MegaMaster Musings

Inside MMHP
December 18, 2002

So what’s up with the slow updates? It’s no secret that MMHP isn’t a news site. I don’t troll around copying news items from other websites about every Mega Man rumor that comes to light and copy it all daily to MMHP. I’m not a reporter—I would have made a lousy journalist—and I have no interest in having “who can post this rumor first” contests with other sites.

Because of this, MMHP has a slightly different scope than your typical website, I suppose. You won’t be able to come here daily and find the latest updates about the newest rumors like a typical news organization. What you will find is solid information that will serve you well for years to come. That has always been primarily my goal: to create a repository of lasting information.

This does mean, however, that in my insistence of excellence, I’ll often delay posting information until I can complete or verify it. Game Hints, for example, are often posted weeks after the game was released; this is because I always insist on playing through the game at least once before I’ll post an initial page about it (and a busy schedule slows this down even further). As for rumors and other information sent to me by visitors, I try to verify all of these personally so that I don’t accidently post inaccurate information (no offense to my readers, but anyone could e-mail me claiming anything, so there’s no other way to tell the truth). This verification often takes time, depending on the material, so it’s sometimes a while before I get around to posting the information.

So while I will often post the most prevalent or important rumors, keep in mind that just because I haven’t pounced on the latest fad doesn’t mean I don’t know about it.

Perhaps someday I’ll switch MMHP over to being more of a “news” site. But we’ll have to see. Considering this Musings article is late and I’ve been neglecting MegaGrams for months, I don’t necessarily trust my ability to get news articles posted on time either. Heh. But if it’s of value to people, perhaps I’ll give it a try.

Someday. ;)

- The MegaMaster