(Parental notice: The song discussed here contains strong language in its lyrics. This page provides neither the lyrics nor samples of the song for this reason.)

The following are just a few screen shots from the music video of “Sock It 2 Me,” a song by Missy Elliot. I cannot claim to know exactly what’s supposed to be going on here, so my commentary may be a little off, as I’m reacting purely to the visuals and don’t really know what the creators were thinking when they came up with this.

The characters in this video are not exact duplicates of any Mega Man characters, probably deliberately to avoid infringement issues. But the similarities are there...

Our apparent heroes, who probably are meant to resemble X and Zero/Proto Man, maybe with a few other influences thrown in...

...wander off their ship to discover...

...a somewhat unfriendly welcome.

But then Bass appears...

...and, mysteriously, helps out our heroes.

They fly off on a jet sled, getting shot at and such.

The Wily of this place...

...seems to have his symbol upside down, which means it matches the “M” on the hero’s chest as well. I wonder if there’s a connection?

There’s more to the video than these screen shots show, but these give at least a sampling of the Mega Man influences.

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