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This began as a free-to-play online game originally released only on mobile devices that later received a Steam port. It takes place in the X series and focuses mostly on that series, but it does also include playable characters from the other Mega Man series games as well. The goal of the game seems to be to build up your characters; you can earn new ones by “rolling” on them or sometimes by earning them via various special events.

Interestingly enough, Capcom later released an “Offline” version which can be purchased as a one-time expense and played without a server. A reader reports that this version allows you to earn characters through in-game mechanisms, including purchasing them with in-game currency and earning them in events that run automatically or are manually activated.

I will probably someday be able to play this (at least the Offline version), so I am likely to expand upon this page in the future.

Note: From what I understand, Capcom developed the original Japanese version of this game, but the version released in English-language markets was published by NebulaJoy. As of the time of this writing, it seems the NebulaJoy version is going to be discontinued soon; however, it appears that the Offline version (even the English version) was published by Capcom and presumably will continue to be available.