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Hiyas! I Love your page! Your so cool! So’s your web page, and your books! Okay, I have some questions, and I love making lists, so here it is:
    (1) Do you think it’s posisble that for once, Wily “discovered” something, and Light was the one to “steel” it? Personaly, I think that’s how it should be with the reploids, that Zero was the first and X was only second. Of course, this is only my opinion.
    (2) Do you have any handles that you uses/used?
    (3) Will Trigger appear in any more books?
    (4) When will your next book be coming out?
    Well, that’s about all for now. Of course, I’ll probibly be wrighting again. Heheh. Oh well. Bye >)
    - Jixie

    1) Personally, I think Dr. Light had the plans for X but hadn’t actually built him...and Dr. Wily found and stole the plans.
    2) Phaelin mostly.
    3) Not that I know of at the moment, although this doesn’t totally rule out anything in the future.
    4) Whenever I finish it. ;)

I love sending these things!!! Anyway i have to things to say:
    1)If they ever make NEW Bugs Bunny cartoons use Dr. Light’s voice in Mega Man 8 for Elmer Fudd (why does he sound funny??)
    2)I think the Maverick thing is a virus made by Dr. Wily and the origin of it has his brain, kinda like he but his brain in a robot.
    oops, 1 more thing - Why do Reploids have spirits when they are just robots? (Vile and Sigma to be specific)
    - Slascher

    1) Everyone seems to make this connection but me, who hasn’t watched enough Bugs Bunny to notice..
    2) A lot of people suggest that the Sigma “virus” is actually Dr. Wily himself, somehow...
    3) Hmm... who said anything about them having spirits? I don’t know if they do or not.

Every time i send a Mega Gram, i forget to say something.. I bet Mandi is sick of me now but, on with it.
    When i was in Hong Kong, i bought these Mega Man toys that are snap together and then u can change with their other pieces. I got one that had someone who looked like zero but was black with blue hair and sword... who the HELL is that??? I played all of the Mega Man games that have Zero and never saw that happen. I also like to say that Break Man should have a full blown cape instead of his scarf but only cause i like capes. Thanx and sorry for keep sending forgetting things.
    - Slascher

I haven’t seen that toy in particular (there are a ton of different versions of these kits), but as an offhand wild guess, perhaps it was in reference to the black Zeros in X2 and X4?

Dear Mega Grams,
    I wanted to give a reaction on two things in the last MegaGrams:
    1) The story about Wright being a German name is absolutely not true. I speak German quite well (and live next to it), and a German would choke before he’d been halfway past Wright.
    2) The new Robot Masters from R&F probably won’t show up in MM9. They were rejected designs from MM8.
    Keep up the good work!
    - Beat

Yeah, like I said, the German thing is purely a cartoon invention. I’ve seen no evidence in the games at all that says Dr. Light (or Wily for that matter) is German.

Hi Mandi. Once again, nice page. Today, I’d like to dispel a rumor that’s been floating around in MegaLand. All the stuff about Black Zero from Mega Man X4, to be exact.
    1) He does *not* have infinite Rakohouhas
    2) You get nothing extra when you beat the game
    3) In other words, it’s just a novelty.
Sorry if I sounded angry when writing this, but I am. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?
    - DocDoom

I always make it a point to personally test any rumor/trick/code/etc. that I hear for precisely this reason. If I’ve done it for myself then I know for sure that it works. I haven’t yet tested the black Zero fully, except to note that he jumps and dashes the same length as red Zero. I don’t know for sure whether or not there is a difference. Maybe there is and we haven’t found it yet. I’ll do some more tests later.

Hi. I’m mostly commenting on the batch of MegaGrams from 10-01-98. One ’gram talked about Capcom’s N64 venture. You commented that “a puzzle game isn’t what they had in mind”. I agree. If Capcom was serious about making N64 games, they’d give us what we want. On a related note, I’ve heard rumors that Capcom has “secretly” been working on N64 games in Japan for over a year, one of which is a Mega Man game. Another ’gram talked about Rockman and Forte being US bound. There actually is some proof of this; in the September issue of “Tips&Tricks” magazine, in the news section, they wrote: “Capcom is considering releasing Rockman and Forte, a Mega Man game in Japan, here in the US!”. That’s all they said. Since it will probably not appear on SNES, my guess is that it *could* appear on the “Capcom Generations” series... Well, that’s all I have to say. Nice site, keep it up!

Rumors are nasty things; they spread so quickly. Just look at how long the N64 Mega Man rumor has been floating around... heck, I was hearing about an N64 Mega Man game before the system was even released! Doesn’t mean the rumors are false, just means use some discretion.

HI!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doing good on “the best Mega Man hompage on Earth”! Anyway, your new pictures you added on the main character page are GREAT! But for your so called “Quote of the Day” for 10-10-98, made me “Meaning. . .”. What did you mean anyway???
    - The Star Driods

The Quote of the Day doesn’t actually go by date (ahem) so whenever you’re quoting quotes (heh heh) it helps if you could mention a specific line from the quote to aid me in pinpointing exactly which one you’re talking about. In this case, if you mean the “grass is always greener” line, I meant exactly what it said: sometimes people wish for something only to realize once they get it that it’s not as great as they thought. And no, it’s not a Mega Man quote, but I figured I’d throw it on anyway.

As I’ve said in the few e mails I’ve sent you, great site! I just would like to say this to the people who are sooo worried about the morphing hand deal. Who cares? Enjoy the game for being fun, you don’t need to analyze it to death, if you do it won’t be any fun! OK rants over, I just have one question: Am I the only person in the world who likes Protoman the best out of all the characters? It seems so when talking to other MM fans—-I’ve even had someone go so far to call him evil......I consider him an enigma, no one really knows what his full intentions are, but that’s why I like him so much, you don’t know what he’s going to do in every situation. Well that’s about it!
    - Laserkid

I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m a hopeless Break Man fan. Protoman is one of those characters that exists on every end of the spectrum, though: some think he’s good, some think he’s evil, some can’t make up their minds, and, well, you get the point.

Mandi,I love your site. I’ve been a mega man fan for years... Do you think a mega man X live movie will be made in the future?

Personally, no, because I can’t see it as something that would translate to live action very well. Animated maybe.

Greetings! Mandi, ever since I’ve had a question on my mind that I believe alot of other Mega Man fans have on their minds too: “Is the end of Mega Man near?” Everyone now knows that Wily created Zero. He has the plans for him, and it seems so likely that its all going to end in Mega Man 9, where Zero ends up being the destruction of everyone’s favorite Mega Man characters. The Mega Man X games make Zero seem to have a very violent character, the kind of guy that rushes in without thinking and kills every blasted Maverick in sight. What if upon activation, Zero “glitched up” due to a few lines of improper programming(due to Wily’s insane impatience to kill Mega Man with his new weapon), or just as a reaction to activation, did what he only knew how to do: fight like mad. Zero is a warrior. He was built to be a warrior, and can kick Mega Man X’s reploid butt. He was created to fight, so what if Wily was foolish enough to create a reploid who only knew how to fight. The setting is the end of Mega Man 9: Dr. Light and Mega Man are captured by an tall, strong, evil villain. Sound familliar? Think the dream that you told of on the Mega Man Homepage about Mega Man X. What if Zero is that evil presence? What if he killed Wily for some reason or another, and took over? Later, just as the villain was destroyed in your dream, Zero could be destroyed, just for Cain to find a slightly damaged CPU and a few scraps of metal years later, and rebuild the fallen villain, but without much memory of his past. Think about it. It’s possible!! Its not pleasant to think about, but you could come up with a good ammount of stories to tie up the loose ends of Mega Man. Do you think the Mega Man series could end soon? Capcom already sealed up Dr. Light and Mega Man’s fate back when they made Mega Man X....
    - Dr.X

I’ve been thinking this for a while. It’s just a question of when. Mega Man seems pretty popular though (especially in Japan), and Capcom makes a lot more Mega Man things than X series (out of the 30 or so Mega Man games or cameos, note that X is in only four. The rest are all original series (or Legends)). So Capcom might hold onto the series a bit longer, possibly by avoiding the transition or delaying it with “sidebar” games like Rockman & Forte. But I still wonder sometimes what they will do eventually...

I have a few questions
    1) What do you think of a Mario~MegaMan crossover? Lately I’ve been working on one. I have a plot and all. What do you think of Mario/MegaMan combinations like: Bright Iggy, Gemini Ludwig, or Clown Lemmy?
    2) Could you add Mario, Link, and Samus in your MegaMan books? I mean, if your going have Nintendo related characters(Cpt. N, Pitt), you must have their mascot.
    3) I think the weapon to use against Flash Man is the Crash Bomb, not Metal Blade. If your time it just right, you could knock Flash out with a single bomb. Although, this only works in the Normal Mode and when you fight him in his chamber room, not the teleportation room. Most of the time, I use 2 bombs. It’s hard to time it just right.
    4) Speaking of MM2, I propose a possible ring: Metal-Bubble-Heat-Wood-Air-Crash-Flash-Quick-Metal. That’s my order. I use each weapon I gain from the ast fight. This only works in Normal mode though.
    Thank you for taking your time to read my message.
    - Mariorox

    1) I think some people have too much time on their hands. ;)
    2) Link is in the books. Samus is out for plotline reasons. Mario I just haven’t seen yet. (But who said it has to be restricted to Nintendo characters? Heh heh heh...)
    3) Either one will do it... use what you like.
    4) Yes, like I said, there are plenty of possibilities, which is one of the things that’s so fun about the game: the open-endedness.

Dear Mandi,
    I have just sent this “megagram” to say I like this page! By the way, in the Mega Man Cartoons, who DID create Protoman? That was always a confusing plotline running through the shows. I also wanted to know where I could get the 1st and 3rd Mega Man games. And why do people keep saying the “guy” in Zero’s dreams(in X4) is Doctor Wily? I have never played the game(and probably never will for I cannot get a Playstation). Is it because he LOOKS like Wily? Just wondering.
    Good website! Keep up the good work.
    - Paul Melin

    1) In “The Beginning” we are shown Dr. Wily creating Protoman. Yes, Dr. Light and Dr. Wily previously created a little robot that looked vaguely like Break Man, but that robot was much too short and different in other ways to be the final Protoman. He might have been inspiration for Dr. Wily, but Protoman himself would have had to have been built from scratch.
    Now, fast forward to “Bro Bots” where Dr. Light talks about code routines that he put into Protoman. Hmm? How could he have done this if Wily made Protoman? It doesn’t make a lot of sense.
    2) Try Funco.
    3) You see only a black silhouette of the “guy” everyone is talking about. The outline of this shadow looks like Wily, although you never actually see him in full lighting. Still, who else has that wild hairdo?

It seems only obvious that Capcom is going to release Mega Man 9. (Heck, they’re probably working on it as I type) but I’ve got a few ideas and I’d be interested to see what others think.
    1. Mega Man 3 was the most inventive game as far as level-structure goes, and it hasn’t been bettered since. What I would like to see is after defeating the first 8 bosses, you are suddenly struck with surprise by finding ANOTHER 8 (completely original) bosses.
    2. There should be a complete stage for Treble and Bass.
    3. What if (and perhaps this is assuming that MM9 will be the final of the series) there is a section where you can choose any 8 of the bosses from the first 8 games and have them appear in levels every now and again, just to add a touch of nostalgia? Or actually have 8 different sections, where the bosses from all the games make cameos?
    4. I think that it should definitely be longer than the latest efforts in MM8 and MMX4. I mean, these games had less levels in them than Mega Man 3 did, almost a decade ago.
    5. Less F.M.V. and more game.
    - Pete Jenkins

I liked Mega Man 3 and consider it one of the best of the series. I also would like more similar games where the levels are creative and not just the standard “fight four levels, fight a mini-stage, fight four more levels, go to a fortress or two...” This pattern was fine the first time they did it, but it’s getting rather old by now.

Dear Mandi,
    You’re not actually going to make a “Mega Man Legends” section, are you??? “Legends” totally breaks the entire freakin’ storyline!!! It is crap!!! With those graphics and the RIGHT storyline, it might have been good. But Mega Man is NOT...... uh....... oh, yeah, you haven’t played it yet.... Never mind. Anyways.......
    1) Do you speak Japanese? If so, what are the characters saying in Mega Man 9 (Rock Man & Forte)? I have the game myself, and it drives me crazy not to know what the freak they’re saying!! Like, why did Wily turn against Bass? It makes me mad to not know, it really does.........
    2) Why did you write Books 16 and 17 before 14 and 15? I wanna know what happens!!!!
    3) Will you ever write stories based on the X series?
    4) Whatever happened to Tango? He/she (?) appeared once, in Mega Man........... IV? Somewhere around there, and just vanished into oblivion!
    5) Why did someone build a two-story tall Reploid?
    6) Will you ever write Break Man solo books?
    7) What’s the deal with Bass? Is he or is he not a bioroid, do you think? I think so, since in Book 17 you said something like “Bass, on the other hand, didn’t really seem to care or not if any humans were harmed.” And the first rule programmed into ordinary robots is “Robots cannot harm humans.” Plus, in Mega Man 9 (Rock Man & Forte), he kept fighting against Wily even when he found out that his creator was behind it all the time. All this and more leads me to believe that Bass is a bioroid. But...... why would Wily want a self-conscious machine..........?
    Well, I’ve taken up enough space as it is, gotta go. Thanks.
    - MatriX

Legends is not Mega Man at all from what I’ve seen so far, so don’t try to make any connections: there aren’t any. I’ll cover the game because it has the Mega Man title, but think of it like the X series—totally separate from the originals.
    1) I don’t speak Japanese but a friend does and we’ve been preparing a translation of Rockman & Forte for the Game Hints section. Unfortunately I’m currently still missing Forte’s ending.
    2) Well, 14 is sorta stonewalled right now. 15 is almost done though.
    3) Probably not.
    4) Mega Man V for Game Boy. Tango shows up in Capcom art and mangas and other places but for some reason hasn’t made it into another game yet.
    5) Because they have no brains?
    6) Probably not. Break Man does operate mostly on his own but he’s not the type to take on evil foes all by himself. Usually at most he merely helps Mega Man. Therefore it’s unlikely he’ll ever go on an adventure completely by himself.
    7a) Rockman & Forte isn’t Mega Man 9. If it was, it would have been called Rockman 9.
    7b) Dr. Wily could clearly notice that one silly little blue robot (with the occasional help from some friends) was creaming everything the evil scientist could create. Therefore, it’s logical to assume there is something special about Mega Man to allow for this. Hence, it’s not out of the question that Wily would one day attempt to duplicate Mega Man in every possible way (except for his sense of justice and goodness of course!).
    7c) A robot isn’t just magically barred from not killing humans. It must be in his programming. And since I don’t think Dr. Wily would have bothered programming Bass to care about humans, I doubt his programming would hold him back in any case. But to answer the question, Bass will be explained (if you can piece together the hints) at a later time. That’s all I’m going to say for now.