Sometime in the not-so-distant future, the internet has become integrated with every piece of electronic equipment in existence (from TVs to ovens), and people carry around hand-held devices known as a Personal Exploration Terminal (PET). These devices act as phones, pagers, instant messengers, news beams, and hacking devices all rolled into one. Additionally they are able to be customized with a “Net Navi” or a human-like personality that can be anything the owner desires.

A fifth-grader named Lan has a Navi named MegaMan.EXE—a virus-fighting blue-suited cyber personality who is also Lan’s best friend. Although MegaMan.EXE has no body (unless the PET device itself counts), he can wander around in cyberspace and explore computer systems as if they were alternate worlds. Together Lan and MegaMan.EXE (also known as just MegaMan) cooperate to fight off hackers and viruses.

The relative peace of Lan’s hometown is shattered when electronic devices begin mysteriously going berserk. Talk of a takeover by the “World Three” (“WWW”) abounds. MegaMan and Lan decide to tackle the problem from two sides—the real world and cyberspace. It’s going to take everything they have to counter the mastermind behind all of this...

This is the story of Battle Network 1, where Lan learns the true background of his Navi, MegaMan. MegaMan.EXE is really his twin brother, originally named Hub. When Hub was just a baby, he was infected with an illness known as HBD. There was no known cure for it at that time, so to avoid losing his child, Dr. Hikari uploaded Hub’s consciousness into a computer and transformed him into a Navi. For years Hub and Dr. Hikari kept this secret from Lan, but finally the truth is revealed.

A month after Dr. Wily and the WWW were put in their place, a virus hits the Net known as the “Zero Virus.” And the cure turns out to to be worse than the virus. This is the tale of Network Transmission.

Sometime later, a “net mafia” known as Gospel arose. After many trials Lan and MegaMan discover a kid named Sean to be at the root of the problem. This is the story of Battle Network 2.

The first ever N1 Grand Prix shades a new uprising, as the WWW makes a comeback with old and new foes alike. Once again it is up to Lan and MegaMan to take out Dr. Wily and Bass and stop the rise of the old Internet, Alpha. This is the tale of Battle Network 3.

A new foe arises for Battle Network 4 and Battle Network 5 in the form of Dr. Regal, Wily’s son. This man decided to fill the world with evil, where there would be no right or wrong, and he used his father’s technology to attempt to accomplish this. But Lan and MegaMan joined with other skilled Navis and Operators and eventually Regal’s plans were defeated.

For more information, check out the various game hint pages for details about the plots that this history lacks.