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Heya Mandi
    I know you hear this every Mega Gram, but ah well. I love your site, its very well organized and informaative. Anywho, on to the list:
    1) Everyone often refers to Roll as Mega Man’s sister (and therefore Break Man’s sister) But I thought that in order for robots to be labeled as “siblings”, they had to be living machines, which Roll is now, right? Just trying to clear that up.
    2) What exactly is Dr. Cain’s role in the X series? Okay, so in MMX1 he was the one who brought X out of his little nap, but in the next three he had very mediocre roles. In X2 he was fairly informative with the events going on; in X3 he just stood there and talked occasionlly if I remember correctly (been a while since I played the game) and in X4 he wasn’t even in it! He’s no Dr. Light...
    3) Why does everyone seem to shun Mega Man 4? That was the first original series game I ever played, and it still stands as my favourite. So that kinda goes with the theory that the first Mega Man game you play is your favourite, but oh well. That’s only for the original series, X4 is my favourite game.
    4) I’ve seen you talking about the original series characters never existing. What are you basing that on? Was it all just a dream by someone (X, maybe :)) I just found it an interesting theory, and was wondering what you meant by it.
    5) Here’s an easy one :). I’ll take a wild guess and say that Break Man is your favourite original series character, but who is your favourite X series character? Robot Master? Maverick? Original series weapon? X weapon?
    6) One more for the road: Are you Canadian, or have you just visited the grand ol’ country? I’m not bashing America, so Americans who are reading this, there’s no need for mail threats. :P
    Thanks for your time, later!
    - Jazz

    1) Actually, no. Terms such as “brother” and “sister” are all relative when it comes to robots, since technically they have neither. For general purposes, a robot can be considered the sibling of another if the two were built with the same general design by the same person (or people). But I suppose it’s up to the creator and/or the robots themselves to decide if they want to call each other siblings. It’s merely a term for human convenience; it is not definite as it is for humans (who are born, not built).
    2) Dr. Cain seems to be more of a filler character if anything. Certainly he doesn’t rise to the level of Dr. Light, you’re correct, which is probably why Dr. Light himself appears in the series as well.
    3) I did enjoy Mega Man 4, although I remember noticing that the difficulty was greatly increased from Mega Man 2 and 3. =) I also was rather annoyed that the passwords didn’t remember your Energy Tanks, and that they put you at the beginning of Dr. Cossack’s fortress, not Wily’s.
    4) It’s nothing official, but looking at the two series as a whole, there really is no better way to explain the X series than to just say it’s an alternate universe. That would explain, for instance, why no one in the X series has ever heard of Mega Man or of Dr. Wily trying to take over the universe.
    5) Oh, gee, is it that obvious? =) Seriously, I don’t really have many favorites in the other categories you mention. I think Split Mushroom is my favorite Maverick, and Elec Man certainly is an all-around useful Robot Master...and most people would say the Metal Blade is the best weapon—although personally I thought the Spark Chaser was cool.
    6) I’ve spent quite a bit of time there, but I’m not Canadian, no.

Hey Mandi,
    Since you are THE expert on all things Mega Man, I just gotta know your thoughts on the following:
    1)Yeah, those Mega shows were pretty lame, and yeah, Capcom is now using ideas from the show in their games because they think the average guy now believes that stuff to be canon to Mega Man (don’t they know that only Mega Man FANS, who stay true to the real series, watched that thing?!), but whaddya think of “Mega’s” ability to copy Master Weapons from Robots before he’s destroyed them? Personally, I like it! It does looks corny when Mega Man does it (he touches a Robot Master’s head like he is some kinda faith-healer), but it makes more sense than how he does it normally, in where he blows the Robot Master away, jumps into the air, and absorbs energy from somewhere. If Mega Man is powerful enough to steal powers from the Masters by first blowing them into atoms, then he should be able to steal from them at a touch. And think of all the cool gaming possibilites if he could take powers from the Masters before wasting them: You’re up against Metal Man, you run up to him and steal the Metal Blades, you then cut him in half with a single blade. Fun for the whole family!
    2)If you had to choose eight of your favorite Robot Masters for, lets say, a customize-able Mega Man game, who would they be? Mine would be the coollest and the baddest: Metal Man (only sose I could get them awesome Blades!), Elec Man (THE deadliest Robot Master, u only get three strikes with the Thunder Beam!), Guts Man (the original and the best “Big-Strong RM”), Gemini Man (another toughie, with cool powers like cloning and refracting lasers), Crash Man (2nd deadliest, a pyscho bad-a$$ with high tech C-4...WHERE HIS FREAKING HANDS SHOULD BE!!), Shadow Man (not only tough, but a ninja too! Can’t go wrong there), Heat Man (you have to like a RM who’s really a Zippo lighter with legs), and Quick Man, everybody’s favorite, and mine too! I see his sprite (the one with his ultra-cool pose) turn up on a lot of those NES sites, more than the other RMs. Sure, he wasn’t all that quick, but the NES was never known for speedy characters either. He needs redemption on a N64, dangit!!
    Tell Bass I said hi!!
    - Beer Man

    1) I suppose it would enable you to finish off Metal Man pretty easily, but it was kinda silly that all he had to do was touch them and instantly he could fire their weapons.
    2) I don’t think I could narrow it down to eight.

Hey me again.
    1)I think the artwork on Rockman &fote’s box was awsome...and the back was even better.....megaman looks more like megaman!
    2)I don’t know what the deal is with people thinking that time is running out for the original series...If you look closely in MMX’s opening Dr.cains login copyright is dated 2105 2109 2114...add 1 year for the reploids to go maverick.....and you have it sometime in the year 2115.x2 is in the year the would make x3 about 2118((give the manga adventures about one year))and X4 2120. Now,megaman1 is about 200X that means between 2001 and 2009. The series didn’startwith the 20XX crap untilmegaman 3or4 that means theseries is at about 2050 in rockman & forte right?that leaves plenty of time for it to run its length.
    2)In Megaman X X is not a roman numoral it is a algebraic letter...X to the 2Nd power....X to the 3rd power...X to the 4th power...get it? X is megaman’s last name in the X series.
    3) I think that dr.light knows whats going on in the future because the capsules have a AI of him in them and he can talk with X...also he knows what is going on in the world because the capsules can hook into the net.
    4)X’s power ups go away only to return to the capsules and be upgraded.when X gets his power up the cappsule goes to a different location in the world and starts working on another upgrade. ((I.E the ultimate armor wasn’t finished in X4.))
    5)in x3 doppler was talking but he also talked like he was sigma...almost like sigma was talking through him.this was because he was possesed by sigma...or was he?maybe sigma himself is infected with something even more powerfull than he is...mabye it was transfered from zero to him in the fight.but this is my only conclusion why sigma would talk like he didn’t know that zero was a maverick.mabye he lost his memory when the virus occupied his body and was suprised that zero was a maverick..... I guess what Im trying to say in short is...I think the virus is a living,thinking,unemotional lifeform.

    1) If you like the cover art, go get some of the Rockman manga; most of the ones I’ve seen use almost that exact same drawing style.
    2) Like I said, the dates are meaningless, but you’re right on one aspect—time is only running out when Capcom decides it is, and no sooner.
    2b) X is his name, as is clearly proven by the games. Whether it’s his first or last name hasn’t been specified.
    3) Some have suggested the capsules are either robotic AI or Dr. Light literally living on within them...
    4) Interesting idea.
    5) Who knows what Sigma is at this point...

Once again, Jixie has returned to stal— um, be with the friendly MM fans... hehe. OKey, I have a few questions
    For Mandi:
    (1) I love your art. However... will you ever be drawing any pictures of Treble/Gospel? I couldn’t find any :(
    (2) I’m writing a fic (Ya, going by your ideas, but I’ve added some of my own stuff... be very afraid... ~grin~ ). However, I have simply not had any bit of motivation to write it. Any hints? What do you do when you’re on writers block?
    (3) OT: What’s your favoret animal?
    (1) Gee, wouldn’t it be so freaky if Zero was a girl? I mean, I certinly don’t think he is, but still.... ~shudders~ Please, just don’t que the ’Twilight Zone’ music! Hehe!
    (2) So odd... in the MM fandom, fans of Forte/Bass or Robot masters is not an unusial thing... but... there are fandoms where no one likes the badguys(girls?)... and you just feel so alone... hehehehe....
    (3) OKey, this is really off topic, but I think Bass is so funny, espesualy when answering the Mega grams. What an ego! LOL!
    (4) What are Rock, Blues, Roll, Bass, Dr. Light and Dr. Wily’s favoret animals are? Hmmmm....
    Okey, I’ll shut up now, I bet alot of people must be sick of listining to me ~grin~ TTFN!
    - Jixie

    1) Maybe. Depends on if the situation for such images arises.
    2) Nothing, usually. I haven’t really found a cure for it. Sometimes reading other books helps. Or just running the story through your mind. Or, in a lot of cases, just waiting until you’re in the mood again.
    3) I don’t have one. I like cats, horses, birds, and Pikachus (just kidding about that last one there; actually I thought the Eevee was cute...).

Hi, Mandi!
    I’d like to take this opportunity to once again praise you on an excellent job compiling data for your website! This is still the most thorough, most extensive, most consistant (i.e. not vanished a week later), and all-round coolest Megaman site I have ever seen!
    First off (for the benifit of those reading this who are new to Capcom’s “Versus” games), let me just say that you forgot a very, very, very important feature about playing Marvel Vs. Capcom: the TAUNT! Yes, by simply pressing the Start button during a fight, you can aggitate your opponent! Sure, you’re left wide open to enemy attacks for a full second and a half, but you get bonus audacity points for having the blue bomber make faces and stick his tongue out at the other fighter! I mean, that’s half the fun of playing!
    Secondly, I have a question. Much of the work you publish for public viewing seems to center around Megaman (and who could blame you?). But, when you write about the Captain N and the N-Team, I wonder how deep you go into the other games. In particular, into the world of Simon Belmont. I wonder if you write any N-Team stories that focus on him, and maybe feature characters like Richter Belmont, Trevor Belmont, or perhaps Alucard?
    Third, I would like to blatantly plug Sailor Roll and MagiTek Hunter Zero, a couple of Megaman crossovers.
    Lastly, I wonder what your take is on the cartoon developers’ interpretation of Roll in the American-produced Megaman cartoon. Personally, I kinda liked the outfit and the arm, but thought it strayed a bit too far from the game for my tastes.
    - Jason Tucker

    1) Actually, I left out a lot of things. As I said at the top, the hints page was never meant to be a full and complete guide to the game.
    2) No. It’s “Mega Man: The Series” for a reason. The books focus on Mega Man. Other people can write books about the other characters.
    3) If you blatantly plug sites in MegaGrams, you forfeit a link in the Links section. =) Just kidding.
    4) She was animated nicely in some cases, and her voice actor was well-chosen. Her arm cannon was kinda silly though.

Dear MegaGrams
    Hi, stupendous site. Better than any site I’ve ever been to! I have some questions I’d like to ask.
    1. Who’s Captain N? Is he owned by Capcom?
    2. What are some of the human characteristics MegaMan possesses? Does he have a soul?
    3. What are the chances of a MegaMan and Link team-up and what would your reaction be if you saw it in stores?
    Thank you
    Jimmy Jefferson Maglue

    1) It was a cartoon series released by DiC and later spawning things such as comics. No, Capcom didn’t make it. See the Captain N homepage for more details.
    2) That’s under debate, as the games do not say.
    3) Hey, sure. I like the Zelda series as well. Chances of it happening, however, are somewhat nil. Closest you’ll probably get is the above-mentioned Captain N series.

I only have 1 question, for now. I am a big Mega Man fan and love your site, but I never could figure out where MegaMan’s Teleporter is. I thought it might be the square thing on his helmet, but I’m just a ignorent fan.
    Ness Zilla

The games don’t say. In The Series, it’s under a panel in the inside of his left wrist.

Hi, Great site. I have a couple questions.
    1: How about having Wily do the Mega Grams for once?
    2: What do you think of Capcom doing a game called say Mega Man Generations. It could be a collection of Mega Man 1-7, X-X3, and maybe even the Game Boy games. They also could either improve the graphics or leave them as is. I think this would be a hit. Do you?
    3: Have you ever though of working for Capcom?
    4: What games do you like beside Mega Man? I like quite alot (Mario, Sonic, Crash, Zelda, etc) but generally end up playing RPGs like Final Fantasy and Legend of Legaia.
    5: What do you think of this way to connect the original and X series? Setting: Mega man 9 or 10. Dr Wily sends out more robots for Mega Man to beat. Mega Man trashes them then goes to Wily’s fortress to find that he’s completed Zero. Mega Man manages to beat Zero ans Wily’s fortress begans to colapse (again). While escaping Mega Man and gets hit in the head with a rock and dreams X (1). He is rescued by Break Man but strange dreams (X2, 3, and 4) still haunt him. Maybe because their happening to him (or a later version of him) in a other demension or some thing?
    Once again great site.
    - Josiah

    1) If I can get him to stop ranting about ruling the world’s resources, sure.
    2) “Mega Man All-Stars.” It’s what everyone wants. Personally I have the originals so I don’t really need remakes.
    3) Sure, but what would I do there? I doubt they would let me make Mega Man games.
    4) Tons. I’m a big video game player in general.
    5) Actually, some have suggested that the Game Boy games were merely dreams (or simulations). I prefer to think they happened, myself. The X series is a different story, since it is a different series.