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You are the best!!!!!!!!!
    - Derek

Short and to the point.

I just have a few things to say in response to earlier emails and content on this wonderful site:
    1) Zero is Wily’s creation. This is revealed in Mega Man X4 and Rockman the Power Battle.
    2) IF two robots wanted a child, it would be stupid to make the baby robot inside the female robot. Adoption would be the best way to describe it. Just make a robot child and declare the two robots legal guardians (not that any of the robots seemed to need a childhood, but...)
    3) Finally, you mentioned not knowing why they changed Rockman ti Mega Man, well I read in an ancient Nintendo Power, that Rock is Japanese for rainbow and Rainbow Man just wasn’t impressive.
    - Brook Kuhn

    1) Actually it’s stated in the Power Fighters, though the Power Battle hints it.
    2) Let’s let the whole robot having babies thing rest. Needless to say, you’re right, but then robots having “brothers” is merely a word game too, since they can’t really have siblings. It’s just human convience.
    3) Cute idea, but what was wrong with using just “Rock Man”?

Hi fellow Mega Man fan.(Im making this letter short cause I cant type worth didily sqat!!)I have a Few questions.(1)Where did you first hear that Mega Man and Break Man are Living machenes?(2)Do you think that Rock man & Forte or Rock man BATTLE AND CHASE will be released in the U.S.A?
    - Michael

    1) The games don’t say it outright. It’s an extrapolation on my part. I first got an inkling of the idea after watching the ending of Mega Man 2, and then I started having dreams about it. Later games supported it, but it’s still just an idea.
    2) No. Could I be wrong? Sure.

Great site! Keep it up.
    Is it just me or is Vile only in the odd X games? Does this mean he is gonna be in X5? And if, is that going to effect the X/Zero Battle?
    Have you thought of Vile being a “free agent”? He wants to destroy X more than follow orders from Sigma.
    (Although I doubt it) Is it possible for Capcom to make a 2 CD set for MMX5? Different stages to suit there own needs, but same mavericks.
    PS; Why isn’t Kalinka in any X games? Maybe Vile can take the place of Protoman by saving her. (yeah right.)

    1) Who can say if the X/Zero battle will ever even happen?
    2) See the characters page.
    3) I doubt it too but you never know.
    4) Because most of the other original series characters aren’t in the X series either? For that matter, the only real appearances are of Dr. Light and possibly Wily, and both of those are dead.

Hi! I’ve been coming to this site for well over a year. Needless to say, I LOVE it!
    1. I like the new design, and your art! The old art was great, but the art added in the past 4 or 5 months is absolutely spectacular! How did you do that nice shading for the characters chasing each other on the splash page? What program did you use? Actually, any art tips would be appreciated because I would love to draw like that!
    2. A theory: I’d like to believe that Mega Man X _is_ Mega Man because I don’t want to think that MM died off or got replaced. So I came up with a way to justify it. We know that Auto and probably others are still around because of Volt Catfish’s cutscene. Also, the X-games make it clear that Zero is a reploid, and that Reploids were based on the design of X. This must mean that the design for Zero’s artificial intelligence would be similar to the Dr. Light design used in X and the Reploids. Otherwise, Dr. Cain, who repaired him, would know that Zero was something totally different. This means that Dr. Wily must have copied the design from X. He couldn’t do this if X didn’t already exist.
    3. I totally agree with you that Mega Man wasn’t really going to kill Wily in MM7. I mean, you could see how he was hesitating! When I first heard someone say that MM tried to kill him, I couldn’t believe that anyone had gotten that impression from the ending.
    4. Do you know if the PC version of X3 has the cutscenes and CD music of the Playstation version? Will MM8 be coming out for PC?
    5. What are your 3 favorite MM games?
    I really wish I could say more but I don’t want to take up too much of your MegaGrams space. Maybe next time.
    - MegaManiac a.k.a. Tango33

    1) I did it using Deluxe Paint.
    2) I think Auto was just a joke, but your point is the same one I made a while back. Except that unless X existed in Mega Man’s time, how could Wily have copied his design? Mega Man is not a Reploid.
    3) A lot of people got that impression, apparently. I think people see in it what they want to see.
    4) I don’t know for sure, since I haven’t yet played the PC version, but I think the anime at least is the same. No word on MM8.
    5) Mega Man V, Mega Man IV, and Mega Man 3. But there are lots of other great ones too.

    Where did you learn to draw?! You are amazing in your pictures you draw for your comic books! Can you give me some pointers on how you learned to draw so well? Thanks.
    - J. L. “Stan” Nichols

I wish I could, but I don’t know how. I basically taught myself how to draw. I practiced a lot, studied other drawings, and went to lots of art classes to refine my ability and learn how to use various materials. But I have no clue how to actually teach others how to draw. If someone can give me suggestions, I’ll try posting a “how to draw” page, but first I need to figure out how you actually go about teaching someone to draw...

I’ve been wondering, what’s with Bass? Sometimes you can’t tell who’s side he’s on. Apart from the possibility as to him being a bioroid, I have no clue as to why this is. If he keeps on helping Mega Man defeat Wily, like in MM: Power Battle, MM: Power Fighter, and Rock & Forte, won’t Wily eventually get sick of it and start trying to get rid of him?
    - Dalek Man

Bass has very specific reasons for what he does and none of them have to do with helping Mega Man—in fact, his goal in life is to defeat Mega Man. In the arcades, he was trying to prove to Wily how great he is. In Rockman & Forte you must remember that Mega Man never even appears in Bass’s side of the story. Bass was fighting King by himself to rid himself and Wily of the annoyance. But when Bass found out that King had been built by Wily and pitted against him on purpose...

I just have a couple questions, not extremely important or life-threatening; they’re just for the sake of asking.
    1) Do you feel that after the first couple Mega Man games, the “fight ALL the Robot Masters again!” at the end of Skull Castle/Sigma fortress/whatever got a little redundant and boring? I literally HATE fighting the MMX3 bosses for a second time, simply because the bosses are so mind-numbingly boring to fight. Fighting the bosses again in my opinion was also the thing that gave slight mars to two near-perfect games, MMIV and V for Game Boy.
    2) For MMV Game Boy, you said that Punk “is still a pain” to fight in Wily’s fortress. Maybe it’s just me because I have the MMIII Punk’s pattern utterly memorized from experience, but isn’t the MMV Punk at least twice as easy? He doesn’t go nearly as fast as he does in MMIII, and his shots take away much less damage. (In MMIII, 3 shots from him kill you, from what I remember.)
    - Rich Bunnell (“MetalMan” from IRC)

    1) Yes and no. The fun part is trying out all the different weapons that you might not have had the first time through.
    2) True, I usually beat Punk the first try in MMV, so he’s definitely a lot easier than he was in MMIII at least.

    I’ve heard somewhere that there is a trick in a MegaMan game (I don’t know which one) that will let you have weapons from previos games. Is this true? ThanX.
    - Tooth Gamma Alpha

I haven’t heard anything like that before, but I doubt it, seeing as that would require the artwork for the weapons to already exist in the game, which would take up extra room better used for other things.

I was just thinking. Dr. Cossack created the Robot Masters in Mega Man 4, right? That means that he had a peaceful purpose in mind when he created them (Same as Masters #0-8 created by Dr. Light). However, for only THREE of them can I see the respective weapons fufilling these purposes:
    #27: Drill Man: Underground Excavation and Demolition Expert (Drill Bombs)
    #29: Toad Man: Cloud Seeder (Rain Flush)
    #30: Dust Man: Waste Compactor (A modified form of the Dust Crusher)
    I could also see Bright Man (25) being designed as a Power Regulator Unit and Dive Man (31) as an Underwater Exploration Unit.
    So, what do you think the purposes of Pharoah Man (26), Ring Man (28), and Skull Man (32) were?
    Also, I think that with the exception of Drill Man, Toad Man, and Dust Man, (along with any “exploration” robots,) the weapons were Dr. Wily’s additions, not Cossack’s.
    - Donald Marco

According to the games, Cossack claims to have built the Robot Masters purely to defeat Mega Man. So it’s very likely he gave them all their weapons right from the start. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if Dr. Wily helped him.

Hey your web page rocks and stuff but i was wondering why Bass is in so few mm games. I think he is the best character in the mm series . Oh yeah where can I get a copy of Rockman and Forte?
    - Gold Bass

    1) Bass is in a lot of Mega Man games compared to many characters (Kalinka anyone?).
    2) See the Buyer’s Guide.

I love mega man and I’ve played almost every one of them. I’m big into pcs now not video game systems and I played x and x3 and soon will get x4 since mm1 and mm3 were available for pc and they are so old is there anyway I can down load them?

Not legally, not as far as I know. See the Buyer’s Guide for places where you can buy them.

Dear MegaGrams,
    Whatever happened to Zero’s arm cannon in Megaman X4?
    - Chaz

Your guess is as good as mine.

Dear Mandi,
    Do you think Capcom considers Captain N to be canon to the Mega Man series? They have never even mentioned the rest of the N-Team, or other sections of Videoland in the games! I’m beginning to wonder if they even brought up Megaland! Thanks
    - Break_Man

No. DiC had to get permission from Capcom before they could use the Mega Man character, but after that DiC was on their own. I doubt Capcom had anything to do with the shows themselves.

I was thinking a while ago, is there any way that Dr. Light’s knowledge of living machines could have had any contribution to the way reploids were developed? I know Capcom doesn’t go by the books series, but then, there isn’t very much info that you can trust as far as the MMX games’ storyline goes. It looks like it the two robot types could be very closely linked.
    - ’Terror’

That was one idea I had, yeah. It was incorporated into the X story I wrote a while back. Even though this story isn’t accurate to how the series actually played out, it’s still an interesting concept.

I just wanted to say in your Book, Duo Duels, Giga Man’s weapon is called mega buster. Shouldn’t it be giga buster?
    - Charles

No, because it was a Mega Buster, just a slightly more powerful one. Course, knowing Wily, it’s possible it only appeared to be more powerful and actually wasn’t...

I have a few questions, comments, and notices:
    1: In Mega Man X2, If you strike a maverick solidly enough (Using the large shot from the Dual Buster upgrade), you can hack 4 units of energy away! Zero may not apply.
    2: Why does Capcom keep making an enemy’s sole weakpoint his head (The X games and Legends are good examples)?
    3: About Reploids having spirits... If you hang out in the ending credits of X1 long enough, Sigma will give you a message saying though his body was destroyed, his spirit was intact. Perhaps “spirits” are viruses?
    4: In Mega Man 2, I found 2 good chains: Flash, Quick, Bubble, Heat, Wood, Air, Crash, Metal (Not using Crash Bombs on Metal Man) for Normal mode. Metal, Bubble, Heat, Wood, Air, Crash, Flash, Quick for Hard Mode.
    5: Mega Man Legends is a great game. However the energy usages in the different...... they’re all goofed up! Plus there are about FOUR TIMES as many items than in Mega Man 7 and X3 COMBINED!!!!!

    2) It’s tradition?
    3) I don’t know, but if the Sigma Virus idea is true then it does explain how Sigma keeps coming back after being blown to smithereens in every game.
    5) Mega Man Legends is an action/adventure game. That’s why there are so many items. Almost all of the other Mega Man games are action.

Dear Mandi;
    The site rules! Keep up the good work. Well, anyway, I just wanted to clarify that there are certain Mega Man X toys where you can snap on the armor upgrades (X- Busters, Speed Boots and the like). Also, why aren’t people considering Legends as a true Mega Man? I think its just as good as any other MM game.
    I have a question about Mega Man Legends (betcha didn’t know that was coming, didya?). Do you think the fact that it says “To be continued” at the end (hope that’s not a spoiler!) means there will be a sequel? Also, are you thinking of posting a fanfic or fanart section?
    - Voulnutt

    1) Actually, that’s what I meant by “toys that you put together.” There are lots of different X and Zero armors and outfits.
    2) Just because it’s not the same Mega Man doesn’t mean it can’t be a good game. That’s like saying Zelda isn’t a good game because it’s not Mega Man.
    3) Mega Man Legends 2 is in the works.
    4) No.

OK, here goes:
    You’ve kinda trashed on Legends as not being at all related to the original or X series. Well, think about this: Who built Mega man Trigger and Mega Man Juno, why does the guy running Wily’s boat dock look just like Wily, and that it can’t be a mere coincidence that there are two guys out there with MegaMan for their names... See, if you beat it, you’ll notice a “to be continued” down in the corner. Well, I think that in the next Legends (or three) they’ll start revealing the connection. You just gotta be patient.
    Of course, you could always argue with the X series... Heck, they’ve practically had the same **** ending four times in a row...
    Love the site,

I’m not trashing it, I’m being realistic. Personally I loved Legends but you have to realize it is a seperate series. You wouldn’t believe how many e-mails I’ve received saying, “I bought Mega Man Legends and it’s so retarded! There is no Dr. Wily or Robot Masters and Mega Man is a HUMAN!! What idiot came up with this junk!?” No, I’m not making this up. So I was urging people to buy the game for what it is, not what it claims to be, since that way they will grow to love it instead of come to hate it.
    Frankly, to make any connections would be really stretching things. Mega Man’s planet is not covered by water. There are no refractors. Wily in the boat house is a good guy, is missing an eye, and isn’t a scientist. MegaMan Voulnut is human (or at least that’s what the game’s opening and manual claim, and besides, he eats and drinks) and his eyes and hair are the wrong color to be Mega Man directly. You would either have to place Legends in an alternate universe (which rather defeats the purpose), or cause a huge flood to wipe out the planet, before any sort of connection could be made—and at that point everyone is dead anyway and all the characters are different so what difference does it make?
    Trust me, just leave it as the seperate game that it is and everyone will enjoy it more. By the way, the next Mega Man Legends game isn’t about MegaMan at all. It’s about Tron.

Do you think that it would be possible to port Legends to the 64?
    I’m not asking “Will Capcom...”, I’m just asking for your technical opinion of the 64’s capabilities. See, all the FMV’s in Legends are done by using regular game polygons with predetermined motion patterns and voices added in at the appropriate spots coupled with multiple texturing on the characters’ mouths and faces. That, in theory, doesnt take up as much space as a full blown movie would. So what’s your opinion?
    PS: All of you other people ot there: please get off the “Can Reploids/Bioroids reproduce?” questions. You’re gonna give people like me nightmares from crap like that!
    - Gold

Yes. In fact, I think Legends would have looked a lot better on the N64. The fact that the cinema scenes are real-time further argues the case. The biggest problem would be the voices—most of them would have to be removed, I reckon, but it wouldn’t change the game much since as it is there were only voices during certain scenes, and most of the time text accompanied the voices anyway. Looking at games such as Star Fox 64 leads me to believe they could keep many of the spoken lines even on the N64, perhaps in the full-blown movie-like cinema scenes (where there was no text). All in all, the game’s 3-D action/adventure nature is perfect for the N64 (analog control!) and it’s a shame Capcom didn’t do it.