MegaMaster Musings

E-Mail Forwards
April 21, 2004

This isn’t directly related to Mega Man, but it is to this site in general, due to the kinds of e-mail I receive.

E-mail forwards are a curious phenomenon. I really wonder if anyone bothers to really think before they hit “Forward.” Particularly with the “forward this for money” related e-mails.

You know the deal. The e-mail either promises that a particular company (Microsoft, Applebees, Pepsi, insert company name here) will pay people for forwarding messages; or, the e-mail says that some charity will donate money for every forwarded e-mail to either a general cause, or toward a particular person’s recovery.

They are all hoaxes.

Think about it for a second. In order for any of these to be real, the company or charity in question would need to be able to track and dissect every single e-mail you write. Isn’t that enough to scare you to the soles of your shoes? And just imagine: if a charity or a company could get access to the total content of all of your e-mail, picture the government or criminals with this kind of information.

Simply put, be glad those e-mails are hoaxes.

Therefore, rule number one of e-mail: If an e-mail says “forward this”... Don’t. No matter what reason the e-mail offers as an incentive. Simply don’t. Most forwarded e-mails are frauds or hoaxes, and even those that are simply fun stories tend to be replete with inaccuracies and falsehoods.

Instead of hitting “Forward,” do yourself and all of your friends a favor: Go to a website such as or and look up the e-mail in question. You will be amazed at what you learn.

A little bit of education goes a long way...

Oh yeah, and never send me forwards, okay? Thanks.

- The MegaMaster