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This game is a lot like Marvel vs Capcom but a lot more insane. You can have three characters in your tag team now and that many or more on the screen at once attacking your enemies. Mega Man, Roll, Tron, and a Servbot (Kobun) are all playable characters, although Mega Man and Roll are almost virtually unchanged from their previous appearances.

Note: This page only covers the Mega Man related characters. If you need more general information about the game itself, please consult another source.

Mega Man

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Mega Man is identical in this game as he was in Marvel vs Capcom with the exception that some of his moves were assigned new button combinations to deal with the fact that there are no medium punches or kicks in this game. Thus, please refer to the Marvel vs Capcom page for general strategies and more elaboration on each move.

  • Fireball: Strong Punch
    The same as the first game. You can charge this by holding down the button; the longer you charge, the more hits it does.
  • Slide: DownStrong Kick
    The foot-sweep done as a slide. Beware your opponent blocking this, because he’ll happily throw you out of it if he does.
  • Plasma Dragon Punch: Forward/Down/Down-ForwardAny Punch
    Still the same.
  • Get Mega Ball: Down/Down-Forward/ForwardAny Kick
  • Get Leaf Shield: Down/Down-Back/BackAny Kick
  • Get Tornado Hold: Forward/Down/Down-ForwardAny Kick
    I find this motion irritating because you tend to get the Mega Ball instead.
  • Use Weapon: Down/Down-Forward/ForwardAny Punch
    Uses the weapon you currently possess. For the Tornado Hold, the punch you press determines how far it goes. With the Leaf Shield, after using it once to give yourself the shield, you can then perform this motion a second time to throw it.
  • Beat Plane: Down/Down-Back/BackTwo Kicks
  • Rush Drill: Down/Down-Forward/ForwardTwo Kicks
  • Hyper Mega Man: Down/Down-Forward/ForwardTwo Punches


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Roll is also pretty much the same as her Marvel vs Capcom appearance, so please reference the information given there. Also she’s basically a toned-down repeat of Mega Man, so a lot of Mega Man’s notes and strategies apply.
  • Fireball: Down/Down-Forward/ForwardAny Punch
  • Get Mega Ball: Down/Down-Forward/ForwardAny Kick
  • Get Leaf Shield: Down/Down-Back/BackAny Kick
  • Get Tornado Hold: Forward/Down/Down-ForwardAny Kick
  • Use Weapon: Down/Down-Back/BackAny Punch
  • Flower Toss: Forward/Down/Down-ForwardAny Punch
    The punch you press determines how far it goes.
  • Beat Plane: Down/Down-Back/BackTwo Kicks
  • Rush Drill: Down/Down-Forward/ForwardTwo Kicks
  • Hyper Adapter: Down/Down-Forward/ForwardTwo Punches

Tron Bonne

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The computer is better at this than I am...
Tron is riding one of her Gustaff mechs in this game, and thus is very slow and sluggish, just like any of the big fighters.
  • Spinning Fists: Strong Punch
    This is her normal fierce punch, but is worth mentioning because unlike most characters’ this one can hit things behind her.
  • Boulder Toss: Strong Kick
    Tron grabs a boulder and chucks it at the enemy. A really crafty move, especially since you can hold down the button to hold onto the boulder until you’re ready to toss it.
  • Flame Pillar: DownStrong Punch
    Doesn’t set enemies on fire, but is an interesting move.
  • Beacon Bomb: Down/Down-Forward/ForwardLight Punch
    Tron fires a Beacon Bomb (from Misadventures) forward. If it is not blocked, Servbots will rush out and grab onto the enemy, paralyzing him. You can then use the opportunity to drop a combo onto him or whatever you’d like. If you wait long enough without hitting the opponent, the Servbots will let go and return refractor shards to you which refill your life a tad.
  • Diagonal Beacon Bomb: Down/Down-Forward/ForwardStrong Punch
    Then again I won in the end...
    The same as the normal Beacon Bomb, but Tron fires this one up at an angle. This won’t hit enemies on the ground (unless they’re really tall and right next to you...) but it’s a great anti-air move.
  • Drill Attack: Down/Down-Forward/ForwardAny Kick
    Tron jets forward with a large drill on the front of her machine. Can hit multiple times. A nice surprise move. You can even do this in the air.
  • Giant Servbot: Down/Down-Back/BackTwo Punches
    Tron’s Servbot grows to a huge pixilated version of himself and pounds around with a hammer.
  • Lunch Rush: Down/Down-Forward/ForwardTwo Punches
    Tron fires a Beacon Bomb that must hit in order for the rest of the super to be executed. This has less range than it appears; you must be within a few steps of your target or the Bomb won’t stick. Should you make the tag, all of the Servbots will rush across the screen carrying trays of food, and consequently mow down the poor victim. This can inflict upwards to 41 hits of damage.
    (The great debate: It’s unknown where the 41st hit comes from. There are 40 Servbots, but one of those (the one with Tron) is serving the food, so probably he does not count as a hit. That leaves 39 Servbots to do the actual hitting. Tron’s Beacon itself probably counts as a hit, but where does the last hit come from? Lots of people have mailed me saying Data appears during this move. I have yet to be able to verify this however. For that matter, in Legends 2 the Servbots ask MegaMan to become Servbot #42. So who is Servbot #41?)

Servbot (Kobun)

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The Servbot is more of a joke character than a real combatant. However his small size makes it easier for him to dodge attacks from other characters. The Servbot doesn’t really have any normal punches and kicks; instead he has silly attacks which are executed instead. Some of these can be interesting; his table attack can launch, for example.
  • Potato Peel: DownLight Punch/Light Kick
    I mention this one because pressing down while attacking has better range than his normal potato peel move.
  • Curry Firebreath: Down/Down-Forward/ForwardAny Punch
    The Servbot eats a plate of curry and promptly spews out fire from his mouth. Has a small range.
  • Tank Rush: Down/Down-Forward/ForwardAny Kick
    Your Servbot jumps into a tank and rushes forward a small distance, doing multiple hits if he connects. This move can launch the enemy if he doesn’t block it.
  • Servbot Summon: Down/Down-Back/BackLight Punch
    Another Servbot rushes across the screen carrying a tray.
  • Servbot Grab: Down/Down-Back/BackStrong Punch
    Calls a Servbot to rush over and try to grab the enemy. This works the same as Tron’s Beacon Bomb move (above), except without the Bomb.
  • Servbot Copter: Down/Down-Back/BackAny Kick
    Another Servbot flies across the screen, then drops to the ground and runs away. This will damage the opponent but only if the Servbot hits while he is still flying. Probably best used against enemies in the air.
  • Giant Servbot: Down/Down-Forward/ForwardTwo Kicks
    Similar to Tron’s super, except you can control the Servbot. Move around with the control stick and press buttons to swing the mallet. Because the giant Servbot walks slowly, it is recommended you pull this off while already somewhat close to your opponent in order to get as many hits off as possible.
  • Servbot Rush: Down/Down-Forward/ForwardTwo Punches
    Servbots swarm all over the screen. Probably the Servbot’s best super move if for no other reason than it has great range and will hit the opponent almost anywhere he goes.


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Well, everyone in the game has the same ending, which is rather dull. So there’s really nothing worth me posting here.