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Dear MegaGrams,
    I have a new set of comments and questions.
    1) Mandi, you seem to think that reploids don’t really have emotions, just advanced artificial intelligence and the possibility to make their own decisions. But they do have feelings. Dr. Light said so himself, and you should know not to argue with Dr. Light! I quote: <<Warning: “X” is the first of a new generation of robots which contain an innovate new feature - the ability to think, FEEL and make their own decisions. (...)>> Besides, Capcom wouldn’t want to make a game series about a bunch of lifeless robots. What’s the fun in that?
    2) I own MMX3 on my PC. (The anime cutscenes and music are there like in the Playstation version, by the way.) I enjoyed playing it, but in the end, I got the feeling I missed something... Then I realised it. There are no Mettools in MMX3!! Waah! They were my favorite enemy robots! I know they do exist in X’s time, because I saw two different kinds of them in MMX1. So I was wondering... Are they there in Mega Man X2 and X4 (I never played those games)?
    3) I read somewhere that Capcom is already working on MMX5. Do you know if that is true? And will it be released on the N64 and/or PC? (Those are the only systems I own. No, wait, that’s not true; I also have a Game Boy, and a broken SNES!). And, WILL THERE BE METS IN IT??
    4) Do you know if MM8 and MMX4 have been released on PC CD-ROM?
    5) The minor enemies in the X series aren’t reploids, are they? They’re just robots like in MM’s time, right...?
    6) In X’s time, when a reploid gets infested with the Maverick virus, will he just become evil or will he automatically serve Sigma?
    7) As I mentioned, I own Mega Man X3. In this game, Capcom seems to be confused about the difference between MM and X. On the back of the box, there’s a picture of Mega Man (not X!) and when X talks in the game, it says (MEGA MAN), although Zero adresses him as “X”.
    8) Is X’s full name really Mega Man X? Or is it just X? The title of the series is Mega Man X, but Mega Man could be in the title only to make it sell. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think no one ever calls X “Mega Man X” in the games I’ve played, not even Dr. Light!
    9) I did the Hadoken (fireball) on Sigma’s second form in MMX1 and it had absolutely no effect; it bounced off. Any other enemy exploded on first impact though.
    10) How can Mega Man change his colors when he’s wearing a fighting costume? And how can he form his arm cannon without ripping the costume apart?
    11) Will you take Rock Man & Forte into account in your books? In other words, will we see more of King?
    12) Thanks for the Rock Man & Forte translation. Now I finally know what the game is all about. But... is it ever going to be finished? I’m still wondering what Forte and King are saying to each other.
    13) I read your FAQ, and I was wondering: what do you mean by “For me, something like ICQ would be a deathwish”?
    Keep up the good work on your site, and of course on your books!!
    - Tinus

    1) Capcom wouldn’t make a series about “lifeless” robots? They did with the original Mega Man series, didn’t they? If not, then why would emotions and being able to make their own decisions and what not be considered a new innovation? Having said that, do you think the original series is boring? I sure don’t. Case in point.
    2) If I remember correctly, X3 was the only game that didn’t have them, although I can’t remember if they were in X4 or not either.
    3) No confirmed rumors, although I don’t doubt they’ll make an X5 someday.
    4) X4 was, but MM8 hasn’t been that I’ve seen.
    5) Apparently only the humanoid robots are Reploids, yes.
    6) The games are unclear. Basically Reploids just “go Marverick” and the end result is you have to fight them. The games haven’t really said how this process works.
    7) Yes, I’ve noticed that too. It’s no wonder the general populous gets confused if Capcom’s own employees can’t get them straight.
    8) His full name seems to be Mega Man X. People call him “X” as an abbreviation or nickname.
    9) You have to hit Sigma just right with the fireball or it simply won’t work.
    10) Optical illusion, most likely. Color is, after all, merely a reflection of light to the eye. The games don’t say though. I don’t think Mega Man wears “cloth” on his arms when he’s in uniform. The blue seems to be his actual metal shell.
    11) At this point, King hasn’t turned up; however, I am not eliminating the possiblity.
    12) Oh yeah, er, someday...
    13) Take a peek at my e-mail box and you’ll see what I meant.

To whoever happens to be reading this ast the time.
Hey, great site! I read most of the books, their good too. So, on with the questions/comments: 1) Which name sounds better to you Bass or Forte (I like Forte myself)? 2) What is the difference between Reploids and Biroids? 3) Why dosn’t Wiley equip Forte with Master weapons to make him more powerfull? and 4) Which version of Forte do you like better, MM7 or R&F (I like R&F, more variety)?

    1) Forte is probably less confusing at least as no one can agree how to pronounce Bass. However I do like how Bass and Treble go together.
    2) Bioroids are living machines, which are basically like a combination of a living creature and a robot. They have the full personality of a living creature and their bodies heal, although they are still made of metal. Reploids are unclear at this point. They seem to exhibit the same type of personality but are not alive.
    3) Forte can clearly use them, but I guess it’s not in the game mechanics for Wily to just give them to him. He did in a couple of Books however.
    3) R&F probably, because of the variety, although his sprite looked better in MM7.

Dear Mandi,
    First off your site is the best Mega Man only site I can find.
    1)I don’t like it how you turn down the Mega man shows beacuse that they are a bad traslation of the show. The games had good plots but only the basic plot of wily tring to take over the world can be used. The show is a good show, just not a perfect translation of the game, but that dosen’t make it bad.
    2) As “Beer Man” Stated in a previous MegaGram I think it would be cool if mega man could aqurie and combine master weapons like in the show, but it probably would have to be something like after a RM has lost a lot of life he pause, acts dizzy, or something like that, then Mega Man would go in to asorb the power, but if you couldn’t get it you lost your chance to get it.
    3)This may sound a little OT, but I noticed that Protoman is a lot like Sheik from legend of zelda ocarina of time? Both have a mysterioius past, both come and go as they feel nessacary, and both always try to stay away from the main action. Do you suppose that Sheik’s behavor was stolen from Protoman?
    4)Lastly, If a new mega man game were to be made not in the tradional Mega Man style, what style would you prefer? RPG, Sports, First Person Shooter, 3-D adventure, puzzle, or some other style?
    Thanks, Toadman

    1) As I stated in the conclusion, I thought the cartoons were fine as far as cartoons go. They just were about a totally different Mega Man, that’s all. It’s fun to poke fun at the inconsistencies, but that doesn’t make the shows bad, just inconsistent.
    2) Combining weapons is an interesting concept and I could see it becoming a major part of some future game: you can create new weapons by mixing and matching the ones you already have...
    3) Actually, that character behavior isn’t really all that unique, so you can’t really say it was copied off Protoman.
    4) Adventure would probably work best before an RPG. Any of them could be done, however, and in fact, most of those types you mentioned already have been.

Hi Mandi!
    I know that you think that Mega Man X is simply an alternate universe, but I think that it really does take place in Mega Man’s future. I’m gonna try to give you some counter-theories to some of your theories ’kay?
    1) No one talks much of the original series.
    Maybe not in the actual games, because the original series isn’t all that important to the plot of the game. Anyway, the arcade Mega Man games are actually linking the original series to the X series so that tends to support my theory.
    2) No one notices X’s similarities to the original series.
    We don’t know that for sure. After all, most video games stories are’t very specific.
    I can’t remember any more of your theories, so I’m gonna write some more of mine.
    1) How is it that Dr. Light knows where to put the capsules so X could find them?
    It’s possible that Dr. Light’s conciousness is alive somewhere, or that he left a super intellegent computer program in some secret base somewhere.
    2) What happened to Mega Man?
    Zero “killed” him. That’s the bloody scene he remembers at the beginning of MMX4.
    3) What happened to all the other characters.
    Cossack, Dr. Light, and Dr. Wily are dead, Kalinka is probalbly really old, and Roll, Protoman, and the other robots are probably alive, somewhere.
    That’s all I can remember right now, if I come up with some more, I’ll mail ’em to ya.
    - Shoto Man

First, there are two seperate issues to consider here. One: Does Capcom consider the X series to be the future of the original? Yes, I believe they do. Two: Do the plots in the games support this? Not very well, because there are too many plotholes to do so. I said I thought the alternate universe idea is the only one that makes sense given what the games tell us. That doesn’t change what Capcom thinks. It just means they’re not getting their plot out very well. Maybe they’ll clear things up in later games. Frankly, I don’t think they ever planned all this out ahead of time (Mega Man X was never a Mega Man game to begin with) and therefore they’re trying to retrofit the plot, which isn’t working entirely.
    Secondly, although it’s possible Zero “killed” Mega Man, it seems strange for two reasons. One, there’s blood. Mega Man is a robot; he would not bleed. Two, the next thing you see is not Mega Man but rather Sigma. Plus the broken pieces you see lying around during that scene don’t look anything like Mega Man. So while it’s certainly possible that’s what Capcom meant, it’s not how it came out in the final product.
    I doubt the original series robots are still around in the X series. If they were, they’d have turned up by now. Something must have happened to them.

Just one question this time. In Rockman & Forte you collect CDs which contain data related to all the different robots. I was scrolling down the list (I got it to scroll down to about 100) and found I had info on robot 88. I checked it out and it said that Thomas Right was robot 88! If Doctor Light built a robot of himself this could explain the different names - Light, Right.
    P.S.(For Mega Man) Thank heavens the cartoons don’t actually “exist” or your dog would be a sissy (no offense intended),
    - Ness Zilla Nortrad

Actually, the numbers of the CDs are not the same as the numbers of the robots. When you view a CD you see the actual number for the robot, which is almost never the same number as the CD. The CDs are numbered only for organization and convenience, as there are 100 of them. If you view Dr. Light’s profile, you will see that they do not list a creation number at all, because he is not a robot. The same with the other human characters listed.

I was playing Megaman7 the other day, and when Rush pulled up the Giant Energy Capsule, it was big enough for me to actually get a good look at the thing. And I realized that the energy was only a small part of the capsule, most of it was a clear sheild and blue sections on either side. I’m not sure in what games this happens (my memory’s not *that* good), but I know it is in at least 7 and 8. So I have come up with a theory: the ’energy’ is in fact anti-matter, held in place by powerful magnets in the blue sections. If Megaman had a store of ’waste material’, he could combine it with the antimatter to release vast amounts of energy, more than enough to super-heat more waste material into plasma for his arm cannon, and the extra could be used to power whatever other systems he needs to run. This is basically your ’energy’ theory, except with a slight spin on it to make it more in synch with the physics of our world. Your thoughts? Oh, and I forgot to put this at the beginning: Great site! I come here for all my Megaman needs. :)
    - Akumu

Could be. The capsules do change appearance from game to game though, so it’s hard to say. Of course, I doubt Capcom puts this much thought into it when they draw their capsules. Heh heh...

Dear Mandi, or maybe Mega Man,
    I remember hearing that Mega Man has black feet when his fighting uniform isn’t on, right? (Not to mention the fact that they are at least twice as long as a normal human’s foot size for Mega Man’s height.) So, I was looking at some of Mandi’s art in the Image Directory, and she has drawn a nice scene of the beginning of Mega Man IV for the Game Boy. Mega Man and Roll are in it, and it looks like Rock(Mega Man) is wearing normal clothes. Problem is, his feet are the same color as his skin! Does he have some strange color changing ability like with master weapons, or what?
    - Break_Man

Apparently he does. In MMV, Mega Man’s sprite has feet that are the same color as his shirt. In other games, his feet are black, and of course when he is in uniform they are blue. Apparently he can change the color of his feet as easily as the rest of his body. Either that or he is wearing specially-made shoes.

Hi there, oh tempel of knowledge!
    I’ve read several Captain N comics in a Nintendo Magazine, but there, the N-team consists only of Kevin, Duke, Lana, Kid Icarus and(listen to this) Samus Aran from Metroid! That would suggest Samus returned from Whatever-She-Was-Doing in the meantime to join the fight against her arch enemy Motherbrain. Since Simon and Megaman wheren’t around they, of course, had better things to do: The last Castlevania Simon was in was Castlevania IV for Super NES, but that wouldn’t take THAT long, would it? Anyway, I’ve never seen Dr Wily in the comics, so he and Megaman had to be of fighting each other somewhere else(or maybe they were both dead? Nothing’s specific in the game plots compared to each other). As for Samus, Metroid III takes place directly after Metroid II, so the comic had to take place between the first and second Metroid. After joining the N-team she received the order to destroy the Metroids on SR-388(Metroid II), whereafter she proceeded to Zebes to rescue the Metroid Larva, and there she destroyed Motherbrain, end of story. Of course, if Nintendo decide to make a new Metroid for N64 these theories might just pop.

There’s actually a real reason this occured, and it had nothing to do with plot unfortunately. See the Comics page for more details.