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I was reading the “Stupid Questions” on the MMX5 Game Hints page (I like stupid questions). ... And, as proposed in someone’s earlier MegaGram, I’ll be numbering these completely randomly.
    log 4.1295 )
    << Why is Grizzly an arms dealer if he disagrees with fighting and destruction? What does he expect people to do with the stuff he sells? >>
    Obviously he expects them to be used for “Training Purposes.” The Reploid Wars (all 5 of them) were “Training Sessions” to prepare for a real war should one ever occur :P
    6 - e^(-pi*i) )
    Why do you think Capcom keeps changing the intro music in the American versions? I think most people like/would like the original music (even with the Japanese lyrics) better.
    48! / (2^24)(24!) )
    What would you do if Capcom made Mega Man 10 and ported it to Game Boy Advance? Would you call it Mega Man X? Heh heh...

    Random 1) I can see that. “Here, take these weapons and beat up on that simulation of Dragoon, would you? He was a sorry excuse for a Maverick Hunter anyway!”
    Random 2) I can understand why they change the music when it includes Japanese lyrics, although personally I’d prefer they’d just use the instrumental of the music (sans the singing) instead. Admittedly, I do like MMX5’s (English) opening...that, on top of the fact that I didn’t much care for “Don’t make a monkey out of me,” doesn’t make me terribly sorry, in this case, that they changed it.
    Random 3) Well, considering no Mega Man game has ever been ported to the Game Boy, I think it’s pretty safe to assume Mega Man 10 won’t be either. ;) If they do use a weird sequence and actually make MM10 for the Game Boy, I’ll probably still call it Mega Man 10 since it’d be a sequel to Mega Man 9 regardless of the system (just like the SNES and PSX/Saturn games were sequels even though the original games were on the NES—it’s all in the numbering sequence).

I have a 9 year old boy who has been crazy about mega man as long as he could play games. he wants to know what the thing in the middle of his head is for? also if you have anything on his creation please send it to him he is so interested in thi its hard to have him like anything else.I have drawings of megaman all over the house he is totally in to this. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.
    - Joseph’s Mother

Hey, Mega Man pictures around the house is good thing, right? Anyway, there’s no official word yet whether the light blue things on Mega Man’s helmet are decoration or actually serve a purpose. I read once that they’re solar panels, but personally I don’t think solar panels of that size could power more than his communicator. So clearly he’s got an alternate power source...

Dear MegaGrams,
    I have a few questions about various parts of each series.
    1) I was never able to figure out where Shade Man’s guest music came from in Mega Man 7. Can you tell me?
    2) Do you have all 100 CDs in Rockman and Forte? If you do, I envy you, as I *only* have 91. So close! (And I’m missing Bass to boot, which is really aggravating...)
    3) Is it just me, or does the Legends Series have some obsession or something about naked girls? I’m not kidding on this one: between the first two games, MegaMan will automatically see Tron Bonne (after the Gustaff fight) and Sera, if I remember correctly (on Forbidden Island) with no clothes on in Legends 2. Even the player can see Sera like this. Also, after you beat the Falcuerefe (or whatever) and continue in your room in the Flutter in Legends 1, if you go into Roll’s room, she will start yelling at you, and from MegaMan’s hilarious expression and Roll’s incredibly angry tone, the game implies that Roll has no clothes on. (“If you want to come in, knock first!”)
    4) What is the name of the woman from Legends 2 with the green Sailor Moon-style hair that you first see frozen on Forbidden Island? After the fight on the Sulphur-Bottom, there was about ten minutes of plot where I think it was mentioned, but it confused me so much I almost forgot where I lived.

    1) It’s a secret. =) No seriously, if I mention it here, it’ll spoil it for everyone else. Of course I guess that never stopped me when it came to game plotlines...
    2) No, not yet. I haven’t had time to search for them all. I don’t even remember at last count what number I was up to.
    3) You can also walk in on Roll in the bathroom in Legends 2. Assumably while she’s taking a bath. And then MegaMan does the cheer animation as if he’d just obtained an item. The game makers certainly have a weird sense of humor. Then again, I suppose little kids wouldn’t get a lot of the jokes. Like the flour one in the Sulphur-Bottom.
    4) Her name is Yuna and if you’re confused, don’t feel bad, because I was lost for a while as well. Legends 2 makes a huge hash out of the plot and then adds to the mess by not even explaining itself well. To make a long story short, after Yuna took over a human’s body she carried around her original one for the entire game, until in the end it was inhabited by Sera. There are a ton of plotholes regarding this which I won’t get into here, but I believe that’s how it was supposed to go.

Dear MegaGram People,
    Just a few questions and thoughts for the genius at work behind the books.
    1) How do you do such a good job writing your Mega Man books? All my books/stories are complete junk.
    2) Since Mega Man X is an advanced version of Mega Man, perhaps Zero is an advanced version of Protoman? There’s some food for thought. Like, he got captured by wily, and he was badly damaged, so when MM got him out, Dr. Light Put his mind into another robotic shell.
    3) What would Mega Man do if Wiley ever was defeated once and for all?
    4) Protoman is always pulling Mega Man’s bacon out of the fire, why can’t Mega Man do the same?
    Cya Later
    - Pysco MegaZero Black

    1) You get better at anything by doing it a lot. Read a lot of published books. I find that’s the easiest way to expand your vocabulary and learn grammar. Get a friend to proofread your works. Many times other people will find things that you overlook.
    2) Technically speaking this can’t be the case since Dr. Wily is building Zero while Protoman already exists. So unless Mega Man also swiped Zero’s body from Wily...
    3) Probably die of boredom. =)
    4) He does, every once in a while. Well, okay, every once in a great while. But hey, it’s been known to happen.

Dear MMHP...
    Love your site
    You claim you go by the games first and the Captain N shows second when you write your books, however, I would like to ask if you only mean the Mega Man games or all the games represented in your books. I’m asking this because in your books you mention Metroid, Mother Brain’s deep space fortress from the Captain N shows. This fortress never existed in the Metroid games. Metroid was the name of the airborne Jellyfish-like creatures that consumed a persons “Life-energy”, thus killing them. The creatures had been discovered on the planet SR-388, and the species brought back for examination were abducted by Mother Brain and her Space Pirates to use as a Biological Weapon against the Federation. But Samus quest to destroy the Metroids took place on the fortified planet of Zebes, not a Space Station. However, Mother Brains command center, Tourain, was destroyed in the first Metroid-game, and the entire planet Zebes was blown to pieces in the third. Is it possible that Mother Brain survived and built Metroid to act as her new base?
    - GC

I try to go by all games when possible, although for sake of clarity I maintained the multiverse names provided by the Captain N shows. What this means is each universe in the collection has a designation, or a specific name, which may or may not be what the people who live there call their own worlds. So Mother Brain’s world/vessel is called “Metroid” even if it is a misnomer. I don’t know if it’s from any game or one she built at a point in time not covered by the games. Another thing to note is I don’t think the third Metroid game has even happened yet (as of The Series timeline). After all Mother Brain gains a body in that game, which she obviously doesn’t yet have. So that one’s still sort of waiting to happen.

Dear MegaGrams,
    Hi. This is the first time I’ve ever written you, and first off I wanted to say that I like your site’s layout. Secondly, I have some questions...
    1) Since dimensional/planar travel is a big part of The Series, and the Megaverse has now had a crossover with the Sonicverse...what about a crossover into the world of Avara? Or Outlaw Star or The Vision of Escaflowne for that matter? (I don’t think enough people have heard of Robotech/Macross to a direct crossover, but it might be an interesting idea.)
    2) Okay, actual question. If Blues has a bandanna in the first few games of the original series, and a scarf in the more recent games—what’s that thing he’s wearing in the TV show? Is it some kind of mutant ascot?
    3) For that matter, what’s an ascot?
    4) Any theories as to where Tango went?
    5) If any of the living machines were to consume food or liquid, wouldn’t it damage their internal systems?
    Thanks for your time. Maybe I’ll get around to writing again someday when I can think of something to say. =^.^=
    - Whyte Shadow

    1) I’m not really a crossover author. Even the Sonic one wasn’t really much of a crossover: Sonic didn’t even show up until halfway through the book! It’s just the way I am. So anything could happen, but nothing is guarenteed.
    2) It looks like a blanket or something wrapped around his neck. I mean he doesn’t even tie it...
    3) A character in Magic Knight Rayearth? ;)
    4) I suppose he hasn’t been used much because he was introduced in a Game Boy title (although that never stopped them from using Enker). To be honest I have no idea.
    5) It depends on whether or not they were designed for it. If they have a place for the food to go, it wouldn’t hurt them. For that matter they could even burn food for fuel, although it would be incredibly inefficient compared to alternate power sources.

Dear MegaGrams:
    1) It seems to me like “Of Flesh and Steel” sets things up for the world that this Sonic came from to become a sort of game series/ABC cartoon series hybrid... Do I sense a glimpse of what you would have had SatAM Sonic be like in a future fanfic?
    2) I liked the fact that the order that the Mega Man from The Series fought the Robot Masters in was listed on your site. Would you be so kind as to make that information available again (probably in the The Series subsite, which is arguably where it should have been in the first place)?
    3) If Bass is made from MIRA, then whose sneeze transforms him into Chibi Bass? ;)
    That’s all for now...
    - Pteryx

    1) The world of Sonic seems to be amazingly consistent considering we’re dealing with games, cartoons, comics, etc. For example the first place I heard Sonic’s planet named “Mobius” was the cartoon, yet then I found a validation in a later game. Whether the cartoon got the info from some official source, or the game makers pulled the name from the cartoon, I’ll never know, but it’s a nice coincidence. At any rate, I figured no matter what, it wouldn’t hurt to help explain why, in the games, roboticization only traps animals rather than converting them, but the cartoons/comics version literally converts them.
    2) That’s a good idea.
    3) Heh! Evidently, the bug is not in the MIRA alone, but has something to do with Signal’s programming (it was introduced during a sort of mishap in the lab when Signal was first being activated). Although, if Sionna ever gets wind of that question, I have a sneaking suspicion you’ll be giving her some really nasty ideas... (I can see Bass running away already...)
    There is some precedent for this in the Twin Signal series. Signal’s not the only one made of MIRA even there, but no one else ever turns chibi. Code never (to my knowledge) exhibits any problems at all when Nobuhiko sneezes, although Atrandom does (bwahaha! Oh great, now I’m giving myself ideas...).