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If mega’s still awnsering, then what was your favorite adventure? personally mine was your second. and what wasyour favorite master wepon? mine was the metal blade.
    - Elliott Serbian (rock)

[Mega Man] My favorite adventure? Any one I didn’t get sliced and diced in. Heh heh... Yeah, the Metal Blade is pretty all-around useful; it’s probably my favorite as well. Of course, in the right situation, any Master Weapon is handy to have!

Hey Mega Man, I’ve always wondered something ever since your Cartoon came on. Is Roll really your sister? I mean in your 3rd battle with Wily(MM3), we were shown Dr. Light’s notes on his creations. It states the fact that Protoman is your brother, but it says nothing about Roll being your sister. Also, in one of your battles(a Gameboy game) we saw that you and some female were running through a field hands, she looked a lot like Roll, but how many brothers and sisters frolic through fields holding hands? So all the way up until your cartoon, it looked like you and Roll were maybe just, close friends. And we all know that your cartoons were kinda off. Can you shed some light on this subject?
    - Ultima Xavier Heart

We weren’t holding hands, we were just walking together. But anyway, yes, Roll is as much my sister as Break Man is my brother. She’s not my twin, but we’re made with very similar designs. I suppose you could consider her my younger sister.

Dear Mega Man,
    Hello! I am your 1,000,000,000,000,000th biggest fan(and I’ve got the fan to prove it.). I was just wondering how it feels to be a living robot. I wish there were more books about you. What is it like to warp???? I have so many questions. One more. Which Robot Master do you fear the most????
    - Alex Wallace

I’m kinda used to being who I am; I guess I can say it’s a lot like being a human except with a metal shell. Warps are interesting, and you have to see Dimensional Limbo to believe it. I heard that some people experience discomfort traveling through space/time; however, I personally don’t, probably because I don’t have a stomach.
    Hmm. Which Robot Master? I suppose whichever one is aiming at me while I have only one unit of energy! Actually, Elec Man’s Thunder Beam is the most powerful weapon I’ve encountered, on a Robot Master anyway.

Dear Mandi/Mega Man/Break Man,
    Why is Break Man’s bandana so important? I noticed you mentioned it in Book 5 by being ’way too important.’ This is all I have ever heard of it.
    Aw well. It still looks cool!
    - Break_Man

I don’t know, he won’t say. I don’t even know where he got the darn thing. He’s had it for as long as I’ve known him. I’m telling you, that thing’s made out of some tough material!

First off, im amazed at how many people simply have not heard of mega man. I love your artistic style, im a cartoonist too who has recently caught the mega man bug, and the stuff on your site is my main place for research material. Anyway, i was wondering... the Blue Bomber has his energy meter on his arm cannon/wrist, right? After a battle, he looks at his meter to see his energy status. Since he’s a machine, why doesnt the mechanism that monitors that just send it to his electronic brain? If his systems monitor it, she shouldnt have to look at it himself. Also, i love your books, except the N-Team bits. i think that’s a show, much like the mega shows, that we’d all like to forget ever reared its ugly head. Thank God for your site or i never would have known Break Man wasn’t evil or called anything but Protoman! (although i still like that name better)...By the way, have you downloaded any of the various microsoft plus! themes based on out favorite little robot? Some nice cursors in there :)
    - Glasses man

I’m amazed at how many people have heard of me! As for the energy meter thing: if I was an ordinary robot, yes, I could run system diagnostics or something.. but, er, I kinda can’t find my system anymore... This makes repairs rather annoying, actually, because I can’t tell what’s wrong with me except by what hurts! By the way, what’s a Microsoft?

I’m bored so here I am! =)
    First off, uh... you rock! =p
    Anyhoo, I was playing Mega Man 8 and you know the upgrade screen with Roll? I was looking at them when there was that Spare Charger one. It said something like “Refills your spare bodies when you exit a level” or some junk like that. I was thinking about the word “bodies”. If you’ve ever read those WildC.A.T.S. comic series (I only red that Spartan series but that’s all I needed to figure this out, =) you’ll see that whenever Spartan gets blown up or something like that, his memories are downloaded into another body and then in a few minutes he remembers all that junk... Well what if that’s how the Mega Man spare lives thing worked? Think about it, that flashy thingy that flies in all direction could be the data or something and the 1-ups could be uh... special components (shaped like his head?). Uh... it could work.
    Another thing, what if Dr. Wily made a robot master out of the material the Metools’ hats were made of... heheheh...
    - Don

    1) Multiple bodies? Now that’s a interesting one. Actually, this is exactly how it works for normal robots. This is why robots can’t die. If they are rebuilt with the exact same programming, they will have the same personality. And if you happened to have a backup of their memories, they would act as if they had never been destroyed. But Dr. Light says I can die, so this won’t exactly work with me. I’m not sure, myself, but either way, I’d really rather not find out the hard way!
    2) If he did, I’d be in big trouble! Apparently that material isn’t mallable enough for a Robot Master, or he certainly would have by now. On the other hand, look at the StarDroids. Luckily, though, Dr. Light was able to get around their metal after a bit of work.

Hey Mandi,
    I love your page! It’s one of the best sites I’ve ever seen! I have some questions:
    1.) Why is MetalMan weak to his own weapon?
    2.) If you use a robot masters weapon on himself (aka use Rolling Cutter on CutMan) why can’t the robot master catch his own weapon and through it back?
    3.) Why do you call ProtoMan, BreakMan?
    4.) Are you ever planing on making your own game?
    That’s all for now! C’ya!
    ~ Fanewgie

Hi! Hope you don’t mind if I fill in here...
    1) I think Wily messed up big time.
    2) Just because a robot can use a weapon doesn’t mean he can defend against it! Some can, though. Shade Man, for instance, will absorb any Noise Crush beam he encounters, even ones I fire. (I kinda learned this the hard way. Oh well, Freeze Man shoulda been a good indication that Wily is getting better at not making his robots weak against their own weapons—but it was worth a try!)
    3) See Break Man VS Protoman — page maintainer
    4) Hmm, now that you mention it, what would I do if I could make my own game? I think I’d have Wily go on a vacation. But...that would be kinda dull.

To Doctor Thomas Xavier Light Esquire,
    I have heard of your esteemed reputation and I have conjectured a few questions of inquire to ask of you. First, I would like to know exactly where Roll is during your second and third encounters with your former esteemed comrade, Dr. Albert Wily.
    Second, under what circumstances did Dr. Wily’s accident happen. My point being that Dr. Wily may actually be the first victim of the Sigma virus. This, could be explained that Protoman ( Break Man, Blues, it’s your choice.) was teleported away by Sigma while he was protecting you.
    Third, so far I can’t argue with what improvements you’ve made to Mega Man. Especially the Mega Buster upgrade, replaceing the former weapon of Mega’s labled “P.” Fourth, I have noticed that, with your future plans for your Mega Man -X upgrade that X cannot slide or duck. Please keep this in mind if you ever use these upgrades.
    Fourth, I would like to point out that there is sufficient evedence that your comrad, Dr. Wily was working with Mother Brain since the accident he had in your laboratory. In Dr. Wily’s very first fortress way back when you called Mega Man by the name of “Rock,” this connection was made when I noticed a Bullet-Bill in the first stage of the fortress. These are the same Bullet- Bill’s seen in Super Mario Brothers. ( This allusion was made in all due respect to the Nintendo corperation of America Incorperated.) My guess to this is that Mother Brain ordered King Koopa, ( Bowser) to, in some way assist Dr. Wily in the building of his first fortress.
    P.S. Good luck to all working to defeat Dr. Wily at Light Labrotories, Mega Man, Protoman, Roll, Rush, Beat, Tango, and to you, Dr. Thomas Xavier Light.
    P.P.S. (This MegaGram was written in all respects to the appropriate owners to all characters aforementioned in this letter.)
    P.S.S. Just to explain my name: SATB is the international representation of abbreviating Soprano, Alto, Tennor, Bass, on a musical score. The number 2002 is the year I graduate from High School
    - SATB2002

    1) Roll was at the lab. She stays there to protect Dr. Light and also because she hasn’t been remodeled to go out into battle as I have.
    2) From what I understand, Dr. Wily was working on one of their projects late at night and an error caused an explosion. It did little damage but let out a lot of nasty energy. We don’t know if this had any affect on Dr. Wily, but it was something they tried to look into. I don’t see how a computer virus could have anything to do with it. Wily’s human, not a robot.
    4) Wow, I never thought about Wily working with Mother Brain for that long. I’ve never heard of Bowser, although I think Captain N mentioned that name...
    By the way, I’ve forwarded your message to Dr. Light. He’s just too busy to come answer MegaGrams!

Dear Mega Man,
    I am the (#) number one Mega Man fan.I have a few questions to ask you your awsomeness (weird word). 1)Once you collect your weapons from the Robot Masters,where do you keep them? 2)Is it hard to fight “evil” when your shorter than most 12 year olds? 3)What is Roll’s power? Does she fight crime with a broom? 4)Where are you when MM X is around? Well, that’s all of my questions.
    (P.S. What’s next? Mega Man Y?) Okay I lied!
    - Miles

    1) Weapon slots. They aren’t very large so it’s not hard to carry them around.
    2) I’m not shorter than most 12-year-olds! Just most 13-year-olds.
    3) No, she cleans with brooms. She could use hand-held weapons if she needed to but she doesn’t have anything built in.
    4) Who?

OK, Bass, if you’re still around reading all Mega Man’s e-mail, I’d like you to know that reading beyond this point will result in a critical virus being introduced into your systems that will cause a total meltdown of your reactor core. If you read the next line, you can kiss yourself goodbye! Of course, you can always give this to Mega Man to read...hehehehe, He could use a good meltdown!!
    Ok, Megaman, if you’re reading this, then Bass fell for it. There is no virus. My question to you is why doesn’t Dr. Light design weaponry and armor for humans? I mean, if he could be the USMC or Army Special Forces chief weapons producer, Wily’s army would be history in no time. Why do all the dirty work yourself? Those guys get PAID for fighting, why not let them do it?
    - Blik

Luckily Bass isn’t around, so we don’t have to worry about it. Anyway, to get to the question... There is a human police force. But the problem with sending humans after Dr. Wily is that Wily is armed with a nearly endless army of robots. The robots don’t feel fear or pain, and most of their attacks that barely nick me could seriously harm a human. The odds aren’t very good. Fight fire with fire, they always say. Too bad Wily is so good at reprogramming; we might have an army of robots of our own otherwise...