Pocket Fighter, a Capcom game involving super-deformed characters, is chock full of cameos. Some of these are in the backgrounds, while others manifest in the fighters themselves. Many attacks involve the player character undergoing a costume change, most of which are cameos.

Naturally Mega Man, one of Capcom’s largest game series (in fact, some say Mega Man is Capcom’s mascot), is cameoed in Pocket Fighter. There are, actually, quite a few Mega Man references, as detailed below.

Click on the thumbnail images below to see a full-sized shot.

Felicia dons a Mega Man costume and blasts her opponent with a Mega Buster.
Felicia also does a Mega Man slide, arm cannon at ready.
MegaMan Voulnutt and Roll Caskett from Mega Man Legends are seen in the background of the Running Battle.
Later in the Running Battle, the classic Mega Man is joined by Roll and Rush.
Tron and a Servbot from Legends appear a bit later in the Running Battle mode. (Thanks to Un BalNz’D and the unnamed contributor who sent me these screen shots.)
X, Iris, and Zero from the X series also show up in the Running Battle. (Thanks to Un BalNz’D and the unnamed contributor who sent me these screen shots.)
Characters often perish with Mega Man style.

Here’s a bit of trivia for you: In English arcades, the game Pocket Fighter was renamed to something else entirely, although for some reason (most likely laziness), the English home version retains the original Japanese name. The original English name was Gem Fighters.

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