Well, I’ve gotten a lot of requests for this, so here it is. First, some background: I was bored one day (well, okay, so it wasn’t that I had nothing better to do, and it didn’t consume only a day, but I digress) and drew up a Mega Man KiSS doll. KiSS dolls are basically paper dolls on the computer. After my first stab at the format, I decided I could do a much better job. So I redrew the doll from scratch and added some animation effects. This is available below.

There are two versions of the CNF file included; use the animated version if you can, as you can then click on the control panel in the lower left to change features of Mega Man’s uniform. However if you’re using a viewer that doesn’t support animations you can settle with the standard (non-FKiSS) file.

The file is stored as a ZIP; you’ll have to decompress it before you can view it with most programs. For KiSS viewing applications see The Big KiSS Page.

Download (168K)

Parental note: This doll is rated “G.” I drew it and thus I can say with confidence that there is absolutely no nudity—because I simply didn’t draw any. I mean, come on, it’s Mega Man! I know I probably don’t have to even mention this, but just in case. (Caveat: I cannot vouch for any version of the doll not downloaded from here or The Big KiSS Page.)

Some things to try:

  • Click on the wireframe model of Mega Man to toggle his uniform. You can also toggle his helmet and arm cannon separately (the helmet can only be toggled when he’s wearing his uniform) using the appropriate buttons. (FKiSS only)
  • Change palettes to change Mega Man’s color scheme (as if he’s equipped with a Master Weapon).
  • The non-animated version is lacking the fancy animations but does have a couple of features the animated one does not, including the ability to create Break Man (Protoman) as well as Mega Man.
  • Many of the outfits are straight out of The Series. See if you can identify them!