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I love your site, it is designed very well in pretty much all respects. i just have a few questions:
    1.) Do you collect any of the Mega Man/Rockman action figures?
    2.) Why was Mega Man 8 on Playstation and Mega Man 9/Rockman & Forte on SNES?
    3.) How come Rockman: Battle and Chase won’t be brought to America?
    4.) Do you think a Rockman anime series/movie, such as the Street Fighter ones could happen?
    5.) Is there anything you like almost as much as Mega Man?
    Thank you, and once again, great site!
    - Ghostbuster

    1) Yes, whichever ones I can get my hands on. I like to get a little sampling of everything. I probably wouldn’t buy as much Mega Man stuff if I didn’t run this site, but there are still a few I’d own regardless.
    2) Actually Rockman & Forte is not Mega Man 9 so that explains that. It’s just a side game.
    3) I don’t know, to be honest, other than that the project was canned. I heard Sony was responsible for that decision, although I don’t see why, since they let lots of crappier games through.
    4) Street Fighter got both live action and anime, and it barely has a plot, so I guess anything is possible.
    5) There are a good number of series that I like, and many more games that I enjoy playing even if I’m not totally into the series. TMNT, Sailor Moon, Zelda, Super Mario, Starcraft, FF Legend II, just to name a few.

Hey there, Mega Fans,
    First off, great site. Whenever I’m stuck in a certain game, I come to this site and no other.
    Perhaps you already knew this, but Mega Man X5 has been released in Japan. It didn’t seem like to many people knew this. I think it was released in November, but that’s all I know.
    For all you who have asked why has Capcom just recently made N64 games, the answer is because CD’s (Playstation) are much cheaper to mass produce than cartridges. Also, on IGN’s upcoming game list, Mega Man 64 is on the list!
    1) What do you think the whole point of Rockman & Forte was? It’s not really Rockman 9. and it will probably never be released in the U.S. And the Robot Masters will probably not show up in another game and be forgotten. (if they aren’t already) Do you think Proto Man will be in any more games, since he was destroyed in R & F?
    2) One day I was looking at Game FAQ’s list of arcade games, and it listed Rockman: The Power Battle and Rockman: The Final Battle! Do you know anything about this?
    3) Do you own an English version of Rockman Battle and Chase? I didn’t think there was one.
    4) Can you explain Rockman Superadventure a little better?
    Sorry if I got long-winded.
    - Wave Man

I find it highly dubious that Rockman X5 is out in Japan since Capcom of Japan’s website doesn’t mention it at all, not even to say it’s in development or available or anything. They mention both of the new Rockman Dash games and the PSX rereleases, but not X5. Heck, Rockman X4 is still listed on their “New Products” page!
    As for Mega Man 64, well, that rumor’s been around for a looong time...
    1) I’m not sure why Capcom would release a SNES game so late in its life. The fact that the SNES is discontinued is probably why it was never brought over to English audiences. As for Protoman, he wasn’t really destroyed. King’s dialog mentions that he sent Protoman to a safe place where he could be repaired, which implies he survived. Besides, Protoman suffered the exact same damage in the Bass side of the story, and he pops in perfectly fine during the ending.
    2) The second arcade was called “Rockman 2: The Power Fighters.” The “Final Battle” listing is probably actually referring to the Power Fighters, since as far as I know there were only two arcades.
    3) It was released in Europe (does Sony of Europe have lower standards?) so what I did was buy the PAL version, which is in English.
    4) It’s essentially a choose-your-own-adventure using FMV. The game begins with a preset plot then has certain places where it branches out depending on what choices you make, in a tree-like structure, although often the branches come back together further down the road (particularly at bosses). If someone attacks you, sometimes you just watch Rockman fight in FMV, and sometimes arrows appear briefly on the edges of the screen, giving you about three seconds to press one of the highlighted directions which determines whether Rock dodges successfully or not. More often than not, however, when attacked the screen switches to the first-person shooter mode, where you have to duke it out in an action mini-game. You basically have a cursor which represents where Rockman is aiming, and you move the cursor around with the direction pad and press buttons to fire your weapons. Since you can’t actually move (think of it like Rock’s feet are glued to the ground), you can’t dodge things in this mode, which means the only way to prevent enemies or their shots from hitting you is to shoot them en route. As you can imagine, this generally involves a lot of button-mashing.

Hello Maam,
    Just decided I would submit a few questions and comments!
    1.Haven’t you ever drawn Zero? I would really like to see your version of him sometime.
    2.Not really a question.This is for Shadow Man...Tell him I think he’s CUTE!!
    3.Is it true that Roll could “die” in Super Adventure Rockman?
    4.In Rockman World 5,who is your favorite Stardroid?
    5.Does Mega Water S really speak Japanese that only Buster Rod G can understand?
    6.Did Split Mushroom really deserve to be mutilated? Do you think his fans should start a demand for the SM doll?
    7.I looked at the Robot master stats and if my eyes told me right,then why does Shadow Man have greater speed than Quick Man? I thought he was known to be the fastest of the Robot Masters...
    That’s it for now,I guess.Oh yes and I do think there needs to be a message board!
    - Maya Petersen

    1) I haven’t thus far, aside from trying to clean up a sprite once. However I may in the near future...
    3) Basically. The really weird thing was the game ended when Roll “died,” not when Rock did. So even though Rock was alive and kicking, the game would still be over if Roll bit the dust...
    4) Terra, probably. Or Sunstar. If you mean one of the eight stage bosses, I’d probably go with Mercury. He had a neat weapon.
    5) I’ve never heard anything like that, but it may be possible, since I’ve only played the English version fo the game.
    6) I want to someday record a sound effect of him being hit with a lightning weapon to put on my computer...
    7) Well, to be honest, I played the NES games and compared the two, and Quick Man is surprisingly slow. So that’s why I rated them as I did. I have considered bumping up Quick Man’s rating just for plot purposes, however, since logically he ought to match his name...

Hi! I really love the site! You’ve done some awesome work on this site! You should be very proud of it! You’ve reinspired my love for the Mega Man series! Thanks, and keep up the “Mega” work!
    1) Do you remember the picture in the back of the MM3 manual with all the MM1 & MM2 Robot Masters all chummy with Mega Man? Wouldn’t it be cool to have had a game where Mega Man could select a previously beaten (and reprogrammed) Robot Master to be a backup fighter?
    2) Mandy (or, Miranda): What is your opinion of the use of profanity in Mega Man 7? Is it used in other Mega Man games? Can you say which ones? I was totally shocked!! I feel it had no place discracing the Mega Man series. It nearly ruined the game for me. (Oh, real nice move, Bass...)
    3) I love when you have characters answer the MegaGrams! It’s fun to have both Mega Man & Bass (...Rockman & Forte!) together! : )
    4) Ever since I saw some of the FMV in MM8, I’ve been saying Bass (freshwater) instead of Bass (clef). So, to help me get back on target, how is Forte pronounced? Fort? Forte’? Forty?
    Sorry if I’ve said too much! This is my first M-Gram! Keep up the awesome work! ...and say hi to Forty! : ) He, he...
    - Blues

    1) Hey, it’s always possible. A lot of people place the MM1 Robot Masters on Mega Man’s side, I guess because Dr. Light had the most part in building those.
    2) I personally don’t see the point of profanity, especially when used as uselessly as it was in MM7 (I mean, “blast” would have been close enough). Zero swears liberally in MMX4; you’d think that a particular four-letter word that starts with ’d’ is the only thing he knows how to say...
    3) You can imagine that they’re thrilled. ;)
    4) The musical term is pronounced literally “for-tay” with a long ’a.’ Forty’s close enough though. ;)

Thank you Mandi for such a great site. I have one quick question, do you think time travel is possible in Mega Man’s era? I’m thinking about writing a book and I don’t know if time travel really exists.
    - Bass180

It exists if you want it to. That’s what’s great about fiction. =)

Alright, I’ll just cut to the chase here. 5 questions/comments in no particular they are:
    1) I agree the books are taking a darker turn, but I like it. However, they’re not quite turning dark enough. Sure, Mega Man has died before, but he came back to life right as rain later in the same book. Now I know for sake of series continuity (and sheer common sense) main characters cannot be killed off, but still...I think it’s time to drive home the mortal danger the characters are put through in each and every battle. What would drive home the vital importance of every step—the sheer magnitude of Wily’s insanity—than for Mega Man to meet a human friend, only to see that friend fatally struck down by a Robot Master. (A good non-gory way would be electrocution by Elec Man).
    2) What the heck is this Mega Man 21XX people are talking about? Tell me everything you know, please!!! :)
    3) Why are there no Robot Masters from Megaman 8 or Rockman & Forte in your books?
    4) Assuming you have experience with emulators (ZSnes in particular), what settings would you recommend for the best overall game play on a 586 120mhz with 64mb ram? (I just got Rockman & plays great with no sound, and hardly at all with sound on...there’s gotta be a happy medium somewhere.
    5) Were I to write a Mega Man story (it might or might not coincide with your series), would I be able to put it up on this site? If it’s not possible I doubt I’ll write one..what’s the point of writing a story if nobody reads it?
    6) What is your opinion of bacon? I think it’s tasty. Especially with eggs and toast.
    7) Are you aware that I overshot my original 5 question prediction by 2? Pretty stupid, huh?
    8) Ok, now I’m just wasting yo u;a8#YT)&SF (CONNECTION RESET BY PEER)
    - Adam

    1) You know, for all the people who say they like dark, I have that many or more saying the Series is too dark. Can’t please everyone, I guess.
    2) I don’t know anything about it, actually, other than it’s apparently a fan-created game.
    3) They just haven’t shown up yet. They might pop in later.
    4) ’Fraid I can’t help you there; I don’t use emulators.
    5) At the moment I do not post stories other than those in the Series (see the FAQ), but don’t get discouraged. There are plenty of other websites that do.
    6) Bacon is one of the only things I like burnt.
    7) Am I surprised?
    8) Oops, I think we lost him.

Hi MegaGrams!
    Is it me or in every MegaMan games and animations, ProtoMan (Break Man) can’t change his arm cannon back into a hand? Is it permanent?
    - MegaBoy

It is true he usually has an arm cannon in poses (being cool I guess), but there are two pieces of proof that his cannon is not permanent: one, there are times when he has two hands (Battle & Chase for example, where he’s gripping the wheel with both hands), and two, in the artwork his cannon is not always on the same arm (sometimes it’s his left, sometimes his right; the same deal with Mega Man, which indicates both of them can transform either arm into a cannon—in fact in Superadventure Rock transformed them both at once at one point!).

Hi Mandi! This is my third attempt at a MegaGram so maybe I’ll get lucky and you’ll post it. I just have a few things to say/ask.
    1)First things first. THANK YOU for posting books 14 and 15!!!!! I’ve already read both of them and your short story “Learn and Live” and they are excellent!
    2)When was Bass built/activated? it had to have been before or during the events of MM6 because he and Treble are running around before Wily breaks out in MM7. But if he was activated before Wily was arrested, then what was he doing for 6 months?
    3)Turning back the clock a bit to when Wily first turned evil, how was MegaMan able to resist reprogramming if he didn’t get his free will untill his second encounter with the evil scientist?
    Thats all I can think of for now but I’ll be back later. :)
    - DaleMM

Third time’s a charm, right?
    1) What can I say but, you’re welcome, and thanks!
    2) The games don’t say, but I’m assuming Wily built Bass before his capture. It’s possible Bass was in one of those capsules that activated due to Wily’s absence (see the opening of MM7).
    3) In the Series, Rock escaped because he had been built only by Dr. Light, not by Wily, so he was therefore loyal only to Dr. Light (and thus didn’t let Wily near him to make modifications). Of course Wily could have still reprogrammed him if he’d gotten his hands on him, but luckily for us, he didn’t.