MegaMaster Musings

Time and Capsules
March 23, 2005

I’ve come to an interesting realization lately. That being that X series characters cannot, logically, be that much more powerful than those in the original series. A little, perhaps, but not much. Why? Let’s walk through it.

Who is the most formidable character in the entire X series? Without a doubt, the most powerful character is X with all of his enhancements. X starts out weak, but once he has suited up in one of his infamous sets of armor, he beats the living daylights out of everyone in the series. He has more defense, more firepower, and more special abilities to choose from than anyone else.

And who gives X his armor? Now you’re catching on. The answer is Dr. Light. During what time period did Dr. Light live? If we believe the games, Dr. Light built X’s armor back during Mega Man’s time. (We don’t know if Mega Man himself was still around, but since it is said to have occurred during Dr. Light’s lifetime and Dr. Light was already old by the time he built Mega Man, he couldn’t have lasted very much longer.) Dr. Light then left those enhancements in capsules for X to discover years later.

Kind of curious that the most overpowered enhancements in X’s day come from Mega Man’s time period. Even Zero’s black armor, when you can pick it up during the game rather than by using a cheat code, comes from a Dr. Light capsule. (Now that’s thinking ahead!)

Of course, in several games Dr. Light acts as though he is still living and breathing, rather than just being a recording in the capsules as the first (and seventh) games tried to imply, so it’s possible he’s still kicking and still making enhancements even a hundred years later. But if you just go by what the games try to claim, you have to come to a much different conclusion...

- The MegaMaster