MegaGrams Archive

Hey everyone! Your friendly neighborhood MegaMaster here. I figured since there will probably be few updates during the holiday season, I would do a sort of “bonus” MegaGrams to tide you all over. However, I’ve learned something from this. Never put Mega Man and Bass in the same room together. Oh well, here you go... I had to edit it a bit though...

Mega Man: And now, for the final MegaGrams of the year 1999...
Bass:’s everyone’s favorite superrobot—me!
Mega Man: What are you doing here??
Bass: Hey, I’m a fan favorite. Look at all these letters addressed to me!
Mega Man: You probably wrote half of them yourself.
Bass: *raspberry*
MegaMaster: Now, now, fight nice. *sighs*

Hey, MM,
    Why hasn’t Wily done more with the AI on his robot masters? He may have done more with Bass, so far as personality, but as far as I’ve seen, his combat strategies emphasize strongly on firepower, but he’s almost no good whatsoever at using it. It’s a good thing that he hasn’t, but I would think that if he went to the trouble to imitate your physical abilities in Bass, that he would go and try to imitate your combat techniques as well. Granted, that would be difficult, but hasn’t it been done, like Sonic Man and Trigger. I’d look for that kind of thing in the future. So far robot masters seem to act mostly like any typical boss in a typical video game, but if Wily gets any better at programming, he’ll be having them able to react, block, and dodge like the enemies in a street fighting game.
    P.S. Do you think Bass would be any less desperate to kill you if you stopped pronouncing his name like the fish and started pronouncing it like the musical clef? =) I think it’s what gets him so ticked off.
    - Dalek-Man

    Mega Man: The Robot Masters have pretty good AIs as it is. They just don’t really think, and therefore they are pretty repetitious. Apparently making a thinking robot is tough. Course, Wily seems to have done it in Bass. It may be that such a thought process is not possible to mass-produce in the Robot Masters, or perhaps Wily has learned his lesson with Bass.
    Bass: Nah, I’m just unique. Pure and simple. So what’s this about pronouncing my name like the fish?
    Mega Man: That was a voice actor, not me!

Hey Mega Man!
    You must be pretty popular, eh? I mean, look at all of the video games & toys they made of you. I just wanna’re totally cool and you are my favorate superhero!! Hey, did you know that Bass thinks you’re a wimp? I spyed on him while I was in my stealth suit! I think he’s going to try to challenge you to another one-on-one. Tell me, Mega Man, why do you think Bass is really good? That’s what you said! You said, ’Why must I fight you?! We are not enemies!’ Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I’M you’re number 1 fan! (Oh, make that 2nd number 1 fan cuz’ of Mandi Paugh!)
    ~ MegaKev

    Bass: No, actually I’m the one who’s so popular. And of course I think Mega Man’s a wimp. That’s cuz he is!
    Mega Man: Hey, you should talk. Why do you always try to fight me when you always lose?
    Bass: I do not always lose. I just have...temporary setbacks.
    Mega Man: Yeah, sure, that’s what Wily always says...

Dear Mega Man:
    Do you prefer your origional 8-bit appearance, your 16-bit appearance, or your lame 32-bit appearance? What happened to you between 16 and 32-bit? In the 8 and 16 bit games you looked grim, serious and determined. In Mega Man 8 you looked and sounded like a big pansy! seemed so unsure of yourself. Dr. Wily seemed to scare you so much that your voice became higher pitched than Roll’s! Wassamatta you? Ya can’t take da heat of battle no more???
    Mega Sammich

    Mega Man: I like any game that doesn’t portray me as a big pansy...
    Bass: A pansy!? Now this I gotta see!!
    Mega Man: No.

Dear Megagrams,
    This is for MegaMan, I was wondering, Which do you like better, your Mega Buster or Mega Arm(Personally I found the idea of the MegaArm awesome.) And with the Stardroid problem it seems as if that your MegaArm is stronger than your MegaBuster. And why isn’t it in any other game than MMV(I love that game!) Thanks.
    P.S. You rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mega Man: The Mega Arm was fun, but it was tailored specifically for the StarDroids. So now that they’re taken care of I’ve gone back to using the Mega Buster, which has been upgraded again and is much more general-purpose.

Dear Mega Man & Bass,
    You both rock! Mega Man because of the big hero thing, and Bass because, well, no real reason. Anyway, I have a few questions.
    1:Bass why don’t you stick around after the fight and contenue to hurt Mega Man?
    2:Bass, why don’t you do any sneak-attacks on Mega Man?
    3:Mega Man, what happens to your enhacements after games?
    4:MM, Why don’t you ever attack the hart of Wily’s forttreses?
    5:Have you two ever thought of having a dule to the death?
    6:Bass, why arn’t you in Marvel vs. Capcom?
    That’s all the time I’ll waste for you. Bye!

    Bass: That’s right. No other reason. I just rock.
    Mega Man: That’s why you run away a lot, right?
    Bass: That’s not running. I just had more important things to do right then.
    Mega Man: Like saving Wily’s hide?
    Bass: Let’s not talk about that. I’d rather discuss sneak attacks. I love sneak attacks!
    Mega Man: You like attacking in any fashion.
    Bass: Of course! Duels to the death are fun too. Say, want to have one right now?
    Mega Man: No.
    MegaMaster: No fighting in MegaGrams.
    Bass: Shucks... Oh well, another time. As for Marvel VS Capcom, why would I want to waste my time with that?
    Mega Man: You, walk away from fights?
    Bass: That’s different. Why would I want to stop some wacko from taking over a planet? He can have it. I’m only interested in ours. Sure you don’t want that deathmatch?
    Mega Man & MegaMaster: No!

Dear Bass,
    I’m sure you have heard of Captain N, and how a lot of the experiences in Videoland are in what he calls ’video games’. So, do you think he is really skillful, or what? If he had an energy shield and you didn’t(to make things fair), do you believe he could beat you in a fight? I.E. you using your Forte/Mega Buster, and him using his Zapper and Power Pad.
    - Break_Man

    Bass: Ha! I could take him any time, anywhere. Name a time and place. Heck, bring him in and I’ll prove it right here, right now.
    MegaMaster: No fighting in MegaGrams!
    Bass: Party pooper.

A couple questions for Mega, Proto, and the whole goody-two-shoes-crew-
    1)For Mega: Why must you continually blow us poor Robot Masters to bits? We may wreak a little bit havok here and there, or go on one or two little rampages, but really, we’re just trying to have a little fun!
    2)For Proto: How do you get into our bases, and why do you hang out there? You could get killed in a place like that.
    3)For Dr.Light: How come if you helped build the first 8 robots and the third 8, Mega can still trash every single one? Shouldn’t we get better after only the second try? Also, does Roll have a number? Why would you name a 4-foot-tall robot with a little girl’s voice “Mega Man”?
    5)For Dr.Cossak: What ever happened to you? Have you ever been called by VH1’s “Where Are They Now”?
    6)For Tango: Real cats eat bugs. Do you eat bugs?
    6)For Mandi: Is there anything you can’t do? How are you at the violin? And most importantly of all, how do you pronounce “Paugh”?
    - Shadow Man

    Mega Man: Well, since no one else is here, I’ll have to answer all of these, hope you don’t mind.
    Bass: Yeah, I sure don’t count as a “goodie-two-shoe.”
    Mega Man: Anyway, let’s see...
    Bass: Robot Masters get blown up because they’re not of my caliber! Hey, what’s a Robot Master doing writing to the MegaGrams?
    Mega Man: You get used to it after a while. Anyway, to answer some of your other questions, Dr. Cossack’s still around. He helps out Dr. Light a lot. Roll has a number, it’s 002.
    Bass: Mega Man has a little girl’s voice?
    Mega Man: Be quiet. Tango doesn’t eat anything, actually. He’s a robot. Saves on cat food bills.
    Bass: Like you would know. I can’t believe we’re talking about cats...
    MegaMaster: Hush. I’ll take over from here. “Paugh” is pronounced “paw”... you know, like a cat’s paw. Sorry, Bass, couldn’t resist.
    Bass: *facefaults*

I have a question. How did you become so incredibly cool. I wanna be cool like you!
    - Big_Nick

    Bass: Well, for starters...
    Mega Man: I think he was talking to me.
    Bass: Don’t make me laugh.
    Mega Man: Okay, then. Tell him how to be cool.
    Bass: Well... It’s not something you can learn, really. You just have to be built that way.
    Mega Man: Uh huh.

Hey Bass!
    I think you are really cool! I like your double jump! :) I like you better than Protoman & Mega Man conbined! I have some questions, here they are......
    1]Do you like Dr.Wily? i think you should take over!
    2]Why does Mega Man always change suits when he uses a new suit, :)
    3]Does Trebble get in the way of your fighting??!
    4]Do you like being a robot?
    5]How is it like to fly??!
    Something usful:You guys are saying you don’t know who or what Mega Man X is, its a very cool game and Mega Man or you Bass arn’t in it! there is someone called X and Zero, X looks alout like Mega Man, but more armor.
    C-ya Bass. stay cool
    - Bass_lover

    Bass: Ahh, yet another letter from an adoring fan...
    Mega Man: Don’t make me laugh.
    Bass: You be quiet. This is my letter, not yours. So let’s go in order:
        1) Wily’s got his flaws—the primary one being his annoying habit of occasionally trying to replace me—but I agree with his stance against Mega Man at least.
        2) Hey, what’s a Mega Man question doing in here?
        3) Of course not. He’s a faithful companion. Not a joke like Rush. And he’s not a cat either.
        4) Does Beat fly?
        5) Great. It’s even more fun when I get to knock Mega Man out of the air.
    Mega Man: Or when you run out of energy and plummet to your doom.
    Bass: That was just a manga. And I didn’t plummet to my doom; I came back a few pages later.
    Mega Man: Unfortunately.
    Bass: For you anyway. What’s this? A game where I’m not in it? What’s the point?

To everybody,
    Well, I must say that this is the biggest and best site for MegaMan I have ever seen! It must’ve taken a long time to create it. It looks like it payed off though. Anyway I had a few questions.
    1) I have read all the books in this site. I do want to know though, where was the N-Team during the last two books? If I remember right, they were not even mentioned in them.
    2) Bass: How long did it take Wily to build you, and why doesn’t he use you as a prototype for more robots like you. Sure you haven’t destroyed MegaMan, but on the other hand, he hasn’t destroyed you either. A whole army of you should easily overpower MegaMan.
    3) MegaMan: Aside from your MegaBuster, have there been any other upgrades to you plasma cannon. Years of advancement have passed from the first battle with Wily to the current ones and yet your cannon baisically stayed the same. Do you rely completely off Robot Master weapons for upgrades?
    4) Break Man: What was the alternate demension you were trapped in after the lab accident like? Was it much different? Also, as a side note, why is your name split while all the others are joined?
    5) And one more question, It might be me, but has anyone noticed how Capcom has made few (if any) games for the N64. I wonder if Capcom is staying out of that buisness.
    Anyway, this is a great site. Keep up the excellent work.
    - Stryker

    MegaMaster: The N-Team is still around, but Mega Man’s been on his own planet for a while. You’ll read a little bit about that in Book 14. And now that I’ve got my plug in, back to the main attactions.
    Bass: Like me. To be honest (am I ever honest? heh) I never asked Wily how long it took him to build me. But the reason he doesn’t make more of me is simple: I’m unique. Like I said before. I can’t be duplicated.
    Mega Man: Thank goodness.
    Bass: For you.
    Mega Man: For everyone.
    Bass: That’s true. There’s only enough room in this world for one of me...
    Mega Man: Anyway, yes, there have been many upgrades to my arm cannons, although most of them weren’t as drastic as the addition of the Mega Buster. They were mostly tweaks in power, things like that.
    Bass: Obviously didn’t help much.
    MegaMaster: Stop bickering, you two. Anyway, Break Man’s not here to answer his part (you try dragging him in here sometime...), but I can tell you that in current Capcom trend, none of the names are joined. Except for Protoman’s. No, I don’t know why. Oh, and for some reason “MegaMan” in MegaMan Legends is joined as well...
    As for the N64...well, anyone’s guess is as good as another’s...

Hokay, I final got in here so now I can ask a few questions.
    1)Mega man, I was hoping I’d be able to talk to you or that brother of yours. I wanted to know, has Wily ever tried taking over a colony planet or something? Y’know, he’s got the spaceships (MMIV for gameboy) why can’t he just try that and leave you in the dust? Just wondering.
    2) Break Man where did you get that scarf? and how the heck has it survived for so long?
    3) hey Bass, have you noticed that Mega Man gets the best of Wily (and you) every time? why not switch sides and WIN for once? and don’t point that cannon at me, cause I’ve got a Phase/Plasma Gatling with your name on it!
    Thats about it!
    - Everest Low

    Mega Man: I don’t know. He seems awfully obsessed with our planet for some reason...
    Bass: We never reveal our secrets. Or our intentions. They’re for us to know and you to guess at.
    Mega Man: I guess Break Man’s the same way. He’s never told me where he got his bandanna. It must be pretty durable though.
    Bass: Hey wait just a second. Mega Man does not get the best of me all the time. And me turn goodie-two-shoe? You must be joking. I think I’m going to be sick.
    Mega Man: Robots don’t get sick.
    Bass: Luckily for me. I’m sure I would be otherwise. Oh, by the way, don’t point weapons around unless you know how to use them. Of course, if you really want to battle...
    MegaMaster: No!

Hello! I have a few questions. 1. Mega Man, how do you change weapons? I’ve always wanted to know! 2. Bass, what does it feel like when you merge with Treble? 3. Burner Man, where do you get those bombs that you throw? Do you have a supply of them or something? Well, that’s all for now! Bye!

    Mega Man: Changing weapons is built-in. I don’t even have to think about it. I just do it.
    Bass: Morphing with Treble is pretty much the same way. You know what I feel when we morph? Power. Even more than what I have alone, and that is substantial.
    Mega Man: Well, your ego is certainly substantial.
    Bass: Hey, I always say, when you’ve got power like mine, flaunt it.
    MegaMaster: Or use it to attack hapless blue bombers...
    Bass: That too. In fact, that especially.
    Mega Man: You need a new hobby.