On a world almost completely covered with water, people are forced to carve out a living on tiny islands which rise above the vast oceans. Under the waters run tunnels, ancient ruins of a time long past which hold both treasure and danger. Treasure is sought out by those known as Diggers, which equip themselves in protective suits and venture into the ruins in search of refractors and other valuable items.

This is a tale of two families...

...The Casketts, retired Digger Barrell and his granddaughter Roll, have adopted MegaMan Voulnutt, who was found abandoned when he was just a baby. Trained in the skill of Digging, MegaMan dons his suit and digs for the Caskett family while his good friend Roll acts as his Spotter and mechanic. Barrell offers his own advice gleaned from years of digging. Together, this small family, along with the robot monkey known as Data, make their living in the airship Flutter.

...The Bonnes, well-renowned sky pirates, have completed their own airship, the Gesellschaft, and scour the skies for treasure. They have but one goal in mind, and that is the legendary Mother Lode. Teisel Bonne, the oldest, leads the expedition while his younger sister Tron, a mechanical wiz, creates robots for them and the youngest, Bon Bonne, provides backup support. Little Servbot robots do much of the hard work, scouting areas, stealing items, and in some cases fighting the Bonnes’ enemies.

This is a tale of two families and their unexpected encounter.

When the Flutter experienced engine troubles one day that crash-landed it on the island of Kattelox, events were set into motion that would lead to an encounter between these two unlikely families. By chance the Bonnes just happened to be coming across Kattelox at about the same time, attacking the island and demanding the keys to the Main Gate, a sealed portal that supposedly locked the ruins that held the Mother Lode. MegaMan, equipped with his Digger’s suit and armaments, took on these pirates, becoming their largest adversary and getting himself known as “the blue boy” throughout the island.

As events unfolded, MegaMan eventually discovered how to open the Main Gate, and though wary, ventured into its depths. What he discovered was far beyond what he could have ever imagined. After narrowly avoiding disaster, MegaMan and the Casketts left Kattelox to resume their search for more treasure and Roll’s missing parents. The Bonnes, though defeated, managed to make off with an extremely large rainbow refractor, and so even their expedition ended on a fairly happy note.

But what waits in store for them on other islands?

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