MegaGrams Archive

    Hey Bass!
    1.What happened to your supershots? I think you need supershots!
    2.And why not ask Wily to give you an upgrade...oh wait, don’t do that, since he took your supershots..he might take your double-jump!
    4.What do you think of Dr.Light?
    5.Why not join Mega Man’s side and then betray him? Seemed to work before! After all, he always reasons before fighting unless it’s with that no-good corrupted excuse for a scientist Wily! Oops! Please don’t shoot me for saying that! I take it back!! You’re my favorate ROBOT MASTER , by the way!!! ;>

    1) Wily tinkered with my arm cannons again. I liked it for a while but I went back to super shots because they’re much more fun to blow things away with.
    2) He does something I don’t like and he’s dead.
    3) Where’s 3?
    4) He made a great fighter second only to myself. But he’s a little too soft-hearted.
    5) I’m not a Robot Master, I’m something much beyond those losers.

Dear Dr. Wily, (Carbon Copy to Mega Man, Dr. Light, Mandi Paugh)
    Did you ever get anywhere with that “Magic Research” [Mega Magic Books 1 & 3]? I mean those orbs shooting out of your saucer during your breakout [Mega Man 7], the way they tracked Mega Man couldn’t be explained by ANY sort of technology! They were just super-heated, super-cooled, or electrified orbs! They disappear on impact! No Metalic remnants I could see! THOSE ORBS HAVE TO BE MAGIC!!! (Not that you would openly admit that of course...)
    - Donnie Marco

Dr. Wily: “What magic? That’s hogwash. It’s all just different types of energy, and if you know how to use energy, you can do some amazing things...

hey bass why don’t you get your own game! and put me in there while your at it!
    - treble

Bass: “I have my own game. Just ignore the ’Rockman’ part of it. It really is my game, I’m tellin ya...

Ms. Paugh
    Once again, I must thank you for continuing to provide this wonderful page for Mega Man fans to visit. Now, as before, I’ve got questions for the enitre gang, although if one particular person wants to answer for the group, that’s fine.
    1. First I address, you, the webmaster. Do you believe that the next true (i.e 2D) Mega Man game will appear on a “newer” system like the Dreamcast, or a “current” system like the Playstation?
    2. Roll, what do you do when you aren’t cleaning the lab? I understand you’re a robot and it doesn’t bother you, but won’t you ever eventually run out of things to do?
    3. Break Man, why don’t you drop in on Mega Man and the others more often?
    4. Bass, if you really hate Mega Man that much why don’t you just go on your own quest and destroy him?
    5. Dr. Wily, do you ever miss the “good old days” when you and Dr. Light used to work together, or ever regret the path you’ve chosen?
    6. Dr. Light, I ask the same question. Do you ever miss working with Dr. Wily? Do you wonder if you’re doing the right thing by trying to stop him?
    7. Tango and Rush, do you two ever get along?
    8. Mega Man, I don’t have a question, but a comment. Keep up the fight! I’m counting on you!
    9. To anyone else who I’ve forgotten who wants to speak, is there anything you have to say?
    Goodbye for now. Take care of yourselves!
    - The Fractured Psyche

    1) Tough call. I mean, if Capcom is still making Super Famicom (SNES) games, anything is possible.
    2) Roll: “Sometimes, but I spend a lot of time with Dr. Light and Mega Man. I also go out a lot, shop, run errands, cook for Dr. Light, and things like that.”
    3) Break Man: “I think I drop in enough as it is. You can only spend so much time around Mega Man before he starts to drive you crazy.”
    4) Bass: “I have, and I am. I like to toy with the twerp. Sure, he’s run away from me a few times, but I’ll get him in the end.”
    5) Dr. Wily: “The only thing I regret is not destroying Mega Man while he was still that stupid little lab assistant. As for working with Dr. Light, well, I think I got out of him everything that I needed. Now to show how much greater I am than he’ll ever be.”
    6) Dr. Light: “I’ve never doubted the need to stop him; however it does disappoint me to see the path in life he has taken.”
    7) Rush: “Ruff!” Tango: “Meow!” [Rough translation: “But of course!”]

Dear whoever is answering,
    I have a few things to say,
    1. This is for Mega Man. Besides most early robot masters, any other “easy” (pushover, finished in a second, don’t waste my time) robots? Include any of the guardians (Enker, Quint, Punk, and Ballade) and/or Stardroids if necessary.
    2. This is for X. Do you ever wonder how Dr. Light’s capsules know what is happening and what to give you? Does it ever scare you?
    3. If the X vs. Zero battle ever did happen, who do youi think would win: X without enhancements, X with all of his enhancements, or Zero?
    4. Do you think Sigma will ever die?
    5. This is for Protoman. Why are you so secretive?
    6. There is speculation that you have practically every Mega Man game? Is this true?
    Thank you.
    Mega Man X Zero

    1) Mega Man: “Oh, Quint, definitely.”
    2) X: “Actually, I wish I could meet him someday. Talk to him. Learn some things that I can’t seem to find the answers to...
    3) Do we really want to know?
    4) Probably not, knowing Capcom.
    5) Protoman: “It’s a secret.”
    6) Yep.

Hey, Mandi! I got some questions/comments for you and a whole bunch of other guys! I’d ask them my self, but they don’t seem to go to the ol’ Omega Page as much as they do to this one!!
    Mandi: I’ve read a couple of you books, and they’re great. When I get the chance, I hope I’ll be able to read more.
    Mega Man: Did you really create the Mets, or is that just something from the cartoon? :(
    Protoman: What’s up with that bandana? It looks really cool. Where’d you get it?
    Roll: If you were able to be reprogrammed by Doc Light, what would you want for your power to be?
    Dr.Light: Why’d you make Mega Man blue? Protoman red?
    Dr.Wily: What’s your problem?
    Bass: I bet if you weren’t so busy with the “I can rule the world” attitude, I bet you’d be a total wuss!
    Rush: Can you talk?
    Tango: Where’d you go after MMV?
    Beat: You rock!
    Auto: What’s the deal with that awesome fan thing o’ yours?
    Treble: GRRRR....
    And, that’s all! Hope I didn’t take up too much time!!! Keep up the good work!!!
    Omega Man

    Mega Man: “Create the Mets? No. Dr. Wily builds most of those.”
    Protoman:...[no response]
    Roll: “I suppose I’d use Mega Busters, like Mega Man.”
    Dr. Light: “I gave them different colors to help differentiate them, since otherwise they look alike. The choice of the colors themselves was arbitrary.”
    Dr. Wily: “I don’t have one. What’s yours?”
    Bass: “I have no interest in ruling the world. Just in creaming Mega Man.”
    Rush: “Ruff!” [Rough translation: “No.”]
    Tango: “Meow!” [Rough translation: “I’m right here!”]
    Beat: “Bee!”
    Auto: “Hey, you like it? It’s my victory fan! Shows patriotism.”
    Treble: “Growl!”

Greetings, Break Man, you mysterious red robot...
    You always seem to come and go as you please, but if you ever drift in here, I’d like a moment of your time for you to answer these...
    1. Is that bandanna stuck to your neck?
    2. What’s it made of anyway? Titanium-interlaced polyester?
    3. Why were you so rude to Mega Man in his seventh battle against Wily?
    4. If you’re so ticked off at Wily for framing you, why didn’t you hang around and beat up Dark Man yourself?
    5. Where do you get those super capsules at? Mysterious hero mail order?
    6. How did you get into Dr. Wily’s fortress to rescue Kalinka?
    7. How many pieces would you like to see King chopped up into?
    8. Would you be able to beat Bass in a game of chess?
    9. And finally, if you were in Mega Man’s position at the end of his seventh battle, would you have killed Dr. Wily?
    I know I’ve taken up enough of your time already, so I’ll let you go so you can mysteriously disappear again.
    - Shortcut

Break Man:
    1) No, it’s tied on.
    2) Something like that.
    3) *cocks eyebrow* Hmm, rude? If you say so. The guy doesn’t try hard enough sometimes. Occasionally he needs reminders of that.
    4) It was more important that I find Dr. Wily and Dr. Light.
    5) It’s a secret.
    6) I’d rather keep that to myself. Wily could be reading this, you know.
    7) He didn’t turn out to be so bad, in the end.
    8) I’m not sure I could get Bass to sit through a game of chess.
    9) Now you see why I don’t put myself into such positions.

For Mega Man:
    Hello, i’ve heard a lot about you fighting evil and all. And I’ve always had a few questions about your life as a living robot fighting an evil mastermind.
    1) Has Doctor Light ever tried to mimic the accident that turned you into a living robot?
    2) Why doesn’t Roll ever help you? I know she doesn’t have any built in weaponry but can’t she get an upgrade? After all, she is a robot.
    3) Have you ever had a romantic relationship?
    4) All the original robots made by Dr. Light and Wily had a specific purpose, what was Break Man’s?
    5) Ever thought your “soul” might be the result of a virus? Thank you for your time.
    P.S. If you see Break Man, try to get him into here to answer some of these things (I know it is really chance if you run into him.)
    - Ness Zilla Nortrad

Mega Man:
    1) I know he’s been looking into it, at least. He’s been talking about perhaps mimicking it on Roll...
    2) She could, but she could also just as easily be reprogrammed by Dr. Wily. That’s why an army of robots just isn’t very successful against the guy.
    3) I’d rather not think about it.
    4) Lab assistant, the same as me, as far as I know.
    5) A virus!? Now that gives me the creeps. I sure hope not.
    PS: Consider it done.