Lan Hikari
Your typical fifth-grader whose best friend happens to be his Net Navi, MegaMan.EXE. He’s resourceful and isn’t afraid to get in over his head, which is often where he gets MegaMan as well. He is, though, just a little bit dense.
Lan’s Net Navi and a skilled virus buster. Like all Net Navi, he is incapable of leaving cyberspace because he has no physical body, but he communicates with Lan through his PET terminal. MegaMan and Lan get along like brothers—both the good aspects and the bad.
Mayl Sakurai
Probably Lan’s closest friend outside of MegaMan.EXE, although he doesn’t acknowledge this fact. Mayl is a girl in Lan’s class who loves walking with him to school and just plain spending time with him.
Roll is Mayl’s Net Navi and, as a result, rather good friends with MegaMan.EXE. When called upon in battle, she has both offensive and healing capabilities.
Eugene Chaud
Chaud is a Net Battler—a member of a group of individuals who have made it their purpose to use their Net Navi to combat Net crime. He takes his job very seriously and gets irritated by any unauthorized interference.
ProtoMan is Chaud’s Net Navi and his yes man. Rather quiet and straight-forward, he cooperates with his operator almost to a fault.
Another of Lan’s classmates and the owner of GutsMan. He takes great pride in his Net Navi but in truth isn’t very good at fighting Net battles.
Dex’s Net Navi isn’t one for a lot of words. Big and strong, he is capable of destroying panels during battle.
Yai Ayanokoji
This rich fifth grader has a lot of knowledge of PETs, or at least likes to think she does. She helps out Lan mostly by giving advice.
Yai’s Net Navi is programmed to be calm and polite.