MegaGrams Archive

Cool page! Love the new look! It’s good to see that it’s back!
  - Mario

A lot of the MegaGrams were along these same lines, so hope you all don’t mind if I don’t post them all! Keep sending suggestions—a lot of the changes you see are due to visitor requests!

Dear MegaGrams:
    I love the new format! Do you think that after a couple of years you’ll re-draw the new image map and hold a contest like you did with the old one? I didn’t become a Mega Man fan in time to participate in the contest.
  - CyberGeek

I don’t know if I’ll ever do another StartupScreen contest, but I do have something similar waiting in the wings...

Dear MegaGrams:
    If Dr. WIly built Zero with intentions to destroy Mega Man. Wouldn’t Zero eventually realize that Mega Man X is very similar to Mega Man, has the same name as Mega Man, and has the same creator as Mega Man, meaning that this is probably the robot that he needs to destroy?
  - Vectorman98

Heck, take that one step further—why doesn’t X or anyone at all realize how similar X is to Mega Man? I mentioned this point on the X commentary. But to answer the question, it seems as though Zero will eventually make the connection—if he hasn’t already. (Course, no word yet on whether X really is Mega Man...)

Heyas MegaGrams:
    Does anybody out there know why in the intro to his 8th game Mega Man pronounces Bass’ name as the fish instead of the musical term? Was it just foolishness on Capcom’s part, or is it us fans who are fools and Bass really is supposed to be a fish? :P
  - Moron

Judging from the rest of the very poor voice acting in that game, my guess is that no one told the voice actor how to pronounce the word. But, then never know!

Dear MegaGrams:
    If Mets are so weak, why does Dr. Wiley use them so much?
  - Matte1

Because they’re easy to mass-produce? I don’t know! But actually, Mets can be annoying due to their invulnerable helmets—especially if they are cleverly placed, like in Rockman & Forte. Speaking of which...

Dear MegaGrams:
    I was wondering if anyone out there has found all 100 of the CDs in the Rockman & Forte game. I know someone who has found 99 of them and can’t find the last one anywhere.
    I have also heard that the game may only be a demo of sort. Because there is no begaining story to the game, it just starts, and because the game right now is only on Flash Carts in Japan and on ROMs here. That could also answer why the guy can’t find the final CD, because it doesn’t exist.
  - Ultima Xavier Heart

At first I was told the same thing—that there was a demo or beta ROM floating around, but that the game wasn’t yet released in cartridge form. However, I talked to someone else who actually bought the cart (and I plan to do the same) so it would seem as though the final version is out. My suspicion is that the hundredth CD is simply designed to be tough to find. It’s probably of Zero, judging from the ending of Power Fighters.