Mega Man, otherwise known as Rockman or just plain Rock, made his debut way back in 1987. Capcom, the original creator of the Mega Man games, envisioned an arcade-quality experience and produced top-notch play control and game play experience. This has survived, more or less intact, through the 30+ games in the series.

As the story goes, the little robot known as Mega Man began his days as a household robot created by Dr. Light but was quickly remodeled into a warrior to counter the trechery of the evil Dr. Wily. With every sequel Mega Man has been pitted against yet more Robot Masters—humanoid like himself, but bent on his destruction—not to mention the endless array of google-eyed minor enemies and screen-sized bosses.

The Mega Man games began their days as traditional side-scrolling platform shooters. Eventually Capcom branched out and began producing side games of different genres, but the traditional one has become an instant classic.

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