MegaGrams Archive

Because I’ve gotten so behind on these (sorry about that) I have a lot of ’Grams piling up. So I decided to do something a little different this time. In order to cover as many MegaGrams as possible, I took questions and comments from various ’Grams, rather than using entire letters. I won’t necessarily be using this format in the future, but this should help me get caught up.

Why doesn’t Wily just make his Robot Master’s weapons out of the same thing they make all the ’Spikes’ out of?

They’d probably destroy themselves with the spikes while storing or firing them. =)

Aren’t the Gameboy games part of a diffrent timeline? Megaman V says “Dr. Wily’s FOURTH attempt”...

Yes, it does, but it seems to be either a goof or an attempt to avoid confusion (“But the game is numbered 5! How could there be more than four previous attempts??”). For several reasons (not the least of which manifests as a robot named Enker) it doesn’t appear as though there are supposed to be two separate timelines.

Was Mega Man’s voice in the cartoons the same guy who does Goku’s in Dragon Ball Z?

For some of DBZ’s episodes, yes. Dragon Ball changes voices around a lot.

In most Mega Man games, what are the levels Mega Man is going through? Are they like each robot masters personal domain?

From what I’ve gathered, they are areas where the Robot Master was either assigned to work (in games where they start out working for the good of humanity and then go “berserk”) or were sent to take over (in games where they just start out evil). So for example, Dr. Wily decides he wants more refined metal to build more battle machines, so he has his robots take over a factory. That sort of thing. Of course as far as the games go, the areas are primarily just themed places which the level designers came up with to match the Robot Master in question...

In the guide for MMX3, it states that you can use the second helmet upgrade, the one that you get with the pink capsule or golden armour, for refilling your life and subtanks. How is this done?

Stand still for a while, and X’s energy meter will begin refilling automatically. You’ll see some yellow sparkles and hear a sound effect when it happens. Once the effect kicks in, one unit is refilled every two seconds or so until you press a button.

This question was inspired by the FAQ “Can I be on the MMHP staff?” or something like that: you have made numerous references to people like Procyon Lotor, MegaBoy, Pixelboy, Dave, etc. Since you don’t have a staff, who are these people and how do you know them?

They’re people I’ve encountered through the years that have offered random tidbits of information and damage data charts and things like that. If I get something from some other source besides myself, I credit it. Anything not credited is my own effort.

Why is Megaman called, “The Blue Bomber”. I don’t get the bomber part...

I have no idea, but it is official, because Capcom uses it themselves. Of course before I saw Capcom using it, I saw Nintendo Power using it, so maybe they came up with the title, and Capcom just sort of “borrowed” it. I don’t know for sure however.

Why does it look like Mega Man’s wearing underwear on the outside?

You could ask the same thing of X. Or Bass (though I wouldn’t recommend it). Or heck, probably the best person to ask would be Zero: his are white. But to be honest, I don’t know. Because it’s typical of super heroes? (I can just see the typical super hero response now... “They’re not underwear! And loose, flowing clothes would get in the way!” Hmm, someone ought to tell that to Protoman.)

You think Protoman’s scarf has ever gotten caught in a door or elevator shaft and nearly choked him to death? It’s quite possible......

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Of course he’s a robot, so he can’t be choked to death and cloth wouldn’t be strong enough to harm his neck in any event. But whether or not it has ever gotten stuck in anything is something he would probably never tell us...

Why doesn’t the government just nuke Wily’s fortress if they want to get rid of him so bad?

Imagine the nuclear fallout that would cause. Also it seems Wily rarely has just one fortress, and often no one even knows where his forts are until he somehow reveals their location (like, say, by fleeing to them in his saucer). People would probably destroy half the planet before they managed to get Wily, unless they got lucky.

How old is Mega Man?

In terms of plot, he’s got to be going on at least six or seven years of age (since activation) by the time of Mega Man 8. He is definitely not the same age as the number of years the games have been out, because in terms of the plot the years don’t always match up. For example, the games are very specific in saying that six months pass between Mega Man 6 and Mega Man 7. But two years passed between the actual releases of these two games. So while Capcom just recently celebrated the ten year anniversary of when they first started making Mega Man games, Mega Man himself was probably only about seven at that point in time (in terms of the plot). We cannot be sure of Mega Man’s exact age because the games do not tell us how many months/years pass between each installment. A few games do, but most of them don’t. So we can only guess.

I know about Items 1,2,and 3,but I’ve also seen pictures of Mega Man driving a two-legged mech called Item 4.Where did tht come from?

Update: Ah ha, I know what you’re referring to now. Capcom’s artists did their own drawing of an Item-4, I’d forgotten about that. It’s a picture of Mega Man in a Sniper Armor. As far as I know it’s not in any game. The artists were just being silly.

A friend of mine seems to think that the little blue thing on Bass’s chest is shaped like a heart. Could somebody tell her ’no’?

It’s a triangle. The top is flat, a straight line.

If so many people asked for a message board, why didn’t you give them one?

I don’t need to. There’s already several on Capcom’s website, and several more fan-made ones (see the Online page). Creating a message board wouldn’t be adding anything new to the community.

Does Roll actually HAVE an arm cannon/ Mega Buster of some sort?

As far as I can tell, she doesn’t. In the Marvel VS Capcom arcades she seems to whip out a hand-held gun to fire (thus why it takes her longer to fire than it does Mega Man). Now why Dr. Light hasn’t yet installed a Mega Buster in her is anybody’s guess. It goes right up there with the question of why Dr. Light doesn’t just build hundreds of Mega Men. (I’m sure he could do one a year at least... So every year that’d be another Mega Man...maybe he could have the Mega Men help him build more Mega Men, so that would increase their numbers exponentially...)

OK get this. In MMX1 Zero got BLOWN IN HALF, his legs were gone, he had blood on his mouth, and he disappeared. So they went and put ’em back together. Then in MMX4 at the end Iris was lying on the ground, dented up a little and he’s all like “She’s gone, How can I go on? Boo Hoo” Um... could they just screw the lug-bolts tighter and put her back together like they did Zero. He was.. how to say.. IN HALF. If they put him together, it would be child’s play to fix her. Then at the end Zero is in half (again). Obviously Reploids don’t need their legs, they can be put back on. SOME people may disagree and say “Hey, he had a hole in his chest”. So did X. And he’s still alive. Put ’em both back together, DUH!

Exactly. For that matter, in the manga, the fruitcake known as Blues apparently doesn’t need his legs either. He gets them blown off all the time. It really does make you wonder...

How does Dr. Wily go about buying groceries and all those little mundane things it’d be difficult for him to do? Does he have the Robot Masters perform a hostile takeover of the local K-Mart?

I can see it now. “Just turn over the chocolate quietly and no one will get hurt!” Maybe Wily grows his own food. No, I don’t mean by himself; he’d have robots to do that. Can’t you see a Met planting potatoes?

And a few Series questions...

Todays quote was from D34,and one of your memorable moments was from D19,and I would like to know....WHAT THE HECK ARE THESE THINGS? I’ve looked all over your site and I can’t find them! so,where or what are they?

They’re incomplete stories. No, I am not posting anything that’s not complete. ;) Sorry.

Why did megaman say he woud never fall in love?(I pray he wasn’t serious)

He was saying he doesn’t think robots are capable of feeling what he thinks are things exclusive to humans. That doesn’t mean he’s correct. ;)