Capcom spawned the X series for the Super Nintendo, spinning their Mega Man theme into a new world with a new robot named X and his struggles against Reploids. Their first game, Mega Man X, took the basic idea of the Mega Man game engine and added totally new characters and environments, and some new concepts such as wall-climbing. The end result was a shining example of a side-scrolling platform game...and of course, a number of sequels.

In the X series, Dr. Cain excavates Dr. Light’s laboratory and uncovers X. He promptly uses X’s design to create a series of Reploids. However that’s when things turn sour, for some Reploids began fighting against humanity and were thus dubbed Mavericks. The Maverick Hunters were formed to fight off this new threat, the greatest of which is now Sigma, a deadly ex-Maverick Hunter who has led countless assaults on humans and Reploids combined.

X has teamed up with Zero, a mysterious but skilled Maverick Hunter, and despite the Maverick Hunter organization with its numerous combatants, the two remain the greatest warriors of the entire team.

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