Here are the book covers for Mega Man: The Series. Click on a cover miniature to access the full-sized version, if one is available. Note: all references on these covers to company names, prices, UPC symbols, and other such items are completely fictional.  I just threw them on for fun.

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Book 1:
Teaming Up
cover cover Book 2:
No Shielding the Past
Book 3:
Blind to the Truth
cover cover Book 4:
Twin Coins
Book 5:
Remote Possibilities
cover cover Book 6:
Incredible Shrinking Robots
Book 7:
Death of a Robot
cover cover Book 8:
Duo Duels
Book 9:
On Ice
cover cover Book 10:
Forgotten Memories
Book 11:
All For One
cover cover Book 12:
Dream Machine
Book 13:
Mirrored Reality
cover cover Book 13½:
Mental Chaos
Book 14:
In the Flesh
cover cover Book 15:
Learn and Live
Book 16:
Mega Fraud
cover cover Book 17:
A Hero’s Fall
Book 18:
Taking Action
cover cover Book 19:
New Challenger
Mini-Book 2:
Phobia Foes
cover cover Mini-Book 3:
Trap Storm
Mini-Book 4:
Soul Search
cover cover Mini-Book 7:
Armed Threat
Of Flesh and Steel
cover cover Special:
Day To Live
Mega Magic
the trilogy
Lands of Confusion
the trilogy
cover cover cover

All Covers Copyright © 1991 through 2013 by Miranda Paugh

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