaster: He’s a jerk.
    MegaMan: Most of the time.
    MegaMaster: Which is about all the time.

Hi, your site is great. Probably the best Megaman site ever.
    I have a question: Why didn’t Zero use his buster or Z-saber when he was fighting Sigma as a maverick?

    MegaMan: I can’t find a record explaining that, but my only guess is he didn’t have a Z-Saber yet, or he surely would have used it.
    MegaMaster: It’d have worked a heck of a lot better than fists.
    MegaMan: Of course, I can’t imagine something like that happening to ProtoMan.
    MegaMaster: “Oops, I’m all out of Sword chips...
    MegaMan: It’d never happen.

    MegaMaster: Yikes, look at the time. I’d better get this PET back to Lan’s room before he notices it’s missing.
    MegaMan: Wait a minute. I thought you said he gave you permission to borrow it?
    MegaMaster: What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right? Anyway, gotta run!