• To go directly to the final Wily levels, select all the weapons in the list. Keep in mind that the password system does not record the number of Energy Tanks, and if you go directly to the final levels, you can’t go back to the first four levels to collect some!
  • There is no password that gives you nothing. Therefore, if you press the Generate button without selecting at least one weapon, you’ll get an empty password grid.
  • If you enter the password in HARD mode that gives you the Power Stone only, or the Flash Stopper only, then the game will resume in NORMAL mode. It’s a bug in the password system and there’s no way around it.
  • This password generator is based on my own crack of the Mega Man (Game Gear) password system. The JavaScript code behind the generator was also programmed by me, but I got some invaluable assistance from MMHP, who let me use her MM2 password generator as model for this one.
JavaScript Code Copyright © 1998 Luc Miron.

Please do not copy this to another site. If you wish to have a password generator, just link to here. Thanks.