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    I am 20years old and still i cant seem to break this addiction with megaman.About 6 years ago i asked my mother to get me any game at the store for my birthday and she came home with megaman2.I started playing and i was in heaven.I could not believe i was playing this game in my home.The music ,graphics and gameplay was excellent and i was hooked.
    My favourite is mm3 ,i mean who wouldnt be hooked with music like magnetmans stage and snakeman.
    I dont where Capcom got there idea for mm but im sure glad they did.I hope there will be many releases for the future.
    By the way do you have a cure for this megaman addiction?
    - Zeno

Nope, sorry; once you’re hooked, you’re hooked. There is no cure.

First, I would like to compliment you on this site! It’s great! I’ve been a fan of MM since I first played MM3. My only real question is-
    Do you know if there is any chance of a Mega Man game coming out on Sega Dreamcast? What do you think of a 3-D First Person style game(i.e., like Zelda 64, Mario 64, Sonic Adventure?) Thank you, and keep up the great site!
    - Proto-Mark

There is a chance, yes, since Capcom has already begun making Dreamcast games. However, I haven’t heard anything actually announced as of yet. A game like Mega Man Legends works out if it’s done well. I rather enjoyed it; it’s just too bad it wasn’t really a Mega Man game.

Hello whoever’s there
    I just have a few things to throw at you
    #1: Now I know the Cartoons were pretty goofed up (Evil Protoman, Green Eddie, etc.), but you have to admire the good points. They drew most of the Robot Masters pretty well. I really liked what they did to Quick Man, Spark Man, Gemini Man, Guts Man, and Snake Man. Plus they did Mega Man’s voice right.
    #2: I’ve got Rockman Battle & Chase. Do you think I could give you a hand with that?
    #3: Who is the toughest Robot Master you’ve ever been up against? Maverick?
    #4: Have you played Mega Man 21XX (a fan-made game)? It’s very good.
    #5: What do you think of my project (the Password Crack)?
    #6: What do you think will happen to Mega Man, Mega Man X, Protoman, Bass, and Zero when their games end?
    That’s all!
    - Mega Man X Zero

    1) Actually, I won’t ramble about that here. See the bottom of the Cartoons commentary.
    2) I own the game in English; I just haven’t had the chance to play my copy yet (I’ve played the Japanese version, but only for a short while—not really enough to properly review it). I’ll get to it eventually, rest assured.
    3) Guh, hard to say. I think Dynamo Man wins the award for the most irritating Robot Master of all time, but I don’t know if he’s necessarily the toughest. Maverick is even more of a toss-up, as I think there are several you could choose.
    4) I haven’t played it, no.
    5) If you have any password cracks to add to the Password section that aren’t already there, feel free to pass them along.
    6) Do you mean will they be “killed off” so to speak in their final games? I really couldn’t venture a guess. I’m not sure their series will ever really end; they’ll probably just stop somewhere along the line. However only time will tell...

Dear Mega Master,
    Just wanted to say hi and ask a few things:
    1: Have you ever thought about what it would be like if Mega Man joined other heroes (i.e. Superman, Power Rangers [chuckles], etc.)?
    2: Do you think X and Zero are alive (like Mega Man & Protoman)?
    3: Do you believe that Protoman, Mega Man, and Bass would be an unstoppable team (that is if one would stop being secretive and the other two would stop fighting)?
    4: I sent a Password Crack a while back (for X1) and haven’t seen it here yet. I sent it twice (the first one was a bad copy, the second was the good one). What happened to it?
    5: Have you played Mega Man 21XX? It’s a great game in progress.
    6: This is for the hints page. In Mega Man 4, there is a hidden E Tank in level 1 of Dr. Cossack’s fortress. Just walk all the way to the left (it’s buried in the snow). Did you know that?
    7: Have you ever wondered why Capcom hasn’t made Mega Man X5 yet? They more or less said it was coming in the endings of X4.
    So long!
    - Mega Man X Zero

    1) I’d imagine it’d be a lot like the N-Team, actually.
    2) It’s hard to say. From the sounds of it, they are actually something quite different—thus why Dr. Light was able to write that X was a “new and different” type of robot. What exactly that is, however, is still up in the air.
    3) They do a pretty bang-up job in the arcades. That squabbling issue though might get in the way.
    4) It’s posted now. Sorry about that.
    5) This must be everyone’s favorite question to ask this session. =)
    6) Yes; however I generally do not post locations of Energy Tanks and so forth on the hints pages because there are just so many of them.
    7) They’re slow? Too busy working on other projects? They’ve started it but haven’t announced it? I couldn’t say.

I love the web page. You know what it would go great with this? Midis!!!
    Now, to get to the point. Do you have any idea where to buy megaman games on Nes? Its really starting to get rare down in Florida. Oh and one more thing can I help on stories or send a fan fic story to you, cause I love megaman (He’s number 1!!!)... sorry got carried away. Anyway write back please or I’ll just come back to this site in MegaGrams.

See the MIDI section. =)
    As for NES games, you’ll probably have to buy them used. I used to use Funco all the time; eBay is another popular forum. See the Buyer’s Guide for more details.

Howdy Mandi (Or whomever is reading this)!
    First of all, congratulations for your MEGAMAN HOME PAGE. It’s absolutely necessary for all of us MEGAMAN fans. Keep up the good work.
    Second, I have a couple of things to say about your MEGAMAN X3 review:
    a) To get the “Golden Chip” ( Doppler’s fortress Pink Capsule) you must have ALL THE X ENHANCEMENTS (Armor, Helmet, Legs and X-Buster) AND ALL THE ROBOTS (The “P” robot, the “Kangaroo”, the “Hawk” and The “Frog”). As you mentioned, if you get any of the other pink capsules you can’t get this one.
    b) A much simple way of getting the “K” robot is to charge the “Frost Shield” weapon underwater (Near the platform where the “K” is) and a block of ice will form. Climb on it before it scapes, and yoo will get to the surface. (Desperation can do wonderful things)
    And that’s all. Congratulations again, and I’ll be waiting your answer. (If there’s one... he he he)
    - Augusto Marini (Avenger78)

    a) Didn’t I say that? *looks* No, I didn’t. Well, that’s a nice oversight. I’ll stick that in, thanks. By the way, this is the case in every other X game as well that has a “secret” capsule you can find.
    b) Yeah, several others have mentioned this as well. I just haven’t gotten it posted yet. I guess this means an edit of the MMX3 page is in order!

Dear Mandi,
    1)Have you ever thought that Zero could be built from bass?Their designs are highly similar and their X and Forte Busters look a lot alike. Also they have similar powers like the double jump. Also if Zero is built off X and both Bass and X are built off Megaman and Zero is built from bass then wouldnt he be built from megaman’s design? Also Zero was started to be built around Megaman7 the first appearance of bass.
    2)Another thing is that bass could be double. Havent you noticed that double and bass say megaman and X are so naive in the same way although its weird how megaman X could have beaten him so easily if bass was so hard.
    3)have you noticed that Zero’s shoulder pads change throughout the game(round, pentagonal, round with sign, pentogonal with sign etc.)thus giving us an idea that Zero was part of a hidden organization.
    - Frankline

    1) Zero probably isn’t Bass for the simple reason that they coexist. The ending to the Power Fighters shows Zero as being a separate creation; besides, if Zero were Bass, it would mean he was in two places at the same time, which would be strange at best.
    2) An interesting thought, but I can imagine quite a few characters calling Mega Man or X ’naive’ so I don’t think that in itself would be evidence enough.
    3) Or that he’s been upgraded by someone...

Okay, here’s another round of annoying questions from me (actually, only two this time unless I think of more by the time I finidh writing this):
    1) I’ve just been to you Sounds page, and I couldn’t help but notice tht you didn’t have Break Man’s whistle. Any chance you could put it up there? As big a Break Man fan as I am, I’ve never actually heard the famous whistle...
    2) I don’t want you to think I’m rushing you, but are you going to put up a new book soon? Or even a short story? A paragraph? Please! I’m desperate! I’ve read everything on the booklist 4 times! Just write something already for the love of all that’s holy! Anything! It doesn’t matter what, I need my fix! :D
    3)(did you really think I’d only ask two?) Have you ever thought of putting up a message board of forum here?
    Well, that’s all I can think of at the moment...
    - Catalyst

    1) How in the world did that slip by me? I have at least three different versions of the whistle too, sitting around on my hard drive; one from Mega Man 3, one from Mega Man Soccer, one from the Wily Wars I think... I’ll certainly have to go dig those out. Thanks for the reminder.
    2) Oh boy, then do I have books for you! Currently there are three on the table, two more in the works; plus I’m revamping the formats of all the existing books—which is what is taking me so long. But keep watching—you can expect to see a totally revamped Downloads page and Book List fairly soon.
    3) Yes, actually, although I haven’t decided if one is in high demand. If you all want one, however, I can certainly create one.

Hey Mega Man, Bass, or whoever,
    I love the Mega Man books, but they are too dark as of late. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want ’Barney meets Mega Man’ or anything. Just lighten up once in a while. I love the mini-books for this very reason. Keep up the good work!
    ~ Rock

Heh... Well, to be honest, it doesn’t appear as though they are going to lighten up any time soon. But I always interpose lots of light bits of humor here and there; too much dark is just too much, even for me. Also I’m seeing if I can work some of the smaller stories into humorous Mini-Books or even manga (comics) to break up the trend.

Dear Mandi/Mega man, whoever is answering:
    Frist off, I’d like to congradulate Mandi for a excellent site it is easily the most in-depth site there is (no duh! some pages link to you for hints!). Now for some questions:
    1. Will you be planning on writing a story which takes place after Mega man 8? or will this be another long period like after Mega man 5? (makes sence most peoples experience only leads to Mega man 7)
    2. Is the N-team going to make a re-apperance? They seem to drop off after book 13 1/2. Before they appear in every story.
    3. Will Mega man ever recieve any adaptors in the books that he did not get from a Robot Master? It seems rare.
    That is all of my questions. Thank you for your time.
    - X-Force 1

    1) At the moment there’s only one story that takes place after Mega Man 8 but that doesn’t rule out more in the future.
    2) There’s a little explanation about this in Book 14. Otherwise, I’m not sure how predominantly they’ll be back. We’ll have to wait and see.
    3) It is rare. He does it twice in Book 17 though.