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First off, i’d like to say you have one of the best megaman, nay, video game sites on the net. you have info for every megaman game made, along with rumers and all that fun stuff. i detect a huge amount of dedication, which is some i highly respect.
    but beside all that, i have a serious question to ask. in Mega Man legends, Mega man clearly says himself that his last name is “Voulnut”. but in MML2, roll says the family name is “Caskett”. and the instruction booklet give’s him no last name at all! it would make sense to give him a new name scince he is adopted, but, not really. so whats the deal? is his last name ’voulnut’ or ’caskett’? or does he even have a last name at all?
    thank’s for your time,and keep up the good work with the fantastic the web page.

Or a huge amount of insanity...heh!
    To answer the question though, “Caskett” is Roll and Barrell’s last name. However for some unexplained reason, Barrell gave the baby he found (MegaMan) the last name of “Voulnutt” instead of his own name (I don’t know what it is with Capcom’s love of double consonants, no). Of course, MegaMan also has another last name, which you find out about at the end of Mega Man Legends...

I just have some questions
    1. In the Mega Man X games why does it require more energy to fill a sub tank than it does to fill your energy meter?
    2. I was playing Mega Man 3 off of Mega Man the Wily wars and at the end after you defeat Gamma and when you are under some debris when Protoman saves you why is he Blue? Is that what you mean when you say a shadowy figure?
    3. In Mega Man 3 why does Protoman have a large mask that covers his face when you fight him after you defeat the Doc Robot?
    4. I know in Mega Man 3 Dr.Light and Dr.Wily make a giant robot called Gamma and in Mega Man X6 When you “defeat” Dynamo he says Gamma. Does Gamma mean anything in Japanese?
    5. How can robots and Reploids have hair?
    - Sheepitch

    1. Because they’re mean? Just kidding. I’m honestly not sure, except that it’s probably because filling a Sub-Tank would be too quick of a process if the energy mapped 1-to-1. I figure they wanted you to have to work at it, rather than just picking up a couple of capsules and being done with it.
    2. Yes, as far as I can tell, on the NES they colored him blue as a way of making him look like he was in the shadows (and he was in the shadows, I think, to help mask who he was, so that you’d have to wait through the ending to find out—not that it wasn’t obvious just the way it was, but, enh). I figure the Genesis version just kept this—probably didn’t even really redraw him much at all.
    3. There are a number of theories, but no official answer as far as I know.
    4. Gamma is a Greek letter. It’s also used a lot in science and math.
    5. The same way a doll can. =)

Hi I was looking for help on Megaman 3 when I stumbled across this site! So far its the best. I have only played the first three mega mans for SNES and the first one for NES. Anyways, If Zero was made at the same time as Megaman why wasn’t he In Megaman 1 for NES. Also, How come Megaman wants to destroy Sigma???? Like He’s his brother!!!! I sometimes dont like my brother but I’ve NEVER tryed to kill him before!!! Phyco if you ask me. And Last but not least can you ask Zero if he has a girlfriend?? PLEASE?????
    - Fan of Zero

I think you’re confusing Mega Man and X here, which isn’t suprising since even Capcom can’t keep them apart. The X series (started on the SNES) takes place in a different time from the original series (the ones on the NES). Mega Man X (shortened to just “X”) isn’t really the same as Mega Man (from the NES). For a more detailed introduction, check out the series introduction page.
    At any rate, Zero wasn’t built at the same time as Mega Man—it’s possible he wasn’t even built at the same time as X. His construction was started somewhere around Mega Man 7 or so, although we don’t know how many years it will take Wily to finish him. (We don’t know when X was built.) Secondly, Sigma doesn’t exist at all in Mega Man’s time; he was built by Dr. Cain in X’s time and isn’t really a brother to X at all—although I suppose you might call him one if you want to stretch the definition a little (since all Reploids are based off X’s design to some degree or another). Brother or not, though, I seriously doubt that Sigma has retained any of his previous personality; in more recent X titles, he’s gone completely off the deep end and appears to be thoroughly insane. So there really isn’t an equivalent between destroying the robot that Sigma once was, and destroying the crazed, mindless virus Sigma now is.
    If Zero has a girlfriend, he’s keeping it to himself. =)

    First, though evryone says this, you’ve got a great site! O.K., now down to business:
    1) Are you sure about Proto-Man, Mega Man, or Bass being X or Zero? Just because you see Bass on the screen at the same time doesn’t mean Wily or Dr. Light didn’t put in the CPU at the last minute.
    2) Do you buy a game system for a Mega Man game? Like, if you don’t already have a PS2, will you buy one for X7? Or a GameCube for the new Battle Network game?
    3) Do you play games besides Mega Man vey much?
    4) Do you buy Japanese Mega Man games before they come out here? Can you read Japanese?
    - David

    1) That’s true enough. I’m mostly making a calculated guess based on what Capcom has done in the past, but we won’t know for sure until they confirm or deny it themselves.
    2) I’ve been known to buy systems for a single Mega Man game, yes. It’s getting more and more expensive, though, so I may just buy the games and play them using someone else’s system. (I’ve been known to buy Mega Man games for systems I don’t own too...)
    3) Oh, definitely, whenever I have the time. There are so many good ones out there I wouldn’t even know where to start recommending.
    4) I can’t speak Japanese so I tend to buy Japanese games only if they aren’t available in English. In a few cases I have a copy of both the Japanese and English—such as for Mega Man 7, of which I bought a Japanese version mostly to debunk the rumor that had been floating around for a while claiming that Mega Man kills Wily during the ending of the Japanese version (he doesn’t).

I just have a few things to say. 1. I love this site, it is so much better than most guide books due to the fact that you give opinions to everything. If you could pick which Megaman game had the best Cut-scenes, what would it be? In Megaman X 4 MMX4, if you beat the game as X, Zero makes no reference to Iris being dead or not, so Assuming you did not play as Zero, do you think she could be still alive under this condition. One more thing, I noticed that you have the Orginal Megaman Characters from the Orginal series sometimes answer Megagrams, I think that you should also have characters from the X, Legends, Zero, and Battle Network series included in answering.
    - Protoman Trigger 0Z Class Purifier Unit

    1) Thanks!
    2) Mega Man V (GB). Well, Mega Man IV (GB) has some pretty cute ones as well. It’s amazing what can be done with sprites. Of course, I’m judging based on entertainment value. The artwork in the cut scenes in Mega Man X6 is pretty good, but that’s the best part about them. All of the Mega Man Legends games have pretty entertaining cut scenes too, and of course, half of the point of the Battle Network games are the story scenes...
    3) That’s a thought...
    4) Well, first I have to actually hunt them down and drag them in here. Heh. We’ll see though. I wonder if Lan would be terribly upset if I borrowed his PET..?

    First off, as cheesy as it sounds, your site is absolutely amazing. Every time I visit, I find something new, even when it hasn’t been updated in several months *grins*.
    Since your site is something of a guiding light for my Rockman obsession, (yes, I’m an Otaku [Anime Fan] and I use the Japanese names, deal with it) I simply felt that it was high time I wrote one of these to show my appreciation, and hopefully get some questions answered. So, without further ado, here they are:
    1. While we all know that Blues (Break Man) is not evil, is he really a good guy? Before I get flamed, let me explain: he rarely acts directly against Dr. Wily, and often fights Rockman. While it can be argued that Blues is testing Rockman, he always seems to beat me the first six times I fight him. If I know I’m fighting Blues in a stage, I go out and pick up a full set of extra lives because I know I’m gonna get the crap kicked out of me! This doesn’t seem like a brother’s or ally’s behavior.
    2. This is a technical question, really. I checked the FAQ, and I saw that you don’t accept MP3 submissions. Why not? It would save time.
    3. Why does Rockman.EXE (the charachter, not the game) have so little resemblance to the original Rockman? Even the Rockman Dash (Legends) version was closer!
    4. Finally-and this is more of a comment really-I recently watched some fansubs of the Rockman.EXE TV show. I wanted to know if there were any rumors out there that it might be translated for American audiances. I rather liked it, and I thought the animation was very true to the games.
    I suppose that’s all, so I humbly thank you for your dedication to our hero: The one, and only Blue Bomber: Rockman!
    - Natimus Prime

    1) I get the impression he’s of a good alignment from the games, but this doesn’t always translate to him helping Mega Man. Usually, it translates to him just giving Mega Man the indirect nudge he needs to finish his job (such as by freeing Kalinka). In fact, he spends most of his time in Superadventure urging Mega Man to fight against evil (or lecturing him when he fails to do so). He enters the Battle & Chase because he smells something fishy and doesn’t want Wily to get the dough. He even shows quite a bit of concern about his brother in Mega Man 8. However, it seems as though he refuses to come right out and say whether or not he cares about Mega Man, and instead goes around pretending there’s nothing between them. Overall, though, it really does seem as though he is always positioning himself against evil, never for it, even if he does pick weird times to have family feuds with his brother. This in my view translates to a sort of chaotic good alignment, rather than a neutral one. Note: Try fully-charged shots; he tends to dislike those. ;)
    2) I really prefer to create them myself (assuming I find the time). I tend to only accept submissions of items which I can’t obtain/create myself.
    3) Got me. They even broke the color scheme. He really stands out like a sore thumb on the section select...
    4) Nothing definite, but we can always hope, right?

This is something that’s been bothering me for a long time now about the Mega Man games. Exactly which arm is his arm cannon on? In some games and some pictures it seems to be on different sides however in the games they just flip the sprites when direction changing so that’s understandable but I’ve noticed many depictations with the cannon on the left and sometimes on the right. He can’t have one on each arm because then why wouldn’t he just use both at the same time?
    - Protoman Mark II

To answer the last question first: apparently he can, if Superadventure can be considered canon. In the ending to that one, he charges up both cannons at once to blast the big evil bad guy. Of course, that same game also has a weird animation where his cannon abruptly has a totally different appearance with sharp angles and such, so maybe it’s not very definitive. Still, all of Capcom’s production artwork through the years has never been picky about what arm the cannon is on, so this indicates both arms can become cannons. Probably, there’s a reason why he normally doesn’t fire both at once, but I don’t think Capcom has thought it up yet.

Will you make novelisations of all the megaman games? by the way which ones have you completed?
    - Bullet Jack

Probably not. Originally I intended to, but this was back when there were only five games and I had a lot more free time. Novelizations also tend to get on the boring side since detailing all of the stages isn’t always entertaining, yet there wouldn’t be much of a book without it. The only one I ever finished is the one that’s posted, for Mega Man 3.