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Dear Mandi,
    I wondered why Mega Man, and Break Man for that matter, always changed colors when they use a robot master weapon. And since their regular plasma cannons change them to their respective colors, what would they be if they didn’t have those?
    Also, IF Wily could ever make a robot master powerful enough to defeat Mega Man(yeah, right) would it be able to claim his plasma caoonon and charging ability?
    Thanks for reading this question novel
  - Break_Man

[Mega Man] Hey there. Nice nickname! Mandi’s not here...I think she said something about a pile of e-mail or the like before she set me down to answer MegaGrams. I don’t know. Anyway, our true colors are the ones you see when we are using our built-in arm cannons—blue for me, red and white for my brother. Color changing only kicks in when we use non-native weapons. I suppose Dr. Light could eliminate the color change, but there’s really no point...and I think it’s pretty cool!
    Robots can only acquire weapons if they have the Weapon Copy ability. I find it rather disturbing that Bass possesses this ability, though I’m not surprised, seeing that Wily has stolen just about everything else Dr. Light has done. I don’t think Bass could take our Mega Busters since he already has one. Not all weapons are able to be copied, even by someone with Weapon Copy. I don’t think the Mega Buster falls into this catagory. Course, I’ve never put it to the test; obviously I can’t test it myself since I have a Mega Buster too!

Dear MegaGrams:
    First off, what in the world happened to the box that you write the letter in? When I first sent one the box was smaller (I think) and up on the top it already had “Dear MegaGrams” put in. But what I came for is this. The Mega Man movie seems to be a popular subject in the Mega Grams section. I’d like to plug my opinion in about it: I think it would be best animated and I think it would be great anime-style (so does Mandi). I don’t think that it would be great live-action though, as the Mega Man homepage mentioned once, it probably wouldn’t turn out all that great. This wouldn’t be the first shot at turning a video game into a movie. I’ve seen the super mario brothers movie and that just went down the whole. Is that Danny DeVito playing Mario? They picked the wrong actor for Mario. I bet they would pick the wrong kid to play Mega Man. Sorry this was so huge.
  - CyberGeek

The box? The page maintainer probably fiddled with the form. She does it all the time. A tweak here, a touch there...where was I? Oh, right, the movie. I’m actually not sure what I’d think of a movie. I guess after video games and cartoons and candy (candy!), anything is possible. I don’t know how hard it would be to get a good likeness; when I was human, I looked like me too, so it can’t be that hard! Of course, I suppose I could always play myself, if I wasn’t too busy fighting off Wily—but what would be the point?

Dear Mandi,
    in the mega man 17 book, is trigger a boy or a girl? he/she/it has long hair and a somwhat feamale face, but the book never specififies(spelling error).
  - Elliott Serbian

Trigger is male, or as male as a robot gets, anyway. He looked sort of elfish if you ask me. I don’t know why his creator made him to look as he did, but he probably had a reason. And just to clear things up, Trigger has dark blondish hair which half the people would call blonde and the other half brown. I seem to recall the book took the middle road and used both terms, for variety if anything else.

This actulay has to do with you!I have seen that your name is Maundi Paugh,while other times I’ve seen your name has Miranda Paugh.It’s very confusing!Make up your mind;is your name Maundi Paugh or Miranda Paugh?
  - Sean

Both. Miranda is the real name; Mandi is the nickname. Kinda like Mandy is the nickname of Amanda. Real names are used in official things like signing documents and such. This is why Dr. Light, usually called “Xavier” by his friends, uses “Thomas” in official situations. Of course, he’ll always be Dr. Light to me...

MM, What is up with your arm cannon? do you breathe? if you are like a robot, than how can you swim?
  - Yawgmoth Demon of the Dual Lands

Oh cool, one addressed just to me! Let’s go in order...
    1) What is up with it?
    2) I can breathe, and usually do so unconsciously, but I don’t need to in order to survive as humans do. This is why I can stay underwater as long as I want to. Air is not critical to my survival.
    3) I can’t. But if I kick off from the bottom or paddle really hard, I can navigate around pretty well. Actually, being a lead weight in water seems natural to me. Floating is disorienting.