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Hi, I have been trying to locate mega man action figures and just dont seem to be able to find them. Any ideas? Even going to Japan wont help, I live here! The Japanese children dont even know who Rock/Mega man is. I think it was a product developed for the States, not marketed here. I found a couple figures on EBAY but the prices got really high. I ended up paying $24.00 for a 4inch figure. Not worth it in my eyes but an 8 year old thinks differently. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks, Caty

The answer depends on what toys you are trying to buy. The American Mega Man toys are pretty much impossible to find in stores. However there are plenty of Japanese toys still being sold. I find most of my Rockman toys in Chinese malls in Canada, to tell you the truth. You can try online sites such as ActionAce; I know the Rockman 8 and X figurines are pretty easy to find right now. See the Toys page for more links.

Dear Whomever,
    Hi, I just wanted to say two things that really bug me. (1 Do people out there ever think that Capcom wanted something a little different. I’m talking about Mega Man X, it is not supposed to be Mega Man 10. Come on people, try reading something about the game before you go and get all worked up thinking Capcom forgot to make a game. (2 Also some people think that the first Mega Man game you play is your favorite. Well maybe sometimes, but for me that’s not the case. The first game I played was Mega Man X, but I thought Mega Man X4 was the best. Now that that’s out of my system I just wanted to say what a great page this really is. And last but not least a question for Bass: When your up in the sky with Trebble and Mega Man is up with Rush, why not shoot Rush then Mega Man is either open to attack or falls to his death.
    P.S. I guess that could go for Mega Man if he was to shoot Trebble.

    2) True. The first Mega Man game I played was Mega Man 2, and though I still like that one, my favorite is Mega Man V with Mega Man IV and 3 close behind...
    As for Rush and Treble: Fighting on Rush Jet isn’t generally useful since it can run out of energy and because the rider could be knocked off, as you mentioned. However when morphed (such as with the Super Adapter) the two robots involved act as one, and there is apparently no way to strike just one without also hitting the other, so it’s impossible for instance to shoot Mega Man out of his merged state with Rush.

Dear Mandi,
    I know any conversation over Mega Girl is pointless, but I’ve noticed a plot hole anyway.
    Mega Girl is supposed to be a robot.
    ...? So, why would she desire to be a human? And even if she did, wouldn’t it be like a normal robot, only in a human body? By this I mean she would have no feelings or emotions, but she would still be a human. I know this is true because the Warp of Life can’t give life itself, it just swaps bodies somehow. What do you think, Mandi?

I had a discussion about this very thing posted on MMHP for a while before I split it into two separate sections. But you’re right: a robot that did not feel emotions would not care if he or she was human or not, because desire is in fact an emotion. A robot could be programmed to strive to be more human-like or to even be human, but the desire would not be there. However it is evident that in the Captain N shows robots did in fact have emotions, in which case Mega Girl (and Mega Man himself) could want to be human.

Hello there, I was wondering if you can clear up a few things:
    1) In Mega Man 7, what exactly did Bass steal from Dr. Light’s lab? I don’t remember Dr. Wily’s exact words, but I remember something about “enhancements meant for Mega Man and Rush.” Then when you fight Bass a third time, he combines with Treble... and at this point I would have Mega Man combine with Rush, so... Do you see what I’m saying??
    2) Before I forget, in response to the 1st MegaGram, there were Mets in Mega Man X4 (see Frost Walrus’ stage).
    3) Will there ever be a translation for the Rockman & Forte manual??
    4) I would like to say that although the X series has its inconsistencies, it was planned from the start! Well, at least the part about Dr. Wily building Zero... If not, just what did Sigma mean when he said, “He is... last... of the doctor’s... creations...”?
    5) Maybe you can mention this on your site (if it is, I’m sorry, but to read everything on your site would take a whole weekend!): you can download the Rockman X3 intro (PSX remake) at: (this being the 22 meg one!)
    6) In one Zero FAQ, I read that Zero was not a reploid... Yet, in his ending in Mega Man X4, he said, “Iris, did we reploids all turn out to be Mavericks after all?”

    1) Apparently Bass stole enhancements to the Super Adapter. The game doesn’t actually say, but this is the only thing that really fits. And it does explain why, for instance, Bass when merged with Treble can hover around to his heart’s content whereas Mega Man and Rush can only stay in the air for about two seconds. It doesn’t, naturally, explain why Dr. Light didn’t make replacements for the parts that were stolen...
    2) Yeah, now that you mention it, I remember them now. Thanks.
    3) Perhaps, although I’d like to finish translating the actual game first.
    4) That was in Mega Man X3. By then Capcom had had plenty of time to come up with ways to tie the two series together. I know the X series was not planned from the start because Mega Man X1 wasn’t even a Mega Man game when it was first being developed. But that’s okay; retrofitting plot does work if done well.
    6) The games have always called Zero a Reploid. I suppose you could say technically he’s not since he was not made by Dr. Cain. But we don’t know yet if Zero was in fact copied off of X’s designs, which I believe is the reason why Cain called them “Reploids” to begin with.

    Been a Megaman fan since I played the first i Jap. & I just love and am impressed at you’ve done with this page, anyway:
    1) I hate plotholes but the fact that Capcom has left so much of these just make the series even more intriguing, its somewhat like:“If I were MEGAMAN waht would really happen to me between him and X. But knowing that its a story(a very compeling one anyways) I still want to know.
    2) Heard bout Megaman Legends 2, also a series on Megaman female rival of that series, and also on the re-release of Megaman 2 & 3 for the playstation but don’t remember if it was only in Jap, anyways its interesting news I’ve seen pics of the first two, one of the shows Megaman in 3D with his old HELMET!!!!:P Guess at least thats good news.
    3) there are other things that boggle me, 3 alternate universes for the same robot is just a too good excuse, as every fan has noticed and said, either we must think that CAPCOM has the series very well planed or it is that they have messed up and lost the line.
    4) As Its fan I love the music and have made a Doble CD-R collection with at least all the mp3 that I could make out of the series. If interesed, they are all in very high quality and include Battle & Chase at 44khz at a bitrate of 160kbps also the remix CD which I once found and could never buy it where I live so I kept it because its too good.
    5) Have you tried the *.nsf files of Megaman, they sound great, I you havent or don’t even know them go here
    Its emulation but only of the nes music and you don’t need the roms, only the sound samples which up until now are freely provided.
    6) For last word I just want to says why a like so much the series. if you note megaman is always sad, always wondering about the future and his fate, thats about the plot, I think megaman series broke the standards and always does when there is a new game.
    - Isamu Dyson

    1) True, trying to explain plotholes can be entertaining, although I’d prefer if a series merely left things open rather than contradicting itself. Oh well. I suppose this is where fanfics come in handy...
    2) See the News page for more details about these and other upcoming games.
    3) It seems to me that, at one point, every time Capcom tried a new system or format, they would create a spin-off of Mega Man rather than risk messing up with their original property. Or maybe they just like taking totally unrelated game ideas and slapping the name ”Mega Man“ on them to make them sell.

Hey, Mandi (or Mega Man, or Bass, or whoever’s answering),
    I’ve got several comments and questions I’d like to mention.
    1)I’ve noticed that the term ’bioroid’ seems to be used less often in some of your newer books. For example, I hardly ever saw that word in Mega Fraud, with ’living machine’ being used instead. Why is this?
    2)In Mega Man X4, in the last cutscene, where it showed Zero when he wasn’t yet completed, did you notice the skull symbol on the top of his capsule, and the stylized ’Dr. W’ on the bottom of it (Or was it the other way around?)? I think this indicates that Zero is, in fact, one of Wily’s creations.
    3)In Mega Man Legends, while I did not see anything to connect Volnut to the original Mega Man, I saw nothing that says there isn’t any connection. I’m hoping this might be cleared up a little in Mega Man Legends 2 (I don’t know if you already knew this, but it’s in development. I saw a screenshot of it in Game Informer.). I see a possible, potential connection between the Reaverbots, and the Mavericks, but this is just speculation, and I have no evidence as of yet to back it up. What is YOUR opinion on the issue?
    4)Earlier I read a Megagram from a guy who was disappointed that there were no Mets in MMX3, and you stated that you thought that was the only game without Mets. Actually, I’ve seen no Mets in X2 either, and there are a type of Met in X4. But the X4 mets have camoufalged helmets, don’t shoot, and act differently. (They don’t duck until you fire, and if you’re playing as Zero, they don’t duck into the helmet at all.)
    5)How many people are there who still think Bass is pronounced like the fish? For the first few seconds playing MM7, I thought that too, but then I saw Treble’s name, and realized it’s pronounced *Base*, as in the bass clef. And that girl who did Mega Man’s voice in MM8 didn’t help matters any.
    6)Why does Turbo Man look like a defector from the Autobots? :)
    7)While I realise that you are keeping it somewhat a mystery as to whether Bass is a Bioroid or not, I would think that if he were, he would have felt that acid burning through his leg BEFORE trying to chase Mega Man through Wily’s fortress (In Mega Fraud, shortly after Bass captured Mega Man. I LOVE that book! Not as much as Duo Duels though...). Why didn’t he notice this?
    8)Why on earth did Dr. Light install color changers in Mega Man and Break Man?
    9)Why on earth did Wily install one in Bass? :)
    10)Could Giga Man use Master Weapons?
    11)Do you like hearing Astro Man scream when you use Homing Sniper, as much as I love hearing him scream? :) I STILL wish that Homing Sniper were slower!
    12)Does my nickname sound more like the name of a Robot Master, or the nickname of a Dr. Who fan? :-)
    - Dalek Man

    1) Actually I don’t tend to use the term bioroid all that much. I usually refer to them as ”living machines“ mostly out of habit.
    2) Yes. Power Fighters supports that as well.
    3) Personally, my opinion is that it’s better off as a seperate series. You would really have to go way out into the deep end to make any sort of connection, and even if you flood the planet and kill all the people and make all the other provisions, MegaMan Voulnut is probably not Mega Man anyway. And if he is where does that put the Mega Man X series?
    5) Bingo.
    7) Not saying yet. *grins*
    8/9) Heh. I don’t think it was intentional.
    10) No one ever found out. Probably, since he could do everything else Mega Man could do.
    12) Dr. Who? Sorry, couldn’t resist a little pun there. Actually your nick reminds me of the Legend III...

Dear MegaGrams,
    I was reading about the re-release of the old Rockman games on PSX... supposedly the music has been remixed and there are some spiffy new features, but if the screenshots I saw are the real thing, then the graphics and basic gameplay haven’t been changed. (ie, Mega Man can’t slide in Rockman 1.) Is this true? Thanks...
    - Copperhead

Yes, as far as I know, although I haven’t had the chance yet to sit down with copies personally. Also, from what I have been told the remix music is on the CD but the musics played during the actual game are traditional. I’ll verify this when I play them for myself.

Dear Mandi,
    Other than how they did Mega Man on Captain N, did you like the show in other areas, like plot, animation, etc.?
    Also, I wondered how Mega Man managed to swim in Mega Man 8. My guess is he got a bouyancy device of some sort.
    Finally, I would like to ask Break Man what his feeling toward Bass and Duo are. I really like Break Man! Thanks!

    1) I thought the animation and voice acting were both well done. The character designs needed help, but those characters were animated quite nicely. And of course, Mega Man had a really dopey voice, which I won’t go into here, but others, particularly Kevin, had good voice acting.
    2) If you notice, he’s not actually buoyant. He still sinks like a rock. The difference is he can paddle in that game, which allows him to propel himself through the water to a slight degree.
    3) I can’t tell. He seems pretty indifferent. That’s probably a front however.

Dear Mega Grams,
    Hey, I have some information for you. I looked at your Mega Man 9(Rokman&Forte)Section. I noticed that you thought the scale was wrong on Mega Man, Bass and Proto Man. The scale isn’t wrong. As you might have noticed, the erlier Mega Man games aren’t as acurate. And, even in the cartoon(I know this may sound like it’s all a lie), Proto Man was even a little taller than Dr. Wily. Bass is the same size as Dr. Wily, and Mega Man is a little smaller than Bass.
    I can’t totally remember the scale of everything in the cartoon, but I saw the cartoon 4 years ago. And don’t get me wrong here, but Mega Man’s voice is totally warped out of tune in the games. Last but not least, Dr. Light intended that Proto Man be bigger, since he was the oldest.
    - Proto Man

Actually, in Rockman & Forte Bass is shorter than even Mega Man (with good reason; they needed to make him shorter in order to fit the flares on his helmet into the same height sprite). Protoman in that same game isn’t just taller than Mega Man and Bass—he’s completely out of proportion. His entire body is larger, in the same manner as it would be if his sprite was originally the size of Mega Man’s and then scaled up a notch. This is what I meant by out of proportion. It isn’t just their heights.
    As a side note, looking at evidence in all of the games and the promotion artwork, my guess is Capcom considers Protoman and Mega Man to be exactly the same height, with Bass a little taller. The only times where this wasn’t the case were in Rockman & Forte, as discussed above, and The Wily Wars, where Mega Man’s sprite was redone but Protoman’s was not, thus leaving Protoman smaller all around than Mega Man. Since these two games are in the minority and contradict each other, I consider them to be oddities and therefore not accurate.

MegaMan (or MegaMandi, depending on who’s got their hands in the mailbox today),
    I thought it’d be fun to send you a MegaGram. I’ve written to the Mega Master dozens of times, but I never sent anything intended specifically for the site. I figured it was about time I did. Well, I’ll get right to the questions and comments, starting with...
    1) Why does everyone in Mega Man X act surprised that all the Replicants are going maverick? Frankly, I don’t think Sigma would even need to infect them with a virus to make them turn against humanity. If sentient artificial life forms existed, humans would undoubtedly treat them like slaves, perhaps going so far as to throw them out with the garbage if they became obsolete or refused to follow orders. Why then, is Sigma and his followers considered ”evil“? I think such a revolt against mankind would be far more justified than man’s own crimes against nature and himself.
    2) So Mega Man III was the game that first sparked your love for the series? Wow, that’s a coincidence... I *stopped* playing Mega Man after renting that dud. In comparison to the first two games, it just seemed so devoid of inspiration, like Capcom was milking the teats right off their cash cow. The bosses alone are a turn-off... how many joints do you have to smoke before coming up with Robot Masters like Magnet Man and Top Man?
    3) Speaking of joints (ooh, nice segue), some nutty hackers took the Mega Man III ROM and transformed it into Pot Man III, renaming all the bosses, adding red veins to the walking eyeballs, and sticking a roach in the blue bomber’s mouth. Here, take a look for yourself... I’ve included some pictures with this letter.
    4) Where the heck did you find pictures of the arcade version of SNK vs. Capcom? Don’t be stingy... share ’em with us! I’ve looked all over the place on the Internet and I can’t find anything but rumors about the game. I did manage to find information about the SNK vs. Capcom card games for the Neo-Geo Pocket Color, but the thought of playing those snoozers doesn’t exactly get my heart racing.
    5) Your article on the differences between androids, living machines, and humans was very entertaining, but I disagree with the notion that machines could never feel emotion. Sure, it’s impossible NOW, but considering the leaps and bounds we’ve made in the last hundred years, there’s no reason to believe that we couldn’t manufacture robots with the ability to feel or at least understand fear, happiness, embarassment, and so on in a thousand. Emotions could very well be an instinctional response to stimuli... fear helps us avoid potentially life-threatening situations, and happiness gives us an incentive to improve our standard of living and thus increase our chances of survival. There’s no reason to believe that robots couldn’t emulate this behavior if technology advanced to the point where we could build truly intelligent machines.
    6) Are you planning to watch the debut of Big Guy and Rusty on Fox Kids’ this Saturday? I’ve seen the previews, and it looks like it could be a lot of fun. I’m not sure why I’m mentioning this, other than the fact that Rusty reminds me of Astro Boy, who in turn reminds me of Mega Man (it must be the shorts).
    7) Genesis systems are only $20 at Toys ’R Us, and copies of Gunstar Heroes (a GREAT game inspired in large part by Mega Man) are relatively easy to find. Think about it, eh?
    That about does it. Keep up the good work with the site!
    - Jess Ragan

    1) I think this is the precise thing Dr. Light was worried about...and the precise thing Dr. Cain never thought of.
    2) And ”Metal Man“ is more creative than ”Magnet Man“ how, exactly?
    3) I think I’ll pass, thanks.
    4) The pictures were actually from the card game. I was given incorrect information to begin with. Sorry about that.
    5) I’d have to write an essay to explain myself, and the MegaGrams probably isn’t the place to do it. In short, let me point out that there’s a world of difference between emulating emotions and actually feeling them. And of course in fiction anything’s possible.
    6) I’ve seen the commercials but wasn’t really planning to watch the shows. Though he reminded me of AstroBoy too...
    7) A Mega Man ripoff you say? Just kidding.

    I’ve been playing a surplus of Mega Man X, and I’ve noticed that there’s one enemy where he throws a couple of blocks at you with his axe. Apparently, if he hits you, he starts laughing. If robots have no emotion, how can he laugh like that?

Programming. It’s simple if-then logic to have a computer laugh at you when it hits you. In fact this is precisely the type of programming the game creators used when they developed the game.

Dear Mandi,
    I know you are about the biggest Mega Man fan there is, but everyone likes variety. On that note, could I ask you what your other favorite series of videogames are? Personally, I think Sonic the Hedgehog and select RPG’s are the only thing that could begin to compete. Back on topic, what were yours?
    Also, I want Mega Man to know that he is the greatest.
    Finally, I wondered if you could tell me whether or not Break Man used an actual whistle when he does so. I know he isn’t evil.
    - Break_Man

To be honest, I like too many to name. Some of the Sonic games were really cool, particularly the two-player ones. The Zelda and Super Mario games are also on the top of my list, and so is the Final Fantasy series, if you consider that a series. (My favorites are the Legends for Game Boy.)
    The games don’t say whether Break Man has a physical whistle. I’d guess not, because you never see it.

    1.) A while back, I e-mailed you with some information on the meaning of the word ”Yamato“ because what you put in your FAQ as the meaning was completly false. Yamato doesn’t mean spear, it doesn’t mean anything, actually. It’s a name of a great Japanese dynasty back from the 1200-1400’s I believe. My friends all told me that you did in fact update your FAQ with that correction, but you didn’t give me credit. I want the credit for that, I am the one who told you about it, and you wouldn’t have known without me.
    2.) Who’s your favorite robot master?
    3.) Have you done any webpages before this one? I’m currently working on my 8th webpage,, dedicated to RPGs for videogame systems.
    4.) Finally, are there any plans for a Mega Man VI for the Game Boy or Game Boy Color perhaps?
    Thanks Mandi. -QuickMan (Colin Moriarty)

    1) As this is a very worn topic, see the resurrected FAQ for a detailed explanation.
    2) I don’t have one, really.
    3) Not before, but I’ve done many after. This was basically my first website. Technically my personal page was created first, but since this site was originally a part of the personal page, they were made at about the same time.
    4) Not that I know of.