I find that the FAQ format is sometimes the easiest way to absorb information, so here we go...


What does this request page discuss?
This page covers mostly using images on other websites since that’s by far the most common request I get, but there are other uses discussed here as well (such as using text content or images in a game). See below. Note that except for the Commercial section, this page assumes that the usage of the items discussed do not involve profit (that is, that they are given away for free).

What do I have to do if I want to use content?
Provided it’s content that can be used (see below for more details), all I ask is that you give credit for the items you use. That means state your source and don’t try to pretend the items are your own creations or are exclusives to your site. Just please don’t plagiarize.

Do I have to ask you before using content?
No, not if you read and follow the guidelines on this page. In fact if you do ask I’ll probably just redirect you here. =) If something confuses you, feel free to ask about it, but make sure you’ve read through this page first and please give specific details about what confused you. Thanks!

Why has this using content business become such a big issue?
Since the dawn of the Internet there have been those who have freely swiped images off other people’s sites and used them without even so much as an acknowledgement of the source. Early on in MMHP’s life I was finding my hand-drawn logos all over the Internet, even on professional web magazine sites. Nearly everything on MMHP, from the artwork to the text, is my own personal hard work, requiring many hours of time and often money. Imagine if you spent a lot of time working on items to make your site unique only to have them turn up on dozens of other sites without an ounce of effort. I could try to just ban all use of my items, but I don’t want to be that totalitarian. Personally I don’t have a problem with people using select things off MMHP if some sort of credit is given to the source of the material. Thus, this page.

Why should I give credit for items I use?
It’s common courtesy. This doesn’t just apply to MMHP. You should be doing it for anything you use regardless of the source. If you quote someone, you should state the source, and if you use someone else’s work, you should credit them (or pay them, but that’s beyond the scope of this document).

Is there any benefit for me?
Yes, you won’t have people visiting your site thinking you’re ripping off other people. I’ve had visitors mail me telling me about websites stealing from MMHP. Believe it or not people notice...and that is a lousy first impression to make. But put some credit up there, and you won’t get this kind of reaction. (Side note to the commercial sites out there: this applies to you as well. Think about how unprofessional you look when you’re copying artwork or information from MMHP or another third-party source and don’t even give credit, much less offer to pay for the material.)

How should the credit go?
I prefer a link to The Mega Man Home Page. It’s your site, however, so phrase it how you will. Put the credit somewhere obvious where people are going to actually see it (see above). I’ve had several cases of people “borrowing” MMHP images off other sites because they don’t know those images originated off MMHP, and thus don’t realize that different rules may apply. Please, be sure to direct anyone who might wonder about MMHP images to this page that you’re reading now (


Are there any limitations to item use?
A few:
  1. Be reasonable. Taking one or two images and crediting them is one thing, but taking a lot of them and basically copying a site is still plagiarism, even if you give credit.
  2. Don’t modify the images except perhaps to change their size if needed. If you need to do more than that, ask me first.
  3. Don’t link directly to images (or other non-HTML content) on MMHP’s server. This is known as “hotlinking” and it’s not nice.
  4. If you want to sell something with the images in it, see the Commercial section.
  5. The following images and categories of images are off-limits and may not be used in whole or in part elsewhere even with credit (unless I’ve personally given specific special permission):
    • Logos: Any MMHP logo or section graphic may not be used on other sites. This includes, but is not limited to: Exception: The link banners/buttons can be used without credit and without asking if they are used as links to MMHP.
    • Sprites: I drew or touched up all of my sprites myself by hand; please do not use my copies. If you need sprites, you can see the sprites area of the Links section for sites that might offer them for download.
    • Portraits: Some of my portraits are from the games, but the rest I drew myself. I may give special permission to use some portraits on other sites, but it depends on the situation. You’ll have to ask in this case.
    • Layout Graphics: Things like the border graphics and such that make up the overall appearance of the site are a large part of MMHP’s “look and feel.” Please do not use these graphics on other sites.
    • Wallpapers: I.e., page backgrounds. Like the other layout graphics, these are a large part of what defines a site, so please do not use any of my wallpapers on other websites. Thanks.
    • Icons: Ditto.
    • Book Images: Not totally off-limits, but please see the Agreement page for more details about using these.

What if I want to use one of your images in my message board signatures?
Same guidelines as for using them on a website. Give credit (in the signature where the image is used) and see the limitations above.

Text and Other Content

What if I want to use textual content, rather than images?
Link to it. Don’t copy-and-paste, just make a link. You can make a direct link to any piece of information you’d like. I don’t mind “deep” links into MMHP (HTML files only, though; not other type of content), so feel free to direct your visitors straight to the item you wish to point out. For example, if you want to make a link to the Mega Man 3 game hints page, link to You can get the direct URL to any page by just visiting it and copying the location from your browser.

What if I want to use one of those cool password generators?
Link to it.

What if I want use a MIDI or MOD?
Almost all MIDIs were not created by me. I list the author of the file where I link to it. Use this credit to contact the author directly about whether or not you can use his file. (If you get permission, do not link directly to the MIDI on MMHP; download it and make a link to your own copy.) If the MIDI is attributed to me (The MegaMaster) it may not be used on other websites, sorry (but hey, I don’t make very many so you’re not missing much =)).

What if I want use other sound files?
Well, first of all, do not hotlink to any non-HTML file on MMHP. Second, for sound files that I have recorded, you can use the same basic adages as for images. It’s okay to copy and use a few sound files, but please do not duplicate entire sections such as the Song of the Week or the MIDI/MOD archive. And please remember to give credit for the sound files that you do use.

What about other types of content not covered here?
In other cases not covered specifically, the adage for text information applies: link to it. Note: please do not link directly to non-HTML content on MMHP—link to the HTML page that contains the link to the content.


What if I want to use images in a game or desktop theme I'm making?
If it’s just for yourself, feel free. If you want to give it to other people or allow them to download it or whatever, this follows the same guidelines as using images on a website—give credit somewhere in a visible place in the item in question with a URL to listed. Also if the item is offered for download from the Internet I’d appreciate credits and a link on the site where the item can be downloaded if possible. Note that if you want to sell the item in question, see the Commercial section.

Personal Use

What if I just want to use an image on my computer's desktop?
Downloading images for personal (offline) use is exempt from all this. Basically “personal use” is defined as: the image stays on your machine and doesn’t move to anyone else’s computer. If this is the case, you may freely download any and all images that you desire and use them however you’d like. Use them as your desktop wallpaper, print them, use them as case studies, or whatever, I don’t care, as long as you don’t give them to anyone else. If someone else wants them, direct them to this page.

Can I print game hints pages for easier reference?
Of course! You can even pass out the printouts to friends—all I ask is that you don’t strip any of the copyright and other identifying information from the pages if you do.

Commercial Use

Can I use items from MMHP in things that I sell?
No. Among other things, this violates Capcom’s own copyrights and trademarks in a way that they probably would not appreciate. While I certainly would not stand in the way of that (you can take it up directly with Capcom themselves), I do not wish my own artwork and other creative items to be used in this way. Capcom has given me permission to post my Mega Man works online, but they never gave me permission to sell them, and that means no one else has that permission either.


What about things on MMHP credited to someone else?
If I credit someone else, then the item is not mine to give. Ask the person credited directly for permission, if possible, or at the very least credit them.

I used an item with credit, and someone else asked me if they could use it; what do I do?
Simply direct them to this page. If you want to state this on your site the URL is:

I want to use an item with credit; will you mail it to me?
I’m sorry, but no. You’ll have to be able to download it yourself from the site. Please do not ask me to mail you files.

What if what I want to do isn't covered here?
Use your common sense. And mail if you still have questions. Just be specific or I’ll probably just redirect you back to this page.

The term “hotlinking” means to make a direct link to non-HTML content, such as an image or a sound file. It’s not nice, so don’t do it.