Every Mega Man 5 password consists of 6 dots (3 red, 3 blue). To make your own passwords, go through the following sections, chosing only one position per group, and following other directions when given.

Bubble 1

(RED) This dot covers Napalm Man and Crystal Man.

  • Napalm Man: E2
  • Crystal Man: D2
  • Both: C1
  • None of the above: B1

Bubble 2

(RED) This dot covers Gyro Man, Star Man, and Charge Man.

  • Gyro Man: A4
  • Star Man: F4
  • Charge Man: F3
  • Gyro Man and Star Man: E3
  • Star Man and Charge Man: A3
  • Charge Man and Gyro Man: E4
  • All Three: D4
  • None of the above: D3

Bubble 3

(RED) This dot covers Gravity Man, Wave Man, and Stone Man.

  • Gravity Man: C6
  • Wave Man: B6
  • Stone Man: B5
  • Gravity Man and Wave Man: A5
  • Wave Man and Stone Man: C5
  • Stone Man and Gravity Man: A6
  • All Three: F6
  • None of the above: F5

Note: For the following dots, two positions are given. Enter the dot in the first position if it isn’t already filled. If it is, use the second position.

Bubble 4

(BLUE) This dot covers the N in Napalm Man’s stage and the V in Crystal Man’s stage.

  • N (Napalm): E2 / A2
  • V (Crystal): D2 / A2
  • Both: C1 / F1
  • None of the above: B1 / F1

Bubble 5

(BLUE) This dot covers the A in Gyro Man’s stage, the M in Star Man’s stage, and the A in Charge Man’s stage.

  • A (Gyro): A4 / C4
  • M (Star): F4 / C4
  • A (Charge): F3 / C3
  • A (Gyro) and M (Star): E3 / B3
  • M (Star) and A (Charge): A3 / C3
  • A (Charge) and A (Gyro): E4 / B4
  • All Three: D4 / B4
  • None of the above: D3 / B3

Bubble 6

(BLUE) This dot covers the M in Gravity Man’s stage, the E in Wave Man’s stage, and the G in Stone Man’s stage.

  • M (Gravity): C6 / E6
  • E (Wave): B6 / E6
  • G (Stone): B5 / D5
  • M (Gravity) and E Wave: A5 / E5
  • E (Wave) and G Stone: C5 / D5
  • G (Stone) and M Gravity: A6 / D6
  • All Three: F6 / D6
  • None of the above: F5 / E5

Thanks go to Thump Chan for this one.