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Here we are again. I actually convinced Break Man (Protoman) to come in today, amazingly enough, although he refused to do the MegaGrams in their entirety. However he’ll be tossing in comments here and there. So let’s start off with...

Dear Protoman,Mega Man,and Bass,
    First of, I’d like to say your my favorites.
    I have a few Questions for you
    1)Protoman, did you have a real name like mega did?( like rock,boulder somthing like that.)
    2)Bass, Did you know somebody made a game just for you?(yes that’s right, all yours!)and Why in the heck did Wily name you Bass!? just so people make fun of you by saying it like the fish?
    3)Mega man and protoman, why do you think wily made a clone of you (protoman)? just to get Megaman to get freaked out and you(protoman) really angry?
    thanks you guys
    P.S. Mandi, I love your site.(I’d rather go here than watch a rams game.Seriously!
    - protodude

    1) Protoman: Boulder. I like that.
      MegaMaster: Silly! That’s not your name.
      Protoman: Well, we’re not telling Mega Man my real name.
      MegaMaster: Blues?
      Protoman: Shush!
    2) Bass is off chasing after Mega Man so he can’t comment right now. But to be honest I have a feeling they changed Bass’s name because they wanted to change Treble’s original name (Gospel) and they decided to use “Bass and Treble” to match each other. That’s just a guess on my part however.
    3) Protoman: Perhaps all of the above. Probably to get Mega Man off his guard. And to annoy me.

Dear recipitant of a multitude of personas,
    First off, congratulations on this wonderfull site, I would say it is one of the very best out there. Sencond, I was wondering how you go about writing your mega-man books...
    I have tried to write a megaman fan-fic several times, and it seems that I just can’t keep to it... Every time I get someewhere I think of something new and want to re-write my story. How do you get all of your ideas down???? when do you find the time???
    In all honesty I haven’t gotten around to reading your stories... one of those things that seems to slip my mind all the time.
    I also have an interesting theory to share with you...
    Notice that the original Zero had the exact same color combinations that the newer Protoman has, although Zero is most definately NOT Protoman, I wonder if Dr. Wiley had Protoman in mind when he desighned him.
    IF I get my history write, Dr. Wiley was working with Doc Light when Protoman was built, and perhaps he considers Zero to be a second Protoman, like trying to improve on a mistake, and thats why they look so similar (hey Protoman fans, I do NOT think protoman was a mistake, don’t kill me, I know there are alot of you...). If fact, I think Wiley might be a downright sentimental guy at heart...
    I think I’ll start a Friends For Wiley campain(SP?)...
    WEell, good luck to you and your books, I look forward to finally reading them...
    - CrystalHex

Multiple personas? Me? *innocent look*
    I do get writer’s block a lot, although luckily it is rare for me to change a story once I start writing it down, since usually I have the plot all mapped out before I start writing. There are times however when I’m not sure how a particular section will go and I end up blocking on that part since I can’t write it until I figure out what happens there. In these cases I find just turning my imagination loose helps. When I’m sitting around doing nothing because I’m waiting for something (the bus, my computer to reboot, etc.) often I’ll use that time to let my mind wander and see if it comes back with anything useful (or if it comes back at all...).
    When do I find the time to write? I don’t, really. I sometimes have to make time. Generally I get into a writing mood and when that happens I just have to drop everything and start writing. Of course this isn’t always possible in the middle of the work day, but luckily my writing moods tend to hit me at more appropriate times, like early in the morning. I have been known to get out of bed at times and turn on the computer at three o’clock in the morning just to cater to a sudden writing mood...

    Your page is the best megaman page there is! without a doubt. (Auto has the sprites and pics over you however).
    Anyway I’m really ticked that I can’t play the Wily Tower in Wily Wars on an emulator. Do you know if his situation has been fixed? Is there an emulator that can play it? I’m quite frustrated. I’ve always wanted to play the extra levels. For some reason all the emulators I’ve tried don’t save your satus in the game. For example, you beat CutMan and then go to save status and whatever, then, the next time you play it’s not there. AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
    I’d greatly appreciate any help with the matter.

There’s no fix to this that I know of. From what I’ve heard, even if you play through all three of the remake games in one sitting (not an easy feat, although if the emulator supports save states that may help), the game still won’t offer you the Wily Tower. Apparently you have to have a saved game in order to open the Wily Tower; simply beating the three remake games isn’t enough. I haven’t tested this for sure using the cartridge version of the game; I’ve always saved my game there.

Dear Mega Man person,
    I have one question. Why does Mega-Man look so screwed up on the first two Mega-Man games for the NES?
    - Matt Holland

You mean on the box covers? The original Japanese box covers looked more normal, but for some reason they were altered for their English releases. Apparently someone thought that North American audiences wouldn’t think a cutesy-looking little blue robot would be “cool”...

Hi all you happy people in cyberspace. I do happen to have questions that boggle my mind and still do to thins day. . .
    1. How in the world as we know it could Break Man push his body through a force field and then become a living machine just like his sibling.
    2. On your password genorator for MMX3, the Helmet power-up is confusing. What does upgraded and enhanced mean?
    3. Where do you think Dr. Light came up with the idea and making a robot capable of thinking and making decisions for itself like Mega Man X, huh???
    4. You would think X would have this better voice than Mega Man did in their PSX games!
    That is all I can possibly think of right now. Lets hope Capcom could at least answer some of these questions we all come up with ourselves.
    See ya!
    - Star Man

    1) Strange things happen.
    2) Upgraded means you obtained the improvement from Dr. Light’s capsule. Enhanced means you got the super upgrade from one of the pink capsules.
    3) It’s not a very unusual or original idea, though it may be challenging to actually implement.
    4) To be honest I’m not terribly surprised; in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if they used the same actor for both.

Hi, love you site, and I just want to note and maybe get an explanation for in the X4 game. I borrowed X4 from a friend and decided to rip the FMV’s off of the CD. While I was converting the FMV of Zero’s dream I noticed that on the blueprints of Zero that you see on the wall… Zero is labeled as “Irregular Hunter Zero.” That kind of struck me as a little odd, because aren’t the bosses that X fights in the games named Irregular Hunters? Maybe you could come up with some explanation for this?
    - Melicion

The bosses that you fight are Mavericks. Thus, X and Zero and their allies are known as Maverick Hunters, because they fight Mavericks. In Japanese Maverick Hunters are known as Irregular Hunters. Usually this is translated into “Maverick” in English, except in places where the translators either miss the reference or don’t bother (FMV is probably a case of the latter, since changing FMV would be quite a bit more hassle than just changing text typed out by the game). Note that in Mega Man X4 Magma Dragoon is called an “Irregular Hunter” because (a) according to the plot he was originally a Maverick Hunter (who went Maverick) and (b) they forgot to change the reference (see above).

Hey mandi. I have concluded, that from the title and all other possibilities that Megaman Legends took place in the ancient past of megaland. Isnt it obvious? Megaman LEGENDS. A definite prequel. Another point, the Bonns’ technology hadn’t escalated to the advancements of artificial intelligence. The robots were probrably all remote controlled. Megaland was named after our heroic Digger and Dr.Light decided in naming his robots after the two who helped save the world: (megaman)Rock and Roll. Also if there was an argument that this could also be the future then wouldn’t there be some robot similar to Bass, Treble, Rush, Beat, and Tango? Hunter and Historian Cryo signing out
    - Cyro

If the X series were the future of the Mega Man series, wouldn’t there be some mention of Bass, Treble, Rush, Beat, and Tango? Of course, the X series is more likely to be the future than the Legends series, since the X series has infinitely more things in common with the original series than the Legend series does. The Legend series could be the future if the entire planet was nearly wiped out by some worldwide flood. If it were far enough in the future and enough records were lost, I suppose no one would remember anything that had happened in the past. Still, Legends seems to take place on a totally different planet than anything, although the idea of a prequel has merit.

Dear Mandi,
    Yo. Once again, I grace your website with my 3rd MegaGram, with yet another annoying and extremely long letter. So, getting right down to the point...
    1) Having read the new addition to Mega Man: the Series by Sionna Klassen (hope I got the name right), I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I rather enjoyed the idea of alternate universes being implemented in “Lands of Confusion”. Do you have What’s next for Mega Man and our three new heroes? Upon examining the cover of “LOC 1”, I noticed many insteresting reflections of Mega Man in the shards of broken glass. One that I recognized was “Mega”, MM’s incarnation from the Mega Shows. Consequently, Mega also appeared in Book 1. Does that mean that the other incarnations of Mega Man may make appearances in the next books?
    2) Reading one of your pages, I noticed that you complained about Capcom’s production art becoming quite “super-stretched”. Yet when I viewed your cover revisions for Books 13 and 16, as well as your art for “LOC”’s cover, I’ve noticed that your art is sort of taking that same path. Now, don’t get me wrong, I kinda like that look, but why fix something that ain’t broke?
    3) On another page, I noticed that you said that Break Man’s bandanna turned into a scarf in the games. Well, not quite. Check out Break Man’s ending in “The Power Battle”, which took its graphics from “Mega Man 7”. The whole time Break Man stands there, with his scarf fluttering in the wind, notice that there are two ends to the bandanna. It may not have been intentional that his bandanna takes the form of a scarf in recent games, but you have the production artists and sprite designers to “thank” for that, as well as the dudes you drew the anime intro for “Mega Man 8”.
    4) Will you ever branch off in your stories in an attempt to explain more about the enigma named Bass?
    5) Since Mega Man has met up with characters such as Pulse, Signal and Code from other universes, does that mean he could meet up with videogame characters outside of the “Nintendo” universe, like maybe Crash Bandicoot or Sonic the Hedgehog? (In case you haven’t noticed, I really like the Sonic games... ^_^)
    6) Why is Capcom so cheap and self-promoting? (Examples: Girl in “Legends” saying she wants to learn to make games like “Resident Evil”, recycled sprites from the first six Mega Man games, recycled sprites from “Mega Man 8” to “Rockman & Forte”)
    7) Logically, the battle against Dr. Wily has to end sometime, right? But since Mega Man is such a big money-maker for Capcom, do you think this will ever happen? For that matter, how about the ever- popular “Resident Evil” series?
    8) How was Break Man’s Mega Buster made so powerful in “Mega Man 7”? I’d like to see a story illustrating this... I would say that he could’ve gotten an upgrade of some kind from Giga Man’s Buster, but Break Man never even MET Giga Man, so scratch that idea...
    9) Where does Break Man get all those Super Tanks?
    10) Once again, I’ve GOT to ask this, as it’s bugging the heck out of me... is Bass alive? ^_^ (I don’t really expect an answer!)
    11) Why do I ask so many questions?
    12) Do I annoy you?
    13) I forget... Were there any Hard Hats in “Mega Man X3”?
    Seeing as how I’ve run out of questions (this time around, heh heh heh...), I’ll just see you later. Thanks again.
    - Nemesys-sama

    1) Yep, I know, but I’m not allowed to tell.
      Sionna: *looms ominously overhead* No revealing future plot points!
      MegaMaster: What? I’m not! Hey, where’d you come from?
      Sionna: Oh, I’m just here to make sure no one gives away any plot.
      Signal: Aw, come on, don’t be a spoilsport! Can’t I at least tell them about the—
      Sionna: No.
      Signal: *pout* You’re no fun, you know that?
    2) Apparently I do not make it clear what I mean by “super-stretched.” Super-stretched does not mean “in proportion.” Super-stretched means exactly what it says. If a drawing is in proportion, it is not super-stretched. Perhaps that will help.
    3) What I meant was more the shape and length. If you note, first of all, his bandanna started out with pointed ends to the two ties. Later they turned into straight squared ends, like a scarf. Secondly, the ties keep getting longer and longer and longer, thus looking more and more like a scarf. After all, it’s rare to see a bandanna that is three feet long...
    4) Perhaps eventually.
    5) No comment. =)
    6) Most game companies are. Although I find some in-jokes to be humorous. Battle & Chase has Resident Evil billboards.
    7) Unknown.
    8) Break Man seems to be getting upgrades from somewhere, because his cannon changes just as Mega Man’s does. Hey Break Man! Why aren’t you here answering this? *looks around* Oh great, he’s gone already. *sigh*
    9) As he once said: “Oh, every time I visit Wily’s fortress I pick up a souvenir.”
    10) No comment. =)
    11) Am I supposed to answer that?
    12) Am I supposed to answer that?
    13) I actually don’t remember. There may have been some hidden in there somewhere.

Hello Mandi
    Do you know when Sionna Klassen are done whith the books Lands of Confusion nr 2-3?
    - P2001

*looks at Sionna* Hey, since you’re here, why don’t you prove yourself useful?
    Sionna: *sticks tongue out at MegaMaster* Oh sure, throw me the hard ones! Well, actually, it’s not so hard; Book 2 is in the “final edits” stage, so I hope to have that one out soon. Book 3 will take a bit longer, though.
    Signal: Is that the one where—
    Sionna: Shush you!
    Signal: *dodging a smack aimed at him from Sionna* You’re so much fun to tease!

Hey Mandi (or Mega Man or whoever the host is)! Love your site. Anyway, just thought I’d point out some interesting things that I’ve seen about the both Mega Men.
    1) If I remember correctly, X has moisture in his breath in the first X game (I never went further than the first two). When he’s taken a fair amount of damage, he starts to breathe, and in Chill Penguin’s stage, you can see his breath. Where do you think that comes from?
    2) Mega Man sheds a tear in Marvel vs Capcom in Roll’s ending (Just don’t tell Bass).
    3) Onslaught calls Mega Man a boy when he appears first to him. Think Prof. X knows he’s alive, or was it just an insult?
    4) More proof that Mega Man does in fact ’morph’ his hand into an arm cannon. X’s upgraded X buster looks nothing like his wrist armor. He definately does not just stick his hand into the armor.
    Well, see ya later Mega guys.
    - Dratini

    1) It could be a number of things. A robot could have moisture within him, for various reasons. Or it could have been a feature built consciously into him for realism. Or it could just be the game designers not thinking very hard about it.
      Signal: *blink* Uh... moisture? Wait a minute... I gotta find this out for myself! *runs off to find a mirror to breathe on*
      Sionna: Well that’s one way to keep him out of trouble...
      MegaMaster: I didn’t know robots could have bad breath.
      Signal: *from a distance* I heard that! My breath is not bad!
    2) That’s about as common as robots bleeding, although it’d be easier to build a robot to shed tears than to bleed.
    3) Probably just an insult, or maybe Onslaught didn’t know Mega Man was a robot (heh heh). I mean he does look like a boy, particularly when he’s not wearing his helmet.
    4) Like his Dust Buster?

Hello. I was reading the Quote of the Days, and read one where some human (a girl, I think) was wanting to be Mega’s sidekick etc. Now, by the time I had forgotten the name, I had realized that this might be Sheral from book 16 and mini book 1. Am I right or wrong? And, if I’m wrong, what is his/her name? Thanks.
    - Brandon

It’s not Sheral. You’ll see who it is when the book comes out (it’s almost done!). I’m not saying any more until then. (Am I starting to sound like a broken record?)
    Signal: Do sidekicks have to be shorter than the hero? Wouldn’t that make this girl really short?
    Sionna: You’re aiming to start another pillow fight as soon as Mega Man hears about that remark, aren’t you?
    Signal: *looks innocent* Can I help it if he’s tiny?
    MegaMaster: Not as tiny as—
    Sionna: Shush! *grabs pillow and smacks MegaMaster with it*
    MegaMaster: *innocent look*
    Signal: Uh oh, Author Fight! I’m outta here...
    Sionna: Come back here you! *chases after Signal with pillow upraised*
    MegaMaster: Well, so much for that...