When the first Mega Man game was created, it’s unsure whether its designers knew how popular the series would become. But eventually, its success became evident, and Capcom began creating various tidbits and items to play off this popularity.

I remember signing up to Capcom’s Club merely for its promise of a Mega Man poster and comic strip. Although I received the poster (a Mega Man 3 poster to be exact), I never did see any comics. I have, however, gotten a few Mega Man stickers and various other odds and ends...and that was only the beginning.

This section of the site includes information about Mega Man-related items, besides games, released by Capcom and by third parties.

See the Buyer’s Guide for information on getting ahold of some of these things.

Cartoon Shows
Probably one of Capcom’s biggest non-game ventures was the Mega Man cartoon shows. These were targeted toward an English-speaking audience and were therefore quite different than the games.

Though not as common in the Western part, there are quite a few Mega Man toys throughout the world. I give a few details about some of the toys—which are mostly action figures—that I’m aware of at the moment.

There aren’t many books related to Mega Man aside from strategy guides, but there are now some art books/compendiums.

Comics / Manga
American comics and Japanese manga take apart the series in almost every imaginable way...

CDs and Soundtracks
Video game music CDs are becoming the norm these days...

Trading Cards
Mega Man is moving up in the industry when he starts getting trading cards...

Yay! Mega Man tee-shirts! And that’s not all...

Miscellaneous Merchandise
Not toys, but perhaps close enough. There are a slew of objects which have the Mega Man/Rockman brand stamped on them. Everything from towels to lunch boxes. I may someday detail these, although for now I haven’t.