MegaMan Voulnutt/Trigger
Discovered abandoned when he was just a baby, MegaMan was taken into care by Barrell Caskett, a retired Digger. He grew up alongside Barrell’s granddaughter Roll and learned how to become a skilled Digger himself. MegaMan is accompanied by a robot monkey named Data, who was by his side when he was discovered.
Roll Caskett
Granddaughter of Barrell Caskett, Roll was orphaned when her parents mysteriously disappeared during a dig. Though only 14, she is a mechanical genius and loves to build and repair machines. She acts as a Spotter for MegaMan, remaining aboveground while he digs and using a radio to communicate with him. Although she can not actually see what is going on, her Spotter equipment allows her to pick up signals from underground, often telling her of dangers and secrets invisible to the human eye.
Barrell Caskett
A retired Digger, Barrell is a renowned archeologist. He has passed down his extensive knowledge of Digging to his adopted son MegaMan, offering advice as necessary.
A curious robotic monkey that was found with MegaMan. The little robot holds vast knowledge and acts as MegaMan’s guide and companion. He speaks in gibberish that only MegaMan can understand.
Teisel Bonne
The eldest of the Bonne siblings, Teisel acts as the head of a family of pirates. A rather loud, brash man, Teisel can change moods on the drop of a dime. His goal in life is to find treasure, particularly the Mother Lode—even if it’s at the expense of someone else.
Tron Bonne
A wiz with machinery who is very much a mirror of Roll. Tron builds robots for the Bonnes to use in their pirate raids. She also often heads up such expeditions herself. Tron is a little hot-headed but cares about her family (such as it is) and will fight to protect them. She treats her Servbots almost like children, giving them praise at times and harsh discipline at others.
Bon Bonne
Called the baby of the family, Bon is basically a huge robot with a pacifier. The only word he can say is “babu” but somehow the other Bonnes can understand what he really means.
Small robots which perform various tasks for the Bonnes, including scouting, attacking, and chores. There are forty of these and each has its own characteristics.