A good bulk of the e-mail that I receive is centered around how to find certain Mega Man games and other merchandise. Since my replies are always the same, I decided to compact them all onto a single page. Please note that I cannot send you items or help you buy them. The best I can do is tell you where I myself have personally found them, and give you ideas.

Notice: Mention of a company does not indicate endorsement by that company, nor are there any guarantees that the company will be able to fulfill what is specified of it. The following are suggestions only based on past personal experience. Stock and mileage will vary.


Almost anything can be found online these days. Try going to Google or your favorite search engine and just type in the name of the product you want. Try a few variations (for example, “Megaman” versus “Mega Man”) and see what you turn up. Below I list links to specific sites that sell certain types of Mega Man products, so by all means check those first, but if all else fails, try a search.

Capcom Direct

Lately Capcom has been selling a lot of products directly, including games, toys, and miscellaneous merchandise. (If this link ever goes dead, just go to their home page and hunt around from there.) I would definitely recommend hitting there first and browsing around to see what you can find.


You might notice I do not list eBay anywhere on here. This is for two reasons—one, it would be redundant, as you can find literally anything and everything on eBay, and everyone already knows this. Two, eBay is also the fastest way to get yourself ripped off. Be aware that probably half of the Mega Man items for sale there at any given time are pirates or forgeries, not real products. There is no way I can recommend items on eBay since the sellers and items are so diverse. Buy there at your own risk.


I said it above, but I’ll say it again... I do not send things to people directly. Also, if the information is not here, then I probably don’t have any better suggestions to offer. So asking me where to buy something is probably just going to net you a link back to this page. =)

First of all...

Check Capcom’s site to see if the game you want is on sale. Capcom is selling most of their more recent titles directly from their website. This is the easiest and in some cases cheapest way to get Mega Man games.


I don’t have any games for sale, so don’t bother asking me. ;) I will not send copies (of any sort) of games to anyone, so please don’t ask.

Note on New Games

You will probably notice I do not bother listing Mega Man games for recent systems. This is because there are simply way too many stores that sell them to list. Go into any game store and you’re virtually guaranteed to find them. Also, Capcom sells most of these as well. Therefore, this section will list only those games which are obsolete and thus more difficult to find.

NES games

There are lots of ports that you can use to play these, including the Anniversary Collection and the Wii/3DS ports. If you really want or need a copy on the original system, you’ll most likely need to buy used. This is not necessarily a bad thing provided you shop at the right place and get a game that wasn’t abused by its previous owners. The hard part is that Mega Man games are rarely seen on the used racks. Apparently most people like them enough to keep them. You can also try going to various rental places (Blockbuster, Rogers, etc.) as often they will sell off old games that they don’t want to rent anymore. Other bets are software stores that sometimes sell used games such as Babbages. Basically, browse your local stores for anyone with used-game racks.

Sites that sell NES, SNES, and other old Mega Man games:

SNES games

SNES games are also out-dated, so you’ll need to use the same strategies as with NES games.

Game Boy games

Some of the Game Boy Advance and DS/3DS games are new enough that you can buy them on Capcom’s site. Otherwise, you will most likely need to buy used. See the NES section, above.

PlayStation and Saturn games

As the PlayStation gets older, these are getting harder to find. I don’t currently have any specific suggestions but try the information in the NES section above. Generally the Saturn games are harder to get a hold of—however since every Mega Man game released on Saturn was also released on the PSX, you can also just buy the PSX versions.

PC Ports

Capcom has ported many of their console games to the computer platform. You can sometimes buy ports directly from Capcom via their website. Alternately, you may find these in stores. I’ve seen them at Electronics Boutique and you’ll probably also find them at Babbages and similar places.

Sites that sell PC ports:

Original games for the PC

A couple original games (Mega Man through Mega Man 3) were released for the PC a long time ago by third parties. These are so old they are only 16 colors. As such you aren’t likely to find them in most software stores. Jeff Bogumil says: “People who are looking for these games may want to keep an eye out in the discount bins for PC Street Fighter II, which includes the Mega Man titles as a bonus. I found this package in Kaybee a year or so ago.” Or look in stores like K-Mart and Wal-Mart. Update: might have Mega Man 3, although they could be sold out by now.

Japanese-only games

If you don’t live in Japan, you can order these from an online store that imports Japanese games. Note that nearly all game systems have various methods of trying to prevent you from playing imports, so you will have to look up information on how to get around this if you want to play a Japanese-only game.

Sites that sell import Japanese Rockman (Mega Man) games:

Mega Man - The Wily Wars

In cartridge format, this game is currently only available as Japanese NTSC or English PAL, so you’ll have to look at companies that deal with imports. Unfortunately I heard the place where I obtained my copy (Tommo) is no longer selling it. I can’t make any other specific recommendations here; you’ll have to search around. Note that you will need a converter to play PAL games on an NTSC system, but usually the company that sells you the game will also have a converter.

Mega Man Battle & Chase

Get this on the X Collection (incongruously enough). If you want to play the original, Japanese import shops will probably still be selling the “Best of Family” re-release version of this game.

Rockman Strategy

I’m afraid to say that the store where my copy was obtained is sold out and doesn’t anticipate ever restocking. I guess the game is out of print and might not be easy to find even in China. eBay might be your only chance, though be prepared for outrageous prices.

Mega Show Toys

There’s only one place I’ve personally been able to find these: at, oddly, Japanese anime conventions. I can’t help you beyond that, but you might be able to find them online.

15th Anniversary Toys

These can be found at Toys ’R’ Us, and possibly other stores as well. Look for stores that sell products made by Jazwares.

Japanese Toys

Again, I find these at anime conventions (dealers rooms are great things). You can also buy them online at various Japanese import shops. Also, if your nearby city has a Chinatown, try there. Stores from Hong Kong often import Japanese toys.

Sites that sell Rockman/Mega Man toys:

Do not ask me for copies of any cartoon show. It is against my policy to send anyone tapes, or to send or post movie (computer) files of the same. (Beyond the legal issues, recording movie files of an entire half hour episode requires more RAM than I have and posting them requires more server space and bandwidth than I have. It’s just not what I spend my money on, sorry.) So please don’t bother asking.

Mega Shows

You can find these on DVD from ADV Films, in any store that sells ADV Films videos. This is definitely the easiest way you can get them, since you get an entire season on one DVD (thus, only two DVDs to buy) and they’re relatively cheap considering. Alternately, you can try browsing TV Guide Online because some stations might still be airing them. Do a search for “Mega Man” (with the space) and turn up any shows in your area. The show is listed literally as “Mega Man” on this service so if nothing comes up, the show is not being shown on any stations in your area.

Captain N Shows

You can get these on DVD. This is probably the easiest way to obtain them.

Mega Man NT Warrior (Battle Network) Shows

Keep an eye on your TV schedules for these. Also, you can buy them on DVD and VHS from any store that sells Viz products. They’re very new right now, so they shouldn’t be too hard to find for a while.

Mega Man Anime DVD Special

ADV Films released this, so anyone who sells their DVDs should have it. It’s released under the title “Upon a Star.”

Sites that sell Mega Man/Rockman and related cartoon shows:

Mega Man Comics

Dreamwave produced these. You can order all (currently) of their Mega Man comics in one pocket volume from here.

NT Warrior Comics

These are new enough that they should be easy to find for a while. Anyone who sells Viz comics will probably stock these.

Udon Comics

Udon has been translating several of the Rockman manga and they are now available in your favorite bookstores.

Archie Comics

Right now, you can subscribe to these. Alternately, you can find them in volume form (such as this one) on Amazon and other such sites.

Sites that sell English Mega Man comics:

Rockman Manga

These tend to be more difficult to find than some of the toys in my experience. The same basic ideas apply however—try import shops or Chinese malls (which often have them translated into Chinese, which if you can’t read either Japanese or Chinese this won’t matter to you much). Note that Japanese manga are almost always read from right to left—meaning turn the book over and read from the other side.

Sites that sell Rockman manga:
Art Books

These are becoming more and more common. Used to be all you could get were strategy guides. Now entire books are being published focusing on production artwork. Furthermore, these “Complete Works” books also have information about the characters and lots of screen shots and such.
Sites that sell art books:
Mega Shows Soundtrack

Look for this online (Amazon sells used copies). I personally have never seen it in a store, although I have heard of others who have.

Game Music Sountracks

Capcom is selling some of these directly. Most other game music CDs are Japanese-only, so you’ll have to import. Try online import stores.

Sites that sell Rockman/Mega Man CDs:

For the most part this category includes tee-shirts, hoodies, and costume bits.

Sites that sell Mega Man apparel:

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