Geo Stelar
An elementary school boy who lost his father in the Peace space station incident. For years afterward he refused to make friends, afraid of being hurt again. That experience has taught him the value of friendship. He can fuse with Omega-Xis to become “MegaMan.”
An AM-ian who fled to Earth and encountered Geo. Omega-Xis, nicknamed “Mega,” enjoys fighting, but is gradually learning how to cooperate with Geo to fight for the right reasons.
Luna Platz
One of Geo’s classmates, and the class president (nicknamed “Prez”). A natural leader, she acts brash to hide her insecurity, and she has a crush on “MegaMan” even after she finds out that MegaMan is really Geo.
Bud Bison
One of Luna’s sidekicks and Geo’s friend who loves to eat and depends mostly on his strength to solve problems.
Zack Temple
Luna’s other sidekick who becomes friends with Geo. He is the smallest and is very self-conscious of his height. What he lacks in physical strength, he makes up for with his love of knowledge.
Sonia Strumm
This girl became a famous singer at a young age. She is friends with Geo and can fuse with an FM-ian named Lyra to become “Harp Note.”
Kelvin Stelar
Geo’s father helped developed the original Transers and searched the stars with the goal of making peaceful contact with alien beings. However, something happened to the space station he was on, and he subsequently vanished.
Hope Stelar
Geo’s mother is rarely seen around the house because she must work in her husband’s absence.
Aaron Boreal
A friend and former coworker of Geo’s father who now works at AMAKEN. He still holds hope that Kelvin Stelar will someday return alive.