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Dear Mega Man,
    A couple of things I’ve always wondered about you.
    1. Why is it you never retain the weapons you obtain from the bosses of a previous game? (I.E. Cut Man’s Weapon doesn’t show up in Mega Man 2)
    2. How much do you know about your future counter part, X?
    3. Is there ever or will there ever be a possibility of seeing Roll in action in one of your games. (Perhaps maybe, as Mega Girl?)
    4. When you were sucked into the Marvel Universe (See the Marvel Vs. Capcom game) what made you seek out Onslaught?
    5. What happened to Duo after he healed you of the Evil energy?
    6. Are Break Man and Proto Man the same robot?
    7. Have you every considered taking on a partner? (There’s this big tall nut who wants to audition for that)
    Thanks a bundle!
    - Dash

[Bass] Guess what? Mega Man’s not here! Bwahaha!! I sent the pipsqueak to the big trash dump in the sky., okay, so I haven’t destroyed him just yet. But give me a chance and I will! Oh, where was I?
    1) Because he’s a wimp! Heh heh heh... hey wait a minute—I don’t have my weapons anymore either! Wha...!?
    2) Future counterpart...?
    3) Does Marvel VS Capcom count?
    4) He’s probably too much of a goodie-two-shoes. He’ll blast anything that acts even remotely evil—if he can’t reason with it first, of course.
    5) Dr. Wily says Duo left. I, of course, never believe anything Wily says.
    6) Er, yeah... Page maintainer says check out the FAQ, whatever that means...
    7) Does that joke for a canine called Rush count?

OKay, page? GREAT, question? here it is:
    Why is capcom dont know the word but, they dont really pay attention to their story lines in mega man do they....i mean in one game it could be something happened (just an ex.) and then in the next game....its like totally different or the last game never happened, in the X series the keep track (a little) but the endings are the same....“X wonders why must he do this, why must he do that” i mean, c’mon......cant we get something a little bit more exciting? :) and how does Dr.Light interact with X when hes in the he knows when X gets there, and he knows what he does and did.....are we sure this guy is really dead? :) and one more thing.....why cant mega man duck? He can dash, jump, hover, shoot stuff :) but cant duck? Oh yeah, he can slide too.....thats all, buh bye
    PS-(hehe...i love it when the mavericks or robot masters make threats to you but they wind up getting the crap beatin out of them...dont you?)
    - Storm X

Dr. Light dead? Now there’s an interesting concept. Why can’t Mega Man duck? Cuz he’s a wimp! No wait, I used that excuse already. Oh okay, in reality Mega Man can duck; the games just decided to ignore this little fact. I on the other hand can duck, dash, double-jump, fly, and so much more than that blue twerp! Ha ha!
    PS: Oh, the Robot Masters are idiots. They couldn’t beat a flea. Now I, on the other hand, am a totally higher caliber than they are. I would never fall into such a trap. When I gloat, I mean it!

Mega Man X:
    Are you very surprised that you could not destroy Vile’s Mech with any of your weapons?
    - Zero-black

Who is this X guy everyone is talking about? And Vile? Do you guys know something I don’t..?

Dear whoever’s here this month,
    First Rockman & Forte isn’t new. Here it’s old news, in Japan it’s very old news. There is a game where you can’t play as Mega Man. It’s called Rockboard (I think). My friend told me (I truly doubt this)If you use the MM/Roll attack in Marvle vs. Capcom while you are at Mega Man’s battle feild (Wily is in the background) 7 times, Wily will come out with all of his robot masters and kill your oppnent.
    - Matte1

Wily come out and help Mega Man? I highly doubt it.

Hey Bass, why did Wily make your helmet look like his hair? Just to show how cocky he is?
    - BreakMan

My helmet does not look like his hair!! It’ flair, yeah, that’s it...

Hi Mandi,
    I like this site! I put one of the pages on the Game Hints page into my bookmark folder (Rockman & Forte). I have some comments and questions.
    1. On an English version of Rockman & Forte: if it was translated, the English title would sound silly: Megaman & Bass.
    2. How do the 2 main characters of the game feel about that?
    3. When I get the Homing Torpedo in MMX1, I noticed that on the got weapon screen, it said “Horming Torpedo”!
    - Jeffrey V. Truman

I think it should be “Bass & Mega Man” or maybe just “Bass.” Why does the blue pipsqueak have to be in the title anyway? I mean, I’m obviously the better character to play! Why would anyone even bother with Mega Man? He can’t even double-jump!

Why didn’t Dr. Light ever make new enhancements for Mega Man and Rush to replace the ones Bass and Treble took?
    - Scott

Oh, those? Heh heh...wasn’t that sweet? Mega Man would trust a daemon if it talked right, I tell ya. What a gullible fool. Anyway, as for the enhancements, I don’t know about Mega Man, but I’m sure enjoying them!