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Dear MegaGrams:
    First of all, love the new look of the site and my extreme joy for having one of the best Mega Man web sites back up! Second, what’s this Rockman and Forte game I’ve heard about, namely from the MegaGrams? I mean, is it Power Fighters here or what? I’m just curious as I’ve never heard of R&F before. Thanks, and keep up the great work!
  - Break Man Z

Check out the News and Rumors page if you’re wondering about any new Mega Man games you hear about. Also, some otherwise unmentioned titles are found on the game list page which is there for those games that don’t have game hints. Anyway, in this case the news page should fill you in on Rockman & Forte... I’ll have a hints page for it up soon.

Heyas MegaGrams,
If Mega Man were a cheese, what flavor would he be?
  - Moron

Blue cheese I’d imagine! I figure he’d be kinda hard, though...!

Dear MegaGrams:
    I like icecream! Anyway I have a question that may sound weird but here it is. If Megaman had every weapon from Megaman 4 and was fighting Megaman X who would win? (Megaman X doesn’t have any special weapons or armor.)
  - Happy Burito

Actually, questions like these can’t be answered at all since Mega Man and X have never met. There is nothing to base the comparison on. “Power” is comparative: someone will seem powerful if he’s surrounded by weaklings, but if he encounters someone even more powerful, suddenly he doesn’t seem as strong. Since the Mega Man and X series are at the moment quite separate, there’s no way to determine how the robots from each compare to the others.

Dear MegaGrams:
Hey Mandi, cool page. I like the re-design, too. But, I have some questions:
1) Is there anyone else out there who likes the X series better than the regular series?
2) Is that MM movie script you were making with Slashman going to be for MMX?
3) Any chance that the Mega Man 64 game will be Mega Man X 64? (Starting to sense the pattern? ^_^)
4) If Capcom does do a Mega Man 64 game, I think it would be cool if they had real-time cinemas ala` Starfox. What do you think?
  - DocDoom (ICQ: 0119047)

Hey there! Glad you like the site. About those questions...
1) Plenty! My impression has always been that there are lots more X fans than original series fans, although I don’t have any numbers to be sure...
2) Nope. Although it might have some flash-forwards to the X series if we feel like it (is “flash-forward” a word?)
3) I’d say there’s more chance of it being Mega Man Legends...
4) I’d love it! Star Fox 64’s cinemas were cool (especially in that you could skip them if you got bored of them—heh heh!), and since they were rendered on the fly as opposed to FMV, they could be customized according to the situation—such as ships could be missing wings. It’s a great alternative to FMV!

Dear MegaGrams: Do you think Rockman and Forte will be shiped to America, be badly trasnlated, have it’s difficulty watered down, and renamed Mega Man 9, so it can tie the knot between the original series and the X series, since X is also the Roman numeral for ten, and the most recent Mega Man games seem to be giving off hints of a connection.
  - Heat Man

It is certainly possible. If the rumors are true that they are trying to turn Rockman Dash (Mega Man Legends) into a Mega Man game (which it wasn’t to begin with) then they could very likely turn around and try to turn Rockman & Forte into Mega Man 9 (which it’s not, although it does seem to fit nicely into the plotline of the original series, as well as the arcades...).

Dear MegaGrams:
    Did Mega Man 4, 5, and 6 have completely different storyboard writers than the first 3? The plots were really, REALLY cookie-cutter compared to the original 3, and the “secret bad guy” that was eventually revealed to be Wily got less creative in every game. “Wow, Mr. X is really Dr. Wily? WHO WOULD’VE THOUGHT?”
  - Metal Man

4 through 6 were somewhat cookie-cutter in that way, yes. I don’t know who wrote their plots, but I have to admit, at least they tried. Think about how boring a bunch of Mega Man 2s would have been (“gee, we’re fighting Wily again?”). Course, by Mega Man 6 everyone was expecting Wily to be behind it all anyway (“I thought those pants and shoes looked familiar!”) which I suppose is why they dropped that plotline altogether by Mega Man 7.

Dear MegaGrams:
    In Rockman and Forte, What the Heck is the Point of the CD’s? I know they show a picture of all the Bosses and some info, but what’s Dr. Light Screaming about in the corner? Please tell!
  - The W@ck

I wish I knew! I’m trying to get a translation of the game, but it might be a while. Dr. Light seems to go to sad then happy again, apparently according to how many CDs you’ve picked up, although it might also have to do with where you are in the game. Anyway, as far as I can see, there is no point to the CDs other than to show you nice art, give some statistics, and provide a challenge. Nothing seems to happen even when you have all 100 that I know of.

Dear MegaGrams:
    Glad to see the site back in order! One question, why are the robots in both the Mega Man and X series sometimes shown bleeding human blood? Even though some robots can emulate emotions and feelings, and a very very VERY select few (Mega Man, X, and Break Man) actually FEEL emotions and feelings, none of them have internal organs or muscles, so they can’t have human blood. But some fan art, many fan fics and even one of the games (X4) portray robots bleeding red blood. I saw a wallpaper on some page of Bass without a helmet, bleeding from his mouth and chest. I could understand if they bled alkaline or something but not human blood.
    Oh, and another reason why robots can’t swim: wouldn’t they short out? Except for special models like Bubble Man designed for being underwater.
    Sorry for taking such a long time.
  - Brak

Blood is one of those things that people like throwing in for no good reason other than to have it (Mortal Kombat anyone?). Zero has bled on several occasions. I suppose everyone just passes it off as robotics fluid or something silly. But you’re quite right in that robots wouldn’t have blood to shed.
    Robots would only short out if they weren’t designed for water or if something went wrong. Apparently most robots in Mega Man’s time have no problem with this, since they plunge in without remorse (except for some of the X robot walkers...).

I lOVE your site! I really like the new image map at the top of the page! I was wondering, how do you make all of those Mega Man sprites? I’ve tried to make them before, and they never turn out right.

I used to draw sprites by just finding an image (magazines were good for this) and copying it. I know the restrictions of the machines in question, so it wasn’t hard to guess how the sprites were drawn. However, most of the sprites used on this site were not hand-drawn. They were just snapped directly from the games and edited to give them a transparent background.

Dear MegaGrams: If someone does make a movie, what format should it be. Should it be live-action, animation, or should it be computer animated like Toy Story.

Oh, personal preference, totally. Myself, I doubt anyone could get Mega Man to look good in live action (where are you going to find a five-foot kid who has such big blue eyes?), although either of the other two options would work. I’d prefer anime, but that’s just me.

Dear MegaGrams:
Glad you’re site’s back up! I almost got a heart attack when I coudn’t find your site.
You should put this on your site:
1.Make a fanfic area
2.Make a game idea area
3.Make a Robot Master Idea area
  - Sean,a loyal Mega Man and Mario fan.

Number 2 sorta exists, although it’s game genre only, not specific titles. But all three already exist on other Mega Man websites. I’ve never believed in duplicating data already on the net. Although I can’t help those things that others have done after me, I can at least try to make sure my content is my own and not someone else’s. Besides, unfortunately such sections would require a lot more time and maintenance than I have to give. See the links pages for some sites that might have what you’re looking for.